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Lost in time 18 - Planning

Title: Planning
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Becker/Jess
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to ITV1. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time. The idea of the story as well as the story itself – including all possible pre- or sequels published afterwards – are mine.
Summary: This was a dream, it had to be. This wasn’t supposed to happen, not here, not to her, not like this. Yet, here she was, trapped in the Early Jurassic, surrounded by dinosaurs considering her as nothing but food.
Warnings: once again not beta-read

AN: I know, it’s been a ridiculously long time again. Somehow, my muse wasn’t in the mood to write anything. Or maybe she just wasn’t in the mood to write what I wanted her to write. :)

Anyway, here finally is another chapter. I really hope you’ll like it. It would certainly also have been a good chapter to finish the story, but my muse still has some plans. I just hope she’ll let me put them into action, too.

Hugs, and take care, and of course, enjoy!


“You know, I think it’s time for us to go back home,” Elisabeth whispered.

“I don’t know,” Henry mumbled. “She might need us.”

“She is just fine,” Elisabeth told him. “Look at them. She’s got someone to take care of her. There’s no need for us to…stay.” She’d wanted to say ‘keep standing in the way’, but reconsidered it. Henry still wasn’t too pleased with the thought of his daughter and Captain Becker being more than just colleagues.

Henry eyed the scene in front of them. Becker was lying on his back on the large couch in the living room, and Jess was snuggled up close against him. Elisabeth had found them fast asleep when she’d wanted to call them for lunch.

Sighing, Henry decided that it was time to give in. “You’re probably right,” he said.

Elisabeth turned her head to give her husband a surprised look.

“He stood by her no matter what a hard time I gave him,” Henry said with a slight grumble. “He kept being nice to us no matter how much I tried to draw him out. He’s not going to give up on her. I guess that means he really loves her.”

“See, that’s why I married you,” Elisabeth replied with a soft giggle, before kissing his cheek. “Because of your wisdom – and your ability to admit your mistakes.”

“Why do I have the feeling that you’re making fun of me?” he asked with a frown.

“Let’s just be happy for our daughter that she finally found someone who loves her as much as we love each other,” she whispered, before kissing him.

“Still, we should wake them up, don’t you think?” Henry mumbled.

Elisabeth just grinned at that. He obviously couldn’t stand seeing his daughter so close to a man. But he had a point. Jess needed to eat – and the pasta was getting cold.

Carefully, Elisabeth reached out to touch her daughter’s shoulder – and was suddenly interrupted by a firm grip around her wrist, making her gasp in surprise.

Becker opened his eyes to give her a puzzled look, before letting go of her arm and mumbling, “Sorry, army training.”

“Well, it’s good to know that obviously you can keep our daughter safe even when you’re asleep,” Elisabeth commented with a wink.

Becker smiled wryly.

“Lunch is ready,” Elisabeth told him, leaving it to him to wake up Jess.

Becker carefully reached out to brush Jess’s cheek.

She stirred, mumbled something not understandable and then reluctantly opened her eyes. Smiling up at him, she whispered, “Hey.”

“Hey,” Becker greeted back, resisting the urge to kiss her while her father was still watching. “Lunch is ready.”

“Oh, great,” she replied, leaning up to peck his lips. “I’m starving.”

Becker wanted to comment on that, but reconsidered it and just smiled at her.

When Jess got up, she was surprised to find her father standing in front of the couch. “Are we going to eat in the kitchen?” she asked, basically so that he stopped staring at them.

“Yeah,” he told her with a nod. “Your mom made her famous pasta.”

“I love mom’s pasta,” Jess commented happily, nudging Becker. “You have to try it, it’s the best pasta you’ll ever get in your whole life.”

“You’re exaggerating,” Elisabeth called from the kitchen. “Now come on, the pasta’s getting cold.”

“My mom’s just modest,” Jess whispered, winking at Becker.

He couldn’t help but smile as Jess dragged him towards the kitchen. He’d always found her cheerful nature quite contagious, even though he’d never have admitted it.

“You know, your father and I have decided to fly back home tomorrow,” Elisabeth told them halfway through their lunch.

