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Title: Security
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Morgan/Garcia
Prompt for 30_sweets: #17 Let go
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.
Summary: Part 20/? of the ‘No more sweets’-series.
warnings: none
AN: Sorry, I couldn’t help it. When I first heard the song, I just wanted Derek to sing it for Penelope. No copyright infringement intended. :)

Penelope hurried into her hotel room. She didn’t want to see anyone. She just wanted to cry, or better yet, curl up and die.

It was only seconds after she’d dropped on her bed, sobbing uncontrollably, that there was a soft knock on the door.

That certainly was JJ wanting to check on her. Penelope knew she couldn’t ignore her; JJ wouldn’t give up that easily.

But as much as Penelope liked her best friend, she really wasn’t in the mood for her presence now – or anyone’s presence, for that matter.

When she opened the door, she froze. She hadn’t expected to find him in front of it.

Derek ran a hand over his head. He had known he shouldn’t have agreed to be the one to question Daniels. He should have been there for Penelope.

“Baby Girl—” he started, but was harshly interrupted.

“Don’t Baby Girl me,” she snorted, trying to shut the door.

But he was faster and much stronger than she was, and he definitely wasn’t going to let this go. She was mad at him, and he needed to find out why.

Was it really just because he had questioned Daniels? She’d always understood when work had kept him busy. But she’d taken this case particularly hard. She had needed him, and he hadn’t been there. She had every right to be mad at him.

“Penelope, please listen to me,” he tried again.

Why couldn’t he just leave her alone? Why did he always have to discuss everything?

“You know, you shouldn’t keep Ms. Wonderbra waiting any longer. I’m sure she’s missing you already,” she snarled.

Derek frowned at her. “Excuse me?”

“You can stop pretending you want me,” she whispered. “It might not have occurred to you, but I saw you.”

“Okay, that’s enough,” Derek grumbled. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“The woman in the elevator,” Penelope told him. “I saw you with her.”

It took him a while to remember there had been a woman with him in the elevator at all. He hadn’t been in the mood for anyone’s company, except for Penelope’s, so he hadn’t really paid attention.

Derek raised an eyebrow at her. “And?”

“And?” she exclaimed. “Come on, she was exactly your type, and she was completely at your feet…”

“And I just jumped into bed with her because that’s who I am?” he asked, crossing his arms in front of his muscular chest.

Penelope’s face fell. She hadn’t thought about it that way. “No… I…” she stuttered.

He knew she hated to be profiled, but this situation clearly demanded some of his skills. So he took a deep breath before asking, “Or did you think I can’t be honest because you’re not worth my love?”

When he saw her lower lip tremble, Derek carefully took a few steps closer to her. “Why is it so hard for you to believe that I’m in love with you?” he whispered.

She didn’t say anything in return. She just started sobbing again.

Slowly, Derek wrapped both arms around her, pulling her close against him. “Come on,” he whispered, gently pulling her toward the door to the bathroom that joined their rooms.

“See, there’s no one in my room, and the bed’s still untouched,” he told her when he led her into his room.

“I know,” Penelope whispered. “I’m sorry. I just thought…”

“I hope you don’t believe two minutes with a woman would be enough for me,” he joked, hoping to cheer her up a little.

“No, I…” she mumbled. “I just thought that…because we…we haven’t even…kissed lately, and I…”

“You thought it was because I didn’t want to kiss you anymore?” Derek guessed.

Penelope just shrugged.

Lifting her chin with his index finger, Derek made her look at him. “I still love to kiss you, babycakes,” he whispered. “But I knew how hard you were taking this case, and I…didn’t want to rush things. You watched women being tortured and raped. I didn’t think you’d want to be touched after that.”

“I… I honestly don’t know what I wanted,” she sniffled, shivering slightly. “I just want to forget about this case. I felt that…it was tearing us apart, but I just couldn’t do anything about it.”

“Hey…” Derek cupped her cheek with his hand. “We’ve been through so much together – Gideon and Elle, the revealing of my abuse, Battle… What made you think this case could tear us apart?”

“I don’t know,” Penelope sniffled.

“There’s never been a case bad enough to tear us apart,” he added in a whisper.

This time, Penelope just nodded.

“Or is it because you still think I can’t be attracted to you?” he guessed again.

Again, she just shrugged. But her lower lip trembling once more revealed that he was right.

“You think I just turned to that other woman because I wanted sex but didn’t want to have it with you?” he guessed.

“I’m sorry,” Penelope whispered, sniffling again.

Derek sighed with frustration. Why was it so hard for her to believe that he really wanted her, that he was attracted to her? How could he make her believe him?! He’d never been so lost regarding a woman.

And then it suddenly occurred to him. Obviously he wasn’t able to find the right words to make Penelope believe him, but maybe someone else already had.

This was going to be embarrassing – maybe even ridiculous. But he was at his wit’s end, so he started singing. “Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shinin’.”

Penelope’s head shot up, and she stared at him almost in shock.

But Derek wasn’t deterred. Reaching out to play with a strand of her hair, he kept singing. “Her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her tryin’. She’s so beautiful, and I tell her every day.”

Penelope blushed, smiling sheepishly. She couldn’t remember anyone ever having sung for her.

