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Nightmares and other after effects - part 10

Title: Nightmares and other after effects – part 10

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia romance

Rating: PG-13 – just to be sure

Disclaimer: All BAU characters belong to CBS, the rest came out of my own freaky mind

Summary: Sequel to Twelve hours: Derek and Penelope want to tell the team that they’re an item – but they do it their way.

warnings: well, again some more details

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“I’m sorry.” Penelope whispered and gently let her finger run over the clearly visible marks her nails had left on his back.

“I’m not.” he smiled and brushed a wet strand out of her face. “It felt quite good.” He still couldn’t believe all this. He had refused to make that proposal so far because of Penelope’s demureness. But she’d shown him on that stage that she’d completely lost it now. And so he’d figured it wouldn’t hurt him to ask her. Derek smiled remembering her baffled look when he’d asked her if she trusted him, how she’d assured him she did and how she’d gasped when he’d held out the black velvet scarf to her. He’d been sure she would reject and he still couldn’t believe she’d actually said she wanted to try it. Derek had made every effort to make Penelope enjoy that experience – and he’d been very successful regarding her reactions.

And he could even less believe she’d woken him up like this! Derek grinned at that remembrance and added: “I’m just a little worried the neighbors could complain about the fact that we were rather loud last night.”

Penelope blushed deeply and looked down. She hadn’t wanted to loose control like that but the past night had been more than amazing. After they’d finally made it to his flat – which was much nearer to the Potomac than hers – Derek had made her go completely wild. When he’d made that proposal she’d been worried to be at his mercy, defenseless and blindfolded. But he’d soon made her not care a bit about that.

Derek laughed heartily: “Oh, goddess, I love it when you blush like this.” He let his hand run up and down her arm and added in a seductive voice: “And I love it when you scream out my name again and again.”

“Hold your tongue, sunshine!” she scolded him and slapped his chest.

He grinned at her: “I remember last night you asked the exact opposite of me.”

“Oh, just you wait!” Penelope snarled and tried to spank him playfully.

Derek grabbed her wrists and flung her around holding her arms above her head. He gave her a malicious grin, leaned down and breathed into her ear: “Did you really think you could get the better of me, baby girl?”

Her heart was pounding like mad and she was unable to speak. His body against hers, his weight pressing her into the sheets... She gasped and closed her eyes.

He gently nuzzled her neck and felt her pulse racing. Her arms were still struggling to escape his grip and he smiled contented. His teeth started to nibble on her neck.

“Don’t you dare leave a mark there.” she panted.

Grinning he gently bit the soft skin and was rewarded with a moan of pleasure. As much as Derek wanted to continue what he’d just begun he loved teasing her even more. So he let go of her and got off the bed. “Get up, sugar, I’m starving.”

A complaining sound escaped from deep in her throat when her body lost the contact to his. This was so not fair! But unfortunately that had become one of Derek’s favorite pastimes. He drove her wild till she was practically beseeching him for more and then he stopped whatever he was about to do. Sighing she got up and took a cold shower.

When she stepped into the kitchen her jaw dropped. Derek had set the table and a huge cup of coffee as well as a delicious-looking omelet were waiting for her.

“Take your seat, baby girl.” he smiled.

They both sat down on the table and ate in silence, just sharing smiles in between. Finally Penelope reached over the table and took his hand in hers. “Do you know that I can’t sleep without you anymore.” she smiled and squeezed his hand.

“What makes you think you’ll get more sleep when I’m with you.” he chuckled.

“Honestly” she whispered and studied his eyes. “I never want to fight with you again.”

Derek smiled impishly: “Well, if the reconciliation is always like last night and this morning I hope we’ll have a hell of a lot of fights ahead of us.”

“I guess next time we could do the reconciliation without the preceding fight.” she smiled.

“That sounds like a very good idea.” he chuckled and put the plates into the dishwasher. “Well, goddess, do you have any plans for today?” he then asked giving her a querying look.

Penelope stood up, walked over to him and gave him a demanding kiss. “Most definitely” she whispered. “and they involve practically any place in this flat and no clothes.”

Derek raised both his eyebrows. “I thought we wanted to… take things a little slower.”

“I had to relinquish you much too long.” she explained. “And besides I… had a little advice that a lot of sex doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s nothing more. So, gorgeous” she smirked and held the scarf out to him. “do you trust me?”


“Don’t think you’ll make me sing!” Emily complained when they entered the karaoke bar Derek had picked.

He smirked: “Don’t worry, this time I’ve something different in mind.”

“This time?” she shrieked. “Remind me I’m not joining you next time!”

“Oh, come on, Em, this is fun.” Penelope grinned at her.

“I’m not going to sing either.” Spencer claimed and sat down on the leather couch.

JJ settled next to him and gave him a slight poke in the ribs: “I thought I’d hear you sing a love song to me.”

He blushed deeply and his co-workers laughed.

“Let’s order something to eat.” Hotch proposed when he saw the waitress pass their table.

“So, why exactly did you invite us to this… establishment?” Emily asked and skeptically watched a man in his middle ages performing ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt’ in a way that almost made her ears start bleeding.

