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Secrets - part 2

Title: Secrets – part 2

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Rating: M for language and violence

Disclaimer: nothing’s mine, it all belongs to CBS and so on

Summary: I wondered why Penelope’s brothers didn’t show up in the hospital after she was shot – and that’s the explanation I came up with.

warnings: …and a slightly more adult situation

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AN: Thanks to Melissa for the beta-reading!


 “It’s really nice to finally meet you.” Fran smiled at Penelope. “Derek has told us so much about you.”

“Really?” Penelope smirked. “And you were still looking forward to meet me?”

Derek chuckled. “Don’t belittle your supreme genius, buttercup! There are only good things to tell about you.”

“Just because you’re too reputable to talk about the bad things.” she shot back and they both laughed heartily.

Fran smiled at that scene. She’d never seen her son act like that with a woman. Playful, teasing and yet caring and sweet.

Penelope got up to clear the table. She put her half emptied glass of wine next to the basin to drink while she was doing the dishes.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing there, sweetness?” Derek asked and jumped out of his chair to stop her. “I’ll do that later.”

“You already honored us with that delicious meal, hot stuff.” she smiled. “Let me at least do the dishes in return.”

“No way, goddess.” he smiled. “You’re my guest. I won’t let you work here.”

“That’s not work.” she smiled back. “I’d love to do it.”

“Still I won’t allow you to.” he stated and tried to grab the towel from her.

She playfully slapped him with it and accidentally hit the glass she’d placed on the counter. It swayed, fell and the wine was spilled over the cabinet. “I’m sorry.” she gasped and stared at the spilled wine.

“It’s okay.” Derek assured and grabbed a napkin to clean the table. “Never mind.”

“Mind what you’re doing!” he yelled at her. “You’d better clean that before I forget that I’m a gentleman!” he pointed at the coffee she’d spilled over the living room floor.

“I’m so sorry.” Penelope whispered. “I’ll clean that.”

Fran, Des and Sarah gave her puzzled looks.

Derek could tell from the expression on her face that she was reliving another memory. “Pen? Penelope, look at me!”

“What shall I do with a clumsy idiot like you?” Antonio asked and knelt down next to her. “You know that I can’t condone that. You’ve been a bad girl and I have to punish you.”

“Please, don’t.” she whispered and stepped back until the wall stopped her. “I didn’t do that on purpose. Please, don’t hit me again!”

Now Fran and Derek’s sisters stared at her in shock. Had Penelope just begged Derek not to hit her again? They knew that Derek could be temperamental. But he would never hit a woman. Fran had brought him up to respect other people and she was sure he did. His job couldn’t have changed him that much, right?

“Baby girl” Derek gently grabbed her upper arms. “it’s me, Derek. He’s not here, okay. You are safe.”

“Look what you force me to do.” Antonio sighed and shook his head. “Do you think I enjoy this? Do you think I want to do this?” she felt the fist hitting her again. “This is only your fault. If you did as you’re told, I wouldn’t have to punish you.”

“I try” she whimpered and slid down to the floor. “I’ll do everything you tell me to, everything, I promise.”

“Penelope” Derek tried to catch her eyes with his. “this is not real. I know that you can hear me. I want you to come back to me, now!”

Her eyes wandered around trying to catch something until they finally met his. “Derek.” she stared at him, then at his mother and his sisters. She got up and stumbled: “Oh, my… I’m sorry, I…”

“Don’t be!” he softly commanded and caught her in his arms. But this guy was going to be very sorry as soon as Derek got hold of him.

Penelope closed her eyes and tried to calm down.

“They’re getting worse.” it was a statement, not a question. Since her first breakdown Penelope had relived the abuses at least ten times. Even the strong tranquilizers didn’t seem to help anymore.

She nodded and breathed deeply. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you.” Derek objected. “But there’s definitely something wrong with him.”

“So… your boyfriend hit you?” Fran asked as they were sitting in the living room.

Penelope turned away from the movie they were watching and gave her a puzzled look.

“I’m sorry” Fran looked down and blushed slightly. “that’s… none of my business.”

“No, it’s okay.” Penelope smiled. “He’s… not my boyfriend. Actually, he’s my brother.”

The three women stared at her, then at Derek and back at her.

Penelope looked at her hands and quietly added: “Not everyone is blessed with a brother like Derek.”

Her statement was followed by a long, chastened silence which was eventually ended by the ringing of Derek’s door bell. Penelope looked up and asked: “Do you expect somebody?”

“No” he shook his head and stood up. “I hope it’s not Hotch with another case.” He rolled his eyes theatrically as he opened.

