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Title: Payoff
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Morgan/Garcia
Prompt for 30_sweets: #16 Just kidding
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time. The story as well as all pre- or sequels are entirely mine, though.
Summary: Part 27/30 of “No more Sweets”. Sometimes, the things you do get back to you… Yep, it’s the day of payoff.
warnings: none

AN: Hey there! *waves*
So, um, I don’t know if you still remember me… but… here we finally go again. I know, it’s been like years, and this time, I don’t really have an excuse other than that my muse had completely left me. Fortunately, those past few days – the last of my holiday, actually – I managed to coax her to come back to me. Let’s hope she stay for a while – at least until I finish all those stories I started and the ones that have been running around in my head for a while now. But it’s just not the same anymore since my dad died. It’s not like he really inspired me or something, but… I don’t know, it’s just become harder to write anything. And I always feel it’s not as good as it used to be.

Anyway, so much to do and so little time, you know what I mean, so I’ll keep it short. Thank you so much for everyone who favorited my stories and therefore made me keep working on them. And thanks a lot for all the wonderful reviews I received. They were very much appreciated if unanswered.

Now I hope you enjoy this chapter. Only three to go. ;)


When Penelope entered the bakery and saw the two girls at the table near the counter, she considered leaving and forgetting about the chocolate cake. But she knew it was Derek’s favorite, and Derek would most definitely do anything for her – so she would do anything for him, too.

Besides, she was with Derek now. Those girls couldn’t do her any harm, could they?

“Oh, look who’s back,” one of the girls quipped upon Penelope’s entry.

She ignored it, took a deep breath, and made a bee line for the counter.

“Doesn’t look like she changed her opinion,” the other girl said. “Or her eating habits.”

They giggled.

Penelope smiled at the baker and ordered a chocolate cake. She was with Derek, after all. What did those girls know?

Well, that was the exact problem. Those girls didn’t know about her and Derek. They didn’t know that Penelope indeed had found someone who loved her just the way she was, and Derek wasn’t here to prove it.

As if he could read her thoughts, her phone rang, showing Derek’s ID.

Penelope smiled as she picked up. How did he always know just when to call? “Hey, handsome,” she greeted happily.

“You think that’s her ‘boyfriend’?” the blonde girl asked, forming double quotes with her fingers.

“Hell of a coincidence that he would call right now, don’t you think?” the other one said.

“Hey, Baby Girl. What are you doing?” Derek asked, unaware of what the women were saying.

“Buying your favorite dessert,” she replied as she paid the baker, pretending she hadn’t heard anything of what the girls said.

“Chocolate cake?” Derek asked and made a sound that reminded her a bit too much of the sounds he usually made in bed – given the fact that she was in a public place, anyway. “You’re spoiling me.”

“I’m trying,” she said with a smile.

Either he knew that Penelope had run into the mean girls again, or he just always knew what to say in any moment. “Wait right there. I’ll pick you up,” he told her.

Penelope’s smile grew wider. “There’s no need to, really,” she said nonetheless. “I’m all grown up. I can take care of myself.”

“Yeah, I bet she has to take care of herself every night,” the darker girl said with a giggle.

“I know that. But I’ll pick you up anyway,” Derek insisted. “Be there in a minute.”

“Okay,” she said before hanging up. Now they would know all about her and Derek. They would soon stop laughing at her.

Penelope couldn’t wait to see their faces when Derek arrived and – hopefully – greeted her with a kiss. They’d go green with envy if they saw Penelope kiss the hottest guy in the universe.

Maybe it wasn’t appropriate in a really serious relationship, but Penelope truly couldn’t wait to show off Derek a little – and the fact that he was entirely hers.

“Just for your information,” Penelope said as she passed the two girls, “unlike you, I don’t have to take care of myself. I have him for that.” She pointed her head toward the black SUV that just pulled up outside the bakery.

Derek stepped out of the car and walked around it to wait for Penelope, who sashayed to the door of the bakery, overhearing the girls on her way.

The girls’ jaws hit the floor. “No way,” one of them said with a gasp.