Penelope giggled: “Well, he’s not the best example but normally, that’s real fun.”

“And besides we want to tell you something.” Derek added and gently squeezed Penelope’s hand under the table.

Spencer raised his head and gave his two friends a curious look: “Tell us what?”

“Be patient, boy.” Derek smiled at him. “We’ll tell you, just not now.”

“Then maybe Penelope wants to tell us more about her new boyfriend.” JJ grinned at her friend. “Seems you’ve made it up with him.”

“Indeed.” she said and bandied glimpses with Derek.

“A new boyfriend?” Emily pricked up her ears. “Do we know him?”

“Yeah, it’s someone from the bureau.” JJ replied in a very conspiratorial voice.

“Really?” Emily smiled. “Who is it? I bet it’s this guy from the fifth floor. He had a crush on you for almost a year now. What’s his name?”

“Peter” JJ answered. “Peter Bexter. I wouldn’t have thought of him, but now that you mentioned it… Weren’t the two of you on a date some months ago.”

“Were you?” Derek asked and gave her a questioning look.

“No, we weren’t” Penelope frowned. “and it’s not him.”

“Come on, Pen, tell us who it is!” JJ begged.

Fortunately the waitress served the meals so that JJ forgot about the issue for a while. Derek had been a little concerned that this wouldn’t go the way he’d planned it to go. But now everything seemed just like he’d pictured it to be. After dinner, that was the plan. The rest of the team should relax a little first.

After the waitress had cleaned their table Derek stood up and went directly on the stage grabbing the microphone.

“Oh, no, I was afraid of that.” Emily murmured.

JJ leaned over to her and whispered: “As long as he doesn’t want to make us sing!”

“Good point!” Emily replied.

“Okay, this is going to be a duet.” Derek explained. “So I hope my girl won’t let me down now. Come up here, baby girl.”

Penelope blushed slightly and shook her head. But she stood up, walked onto the stage and took a microphone as well. “Which song?” she whispered.

“One that will tell them.” Derek smiled. “Don’t worry, sugar, I know you know it by heart.”

When the music started Penelope smiled at him. He’d picked one of her favorites.

My love,
There’s only you in my life
The only thing that’s bright

Emily’s jaw dropped when Derek Morgan began to sing. She leaned over to JJ and whispered: “Did you know that he can sing?”

JJ just shook her head staring at the man on the stage even more stunned than Emily was. And when Penelope set in JJ stopped breathing for a moment. She hadn’t known her best friend had such a beautiful voice.

My first love,
You’re every breath that I take
You’re every step I make

JJ’s smile grew even wider when they both sang. They were a beautiful couple not only on that stage singing this duet.

And I
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do...

And your eyes
They tell me how much you care
Ooh yes, you will always be
My endless love

Emily looked at Hotch and was surprised to see a wide smile on his face while he was watching the singing couple. She looked at Derek and Penelope who were holding each other’s hands now, their eyes locked. Then she looked back at Hotch and suddenly the realization hit her like a bolt from the blue. Her jaw almost hit the ground.

Two hearts,
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun

And forever
I’ll hold you close in my arms
I can’t resist your charms

Now Emily smiled, too. How could she have missed something so obvious? The eyes of her two co-workers clearly portrayed their feelings for each other. Suddenly she realized the differences she had witnessed but not really seen during the past weeks – or even months? The hidden touches, the glances they had given each other… Emily frowned a little. How could she be a good profiler if she’d missed the fact that two of her co-workers, the people she spent almost every day with, the people who’d become her friends were an item? Maybe it was because they didn’t profile each other unless a case demanded it. Or maybe because it was about Morgan and Garcia, the always flirting couple.

And love
I’ll be the fool
For you,
I’m sure
That you know I don’t mind

you’ll be the only one
cause no one can deny
This love I have inside
And Ill give it all to you
My love
My endless love

When Penelope and Derek returned to the table JJ punched her friend slightly.

“Ouch” Penelope rubbed her shoulder. “what was that for?”

“For not telling us!” JJ explained.

Derek put his arm around Penelope’s waist and smiled at her.

“Yeah, why haven’t you two ever mentioned that you can sing?” Spencer asked.

“Exactly” JJ nodded. “how could you withhold something like that from us?”

Hotch and Emily frowned while Derek and Penelope stared first at one another and then at JJ and Spencer.

“Wow, how did you two get a job in the BAU?” Emily rolled her eyes.

“Why?” JJ gave the rest of the team a puzzled look. Then she glanced at Derek and Penelope, saw his arm around her, remembered the expression on their faces during the duet… “Oh, my God.” JJ shrieked and hugged Penelope excitedly. “That’s so great.” she smiled and hugged Derek as well.

“What?” Spencer asked still puzzled. It seemed to him he’d missed something of great importance – once again.

Derek groaned and rolled his eyes. He knew that Spencer was a little slow on the uptake but could he really be that backward? Derek grinned as he had an idea how he’d make even a Spencer Reid understand what was the point. He grabbed Penelope, pulled her close and gave her a long passionate kiss.

Now Spencer’s jaw dropped, too. Then he smirked and murmured: “Finally.”


The End
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