Penelope smirked, but when she saw the visitor her blood ran cold.

“Can I help you?” Derek frowned and eyed the man in front of him suspiciously. He was tall, brawny and blond with brown eyes.

“I hope so.” the man smiled. “My name is Antonio Gar…”

He didn’t blink, he didn’t even think about what he was doing. When he heard the name and realized whom he had in front of him, Derek’s rage ran free. Derek’s fist cut him off as it met his jaw. Antonio fell to the floor, a puzzled and scared look on his face.

The four women in his living room jumped up and stared at him in shock. Fran had never seen her son act like that. “Derek” she yelled at him. “what are you doing?”

He didn’t listen, he didn’t even hear her. He stepped into the corridor, seized Antonio by his collar, slammed his back against the wall and punched him in the stomach. “How does that feel, huh?” he asked through gritted teeth and hit him once more.

“This is your brother.” Sarah’s words were rather a statement than a question. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to stop Derek from beating the shit out of that guy.

Penelope just nodded.

“Des, call the police!” Fran commanded and pointed at the phone.

Desiree nodded and dialed the number with shaking hands. She’d never seen her brother so beside himself with anger.

“Derek, let go of him!” Fran shouted at her son. But still he didn’t seem to hear her.

“Seems that suddenly you’re not that strong, anymore. It’s easier to hit a woman, right?” This time Derek punched Antonio’s jaw so hard that his head flung to the side. “She’s your sister, you goddamn bastard!” Derek yelled at him. “You’re supposed to protect her.” he raised his fist once more.

“No” Penelope screamed. “Derek, please don’t!”

Antonio grinned triumphing. “See, she protects me.” he panted. “She loves me.”

How could she protect him? How could she still stand by her brother after all he’d done to her? How could she feel anything but anger for this sleaze?

“She’ll come back to me.” Antonio’s grin widened. “And there’s nothing you can do to stop her from doing so.”

Derek raised his fist once more, ready to beat that grin out of Antonio’s face. “Like hell she will, you son of a…”

“Derek, stop!” Penelope commanded and grabbed his wrist.

Puzzled and furious he turned his head and looked into her brown eyes. He could see her worry and her concern and suddenly he realized that these feelings didn’t apply to her brother but to him. Derek breathed deeply and let go of Antonio who was panting and coughing. Blood dropped to the floor of the corridor.

“Let’s go home!” Antonio commanded and reached out for his sister.

“No” Penelope replied and took a step back. “I’m not going anywhere with you. It’s over, Antonio. I’m going to turn you in – and this time I won’t take it back. It’s over.”

Two officers in uniforms stepped out of the elevator and approached the scene, their hands on their guns, ready to pull them and shoot. “What’s going on here?”

“Please arrest this man.” Penelope said and pointed at her brother.

The officers frowned at the thought that this woman asked them to arrest the only one who’d obviously been hurt.

Derek grabbed his badge from his pocket and held it out to the officers. “Derek Morgan, I’m with the FBI.”

The officers simply nodded, handcuffed the protesting and yelling Antonio and led him off. If it’s the FBI, you don’t ask too many questions.

Derek took another deep breath and ran a hand over his head. Then he turned to the four women and was upset with himself when he saw the terrified expressions on their faces. He knew better than to loose control like that. “I’m sorry.” he murmured, quickly passed them and headed for his bathroom.

Fran followed him and managed to step in before Derek was able to lock the door behind him. She closed the door and studied him at least five minutes. Then she softly said: “I’ve never seen you that upset before.”

“He hit her.” he snarled. “He fucking hit her, his own sister.”

“What happened to the mirror?” Fran asked and pointed at the fragments on the wall.

“I smashed it.” he replied quietly.

“It’s not because he hit her.” she stated. “It’s because it’s her, right? You love her.”

He didn’t answer. It wasn’t necessary. His mother knew him way too well.

A small smile passed over her face. “Did you tell her?” Fran wanted to know.

Derek nodded.

“Maybe you should tell her again.” she shrugged. “It seems she didn’t really get it.” she gave him an encouraging smile and left the bathroom.

Derek stood there a good ten or twelve minutes thinking about what his mother had just said. Then he finally left the bathroom, stepped back into his living room and met the concerned brown eyes of the beautiful blonde on his couch.

“You’re okay?” she asked.

He nodded and tried to give her the most honest smile he could manage. Then he slowly walked over to his couch and sat down next to her.

“Your mother and your sisters have left.” she explained. “They said they’ll come back tomorrow. Is… everything okay?”

“Yeah.” he shrugged. “At least I guess so. I’m sorry that I… lost control like that.”