“I bet she paid him or something,” the other girl said.

“Well, maybe we can…distract him a little,” the first girl replied, pulling up her skirt and giggling.

“Yeah, I bet he’ll change his mind about dating her in no time at all, no matter what she paid him.” They both followed Penelope out of the bakery.


Smiling, Derek took of his sunglasses and, seeing the two nosy girls behind his Baby Girl, greeted her with a soft, yet passionate kiss.

Derek didn’t need to be a profiler to put two and two together. Penelope’s problem had started after she’d heard some nasty comments from two girls. He’d figured it had happened on her birthday – and as he recalled, she’d bought a chocolate cake that day, too.

Now, she was at that very same bakery buying a chocolate cake. There were two girls obviously dying to find out who Derek was and what his relationship with Penelope might be. And Penelope had sounded bothered, to say the least, when he’d talked with her on the phone a minute ago.

So, those were the girls who had caused his Baby Girl so much misery. Derek eyed them. They weren’t half as pretty as they obviously thought they were. There was nothing special about them. They were just two skinny wallflowers wearing too-short skirts and too-low-cut blouses to conceal the fact that they weren’t really attractive.

Derek wanted to give them a piece of his mind right away, but he didn’t want to embarrass Penelope. So instead, he kissed her again, making sure everyone understood she was his.

“What was that for?” she asked in a soft voice.

“That was for the chocolate cake,” he answered with a grin as he took the box from her.

“You do realize this is for the whole team, right?” she asked, grinning.

He pouted. “And here I thought you were trying to spoil me.”

Penelope giggled softly. “You know, I can go back in and get one just for you.”

“Nah, I think I’ll be a good boy and share with the rest of the class,” he told her.

“She definitely paid him,” the blonde whispered. “There’s no way a guy like him would date…someone like her.”

That was enough. Derek had thought that showing those girls that Penelope and he were an item would be enough, but it wasn’t. He had to teach them manners.

“Just for your information,” Derek told them, “my Baby Girl and I aren’t dating; we’re getting married. You wanna know why?”

They remained silent, their eyes wide.

“Because I love her, because she’s the best that ever happened to me, because she makes me happy, and because to me, she’s the most beautiful girl in the world, inside and out,” he said. “You really think guys only care about looks and not about brains? Not every guy in this world thinks skinny is beautiful. For me, this girl right here is the most beautiful girl in the world because I’m into curves and I’m into brains. Believe it or not, I actually like to talk in a relationship,” he said, looking straight at the two girls.

“Derek, don’t…” Penelope whispered to keep him from saying something humiliating.

He ignored her protestations, continuing, “Well, from what little I heard about you, I don’t think you have either of those things.”

They gasped, but obviously didn’t dare object. At least they seemed to know that their behavior had been ugly.

“Short and low-cut doesn’t make you any prettier – and neither does constantly living on a diet. I would never date either one of you because I really think it’s pathetic if you need to belittle other people just to feel better.”

“We were…just…kidding,” one of the girls tried to defend herself.

“Yeah, sure,” he replied with a disdainful snort. “Because usually you are really nice and not in the least superficial.”

“I…we…” they stuttered.

He ignored them and helped Penelope into the passenger seat of his SUV. When she was seated and he had closed the passenger door, he added, “Besides, I don’t like getting bruises from hip bones that stick out like yours.” That being said, he got in as well, kissed Penelope once more, and took off.

Penelope couldn’t help but grin the whole drive back to his place.

“What?” Derek wanted to know.

“Nothing,” she replied, giggling softly. “I just…this was the best payoff I’ve ever seen someone get for something mean they said to me. I bet from now on, they’ll think twice before they badmouth somebody. Thank you.”

“They just got what they deserve,” he told her with a smirk before softly pecking her lips. “And so did you.”

“Yeah,” she whispered, smiling- “You really think I deserve you?”

“Actually, I think you deserve much better,” he replied, “but I’m trying to do my best.”

“Good enough for me,” she mumbled, leaning over to kiss him again.

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