“Yeah, I know, I know when I compliment her, she won’t believe me.
And it’s so, it’s so sad to think that she don’t see what I see.
But every time she asks me do I look okay? I say:

When I see your face,
There’s not a thing that I would change.
‘Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are.

And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while.
‘Cause girl, you’re amazing
Just the way you are.”

Her smile grew wider and a little more confident. Who would have thought he could sing like that?! Let alone that he would ever sing for her! She felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

“Her lips, her lips, I could kiss them all day if she’d let me.
Her laugh, her laugh she hates but I think it’s so sexy.
She’s so beautiful and I tell her every day.

Oh, you know, you know, you know I’d never ask you to change.
If perfect’s what your searching for then just stay the same.
So, don’t even bother asking if you look okay, you know I’ll say:

When I see your face,
There’s not a thing that I would change.
‘Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are.

And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while.
‘Cause girl, you’re amazing
Just the way you are.”

When he finished singing, Penelope sighed. “I didn’t know you could sing,” she mumbled, looking down.

“Did you get my point?” he asked, stroking her cheek with his index finger and then letting his hand rest in the crook of her neck.

“Yeah,” she whispered, nodding.

“Good,” Derek said with a smirk, gently kneading her shoulder. “Does that mean I’m allowed to kiss you now?”

She hadn’t even nodded her head once when his lips met hers. Willingly, she opened her mouth and pulled him closer.

He couldn’t control the reactions of his body to her touch, not after such a long abstinence. A low moan escaped from somewhere deep in his throat as he pulled her as close as humanly possible.

Penelope’s heart started pounding like crayz. A million butterflies seemed to rise in her stomach. Carefully, she let her fingernails scratch the back of his neck.

Moaning, Derek pulled her yet a little closer against him, making her heart skip a beat. He wanted her. He really wanted her. That was hard to miss now.

“Baby Girl,” he mumbled, unwillingly breaking the kiss. “We should…really stop there,” he whispered, panting. “I’m afraid if we don’t stop now, I won’t be able to stop at all.”

“Then don’t,” she whispered into his ear, causing a shiver to run down his spine. “Don’t stop.”

“Penelope,” he tried to argue, even though that was definitely the last thing his body wanted to do.

“I want you,” she whispered, letting her tongue caress his ear and then nibbling his earlobe, turning his knees into jelly.

Locking eyes with her, he asked in all seriousness, “Baby Girl, are you sure about this?”

She nodded, taking a step toward him and touching a very sensitive spot through the fabric of his clothes. “I want you,” she repeated. “I want you so much.”

He didn’t need any more encouragement. In a smooth movement, he lifted her up and gently laid her down on the bed, almost immediately starting to unbutton her blouse. But suddenly, he stopped, locking eyes with her again. “Whenever you say stop, I’ll stop,” he assured her in a whisper, hoping he would be able to keep his promise. God, she was so tempting.

She nodded and then told him in a low voice. “But I don’t want you to stop.”

She wanted him to turn off the lights, though, but she was sure he wasn’t going to agree to that.

He opened her blouse, revealing a very sexy, very see-through lace bra. Swallowing, he took in the sight in front of him, suddenly feeling way overdressed.

Penelope froze when he hesitated to look at her. That was it. He was going to stop now. He was turned off by what he saw. God, she should never have let him undress her with the lights still on. This was going to be embarrassing. She felt tears springing to her eyes but managed to keep them at bay.

Much to her surprise, though, Derek didn’t back off. On the contrary, he pulled his shirt over his head in a smooth movement, his eyes barely ever leaving her body.

She drew in a shaky breath. Mercy, was this man beautiful. She could see his abs tensing as he leaned over her and couldn’t resist the urge to touch him.

He hissed with pleasure as her soft hands started exploring every muscle from his shoulders to the edge of his waistband. Derek quickly got rid of his jeans, allowing her to touch even more of him.

The problem was there was just too much fabric left keeping his hands from exploring her body equally. Carefully, he pushed her blouse over her shoulders, immediately leaning down to taste the revealed skin while his hand moved up the inside of her legs.

“Derek,” she gasped, her whole body tensing. If only she could convince him to leave at least some clothes on. She didn’t want to be so…exposed. Not when he was that hot and she was…well, not.

Derek raised his head to frown at her. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No, I… It’s just…” she stuttered. God, why did he have to be so…perfect?!

“You’re beautiful, Baby Girl,” he whispered.

She drew in another breath, trying to give him a smile. From the look in his eyes, she could see that she was failing.

“You still think you don’t turn me on?” he whispered, moving closer to her. “Believe me, you do. I like what I’m seeing. Very much so.”

She gasped. It was obvious that he was aroused – very aroused.

“I want to see you,” he breathed into her ear. “All of you.”

Her blood was boiling, and her whole body was shaking. She couldn’t believe this was really happening – and Derek obviously wanted it to happen as much as she did.

She wasn’t sure how that was even possible, but Derek managed to make her feel completely safe and comfortable, making it easy for her to really enjoy their first night.

Finally, she was allowed to taste him – really taste him. And he tasted better than anything she could think of. After tonight, he definitely was her all-time favorite sweet.

Who needed tiramisu if she could have Derek Morgan?!

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