“You scared me.” she stated in barely more than a whisper.

Damn! He breathed deeply and ran a hand over his face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to…”

“That was not what I meant.” she softly interrupted him. “I was afraid you… might kill him.”

“I was close to that I guess.” he sighed.

“Why?” she asked and finally locked eyes with him. “You see guys like him everyday and you never… act like that. I’ve never seen you so angry.”

Derek smiled and stroked her cheek with one finger. “I’d kill everyone who dares to hurt my baby girl.”

She couldn’t help but smirk and ask: “So that means if anyone bothers me I can tell you and you’ll defend me?”

“Most definitely.” he smiled. He’d been afraid that she would be angry or even scared of him. But she was the usual, cheerful Penelope and that fact only made him fall more for her. One playful word, one smirk on her beautiful face made him feel so much better. He studied her and could still see the tension in her body she tried to cover with her bantering. He reached out once more to put a strand behind her ear and asked: “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“I guess you can’t make me forget, right?” she shrugged.

Yes he could, of course, he could. But he wasn’t sure if she really wanted him to – or would allow him to. He took a deep breath. Now or never! Slowly he leant forward and captured her lips with his. His hand slid behind her head pulling her closer and his heart skipped a beat when she kissed him back.

She opened her mouth with a soft moan gladly granting him entrance. God, he smelled so good and he tasted even better. Penelope sighed and cherished the feeling of Derek Morgan kissing her like she’d never been kissed before. She willingly leant back on the couch and pulled him closer. This was so good! Never had anything felt that good. Penelope’s heart was pounding like mad and she was about to forget her own name when she suddenly realized that this was not one of her dreams. It was real. Derek Morgan was practically on top of her kissing her passionately, the things his tongue was doing were making her whole body prickle with pure pleasure. She pushed him away and panted: “Derek, what… are you doing?”

He smirked as he looked down at her and breathed: “What does it feel like?”

“Why” she stumbled. “you don’t need to… I mean…”

“I want you.” he smiled and shifted a little. “I thought that was obvious.”

She swallowed hard. It was indeed obvious and he was incredibly… No-go, Penelope, big bad no-go. Focus your mind! You need to stop him from doing… these incredible things that feel so goddamn good, his hands exploring your body finding every sensitive spot, reaching further down and… Oh, God! No, you need to stop him, now! You have to prevent both of you from the embarrassment of the next morning. He’ll regret that tomorrow, the moment he wakes up next to you. “Don’t!” she panted.

Derek frowned and looked down at her. “What’s wrong?”

“You don’t need to do this.” she replied and desperately tried to avoid his eyes. “I mean, I know that you want to… make me feel better but…”

Derek silenced her by putting his hand over her mouth. “Two things, baby cakes. First I don’t want to do this to make you feel better – although I hope this will be a positive side effect. And second I love you, Penelope, and I don’t mean that as a friend. I LOVE you.”

She stared at him for a moment almost in shock, his words echoing in her head. This was a dream, it must be a dream.

“So” he smirked and continued what he’d been about to do when she’d stopped him. “do you really want me to stop that?”

She couldn’t answer. Her head told her to say yes but the things his fingers did to her… “Oh, God.” she whispered.

Derek smiled. He knew he almost had her – and he wanted her, God, how he wanted her. “You know, I always wondered how many sensitive spots you have” he smiled and kissed a path down the front of her body, her clothes hindering him way too much. “and I want to discover all of them.” and regarding her reactions he was just heading for one of them. He felt her melting under his touch. “So, goddess, do you really want me to stop?”

“No, please, don’t stop!” she whispered and bit her lower lip. How could she ever ask him to stop that?! And Derek knew too well that she couldn’t. He knew exactly what to do to make her melt.

But suddenly he stopped and looked up at her. Maybe this really wasn’t a good idea right now. This always helped him but maybe it wasn't the right way to help her. Was he just trying to take advantage of her?

Penelope looked at him and frowned: “What’s wrong?”

“Maybe we’d better stop.” he murmured.

“What?” she shrieked.

“Beautiful, if you…” he gave her a concerned look. “This is probably not the right time to do this. I don’t want to push you and…”

“Derek” she softly interrupted him. “please stop profiling me. You’re not pushing me and I don’t do this because I want to forget – I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time already. I love you, Derek.”

He smiled a little triumphing. Now he definitely had her. “I love you, goddess!” Then he smirked and commanded: “Say it, baby girl! I want to hear these words from your lips.”

Penelope looked into his eyes and smiled widely finally saying the words that made his heart leap with joy: “I want you, Derek, I want you now!”

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