Jess almost let her fork drop as her head shot up. “Really?” she asked, clearing her throat immediately. “I mean, you…you said you’d stay until I was cleared to go back to work.”

“Yes, but we came to the conclusion that you already have someone to take care of you,” she replied with a look at Becker. “You really don’t need us here.”

“That’s not true,” Jess quickly objected. “I mean…”

“It’s okay, honey,” Elisabeth interrupted her. “You’re grown up and you can stand on your own two feet. And if you can’t, you’ve got someone to carry you around.”

This was followed by a long silence. Jess didn’t know what to say. Of course, she was excited about the prospect of having Becker all to herself, but she didn’t want to snub her parents.

“You know, I doubt I’ll be able to cook such pasta for her,” Becker commented, basically to break the silence.

Elisabeth giggled softly. “I can give you the recipe.”

“Besides, my daughter is very capable of cooking good pasta,” Henry told him with a slight grumble.

“Yeah, I know,” Becker replied.

“Really?” Henry and Jess said simultaneously.

Becker frowned at her. “You cooked pasta for Abby’s and Connor’s welcome back party. And it was just as delicious as your mom’s is, if I may say so.”

“That was…almost three years ago,” she mumbled, clearly flabbergasted. “I can’t believe you remember that.”

He just smiled at her. It certainly wasn’t the moment to tell her that he remembered everything she ever did, or said, or wore to work.

Elisabeth gave her husband a knowing look – and for the first time since he’d found out about his daughter seeing someone, she thought she saw something like a smile on Henry’s face.

“But of course, we totally expect you to visit us for my birthday,” Elisabeth told them. Looking at Becker, she added, “Both of you.”

He just nodded and gave her a small smile. He wasn’t sure he entirely liked the idea of visiting Jess’ parents in the near future. It was one thing being at her place with them – but visiting them at their home seemed entirely different. Would they even allow them to share a room?

Besides, it had been a very long time since Becker had had something like a family. His friends were the only family he’d known for years. He wasn’t sure he was ready to be welcomed to another family yet.

“Well, only if it fits your schedule,” Elisabeth added, when she noticed Becker didn’t seem all too comfortable about her invitation.

He looked at Jess and then back at her mother. “It will,” he promised with a smile. There simply was no way he let Jess think he wasn’t serious enough to visit her parents with her.

“Great,” Jess quipped. “I can show you where Dad taught me how to catch a fish. I never caught one, though.”

“Yeah, that’s because you’re too impatient,” Henry said with a smirk.

Jess just snorted slightly, before turning to Becker. “Do you like fishing?”

“Well, it’s been a while,” he admitted. “My Dad took me fishing when I was a kid. It was always special because it was something we did together. So, yeah, I think I like fishing.”

“What about camping?” Jess asked.

He turned to raise an eyebrow at her. “You don’t seem like the camping kind of girl.”

“Oh, I hate camping,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I had to go anyway, though.”

Becker chuckled. “Well, I’m a soldier. I can almost sleep anywhere. So, I don’t mind camping, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite pastime, either.”

“Thank goodness,” Jess mumbled. “Even though I’m sure you could keep all the nasty animals away.”

“That really is your problem with camping?” Becker asked, laughing. “And I thought it was the fact that you don’t have a computer out there.”

“I could take my computer with me,” she argued. “The battery lasts at least twenty-four hours – twice as long if I take the extra battery with me – and if there’s a radio mast nearby, I’ll even have internet.”

Becker just chuckled.

“What?” Jess asked a little irked.

“Only you would plan on taking your computer to a camping trip, that’s all,” he told her.

Jess pouted. “I really doubt that.”

“You’re right, Connor would surely take his computer as well,” Becker replied.

Suddenly, Jess face lit up considerably. “That’s it. We should ask Abby and Connor if they would join us on our camping trip.”

“I didn’t know we were planning to go on one,” Becker mumbled, but Jess obviously decided to ignore his comment.

“Just let me know in time how many people you’re going to bring with you so that I can buy enough food,” Elisabeth joked, making her daughter blush slightly.

Becker smiled at the woman next to him. Maybe a camping trip really wasn’t such a bad idea – even though he wasn’t sure he really wanted to take Connor and Abby with them.

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