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Title: Guardian
Author: little_profiler
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Becker/Jess
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to ITV1. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time. The idea of the story as well as the story itself – including all possible pre- or sequels published afterwards – are mine.
Summary: Written for the just_kiss_her prompt “Becker gets called back to regular service for a very special, top-secret mission. Jess gets ridiculously worried about him, and goes to great lengths to keep on eye on him. Luckily, he finds this cute, not stalkerish.” by fringedweller.
Warnings: not beta-read
Author notes: Yeah, I just had to... again. :)

She knew she shouldn’t do it. She knew he was getting herself into trouble – big trouble. The kind of trouble that could cost her job.

She didn’t care, though. When she’d heard about Becker being on a top secret mission, she had known it was something dangerous. They could have called anyone if it hadn’t been.

Jess couldn’t escape the feeling that something was wrong, that he was in danger somehow. Of course, she couldn’t actually know it, but she had that feeling and it refused to let go of her. And there was a little nagging voice inside of her head constantly asking what if?

What if he was in danger and needed her help?

It didn’t take very long to hack into the files of the latest top secret missions. For the fact that they were top secret, the government didn’t really do a brilliant job in protecting the files.

It took exactly four minutes and ten seconds to find out which mission was the one Becker had been called for. And it took another thirty-two seconds to hack into the comm. system and find out where he was.

“I’m in,” she heard him say, and sighed with relief. At least he was alive. Following his signal, she realised he was in a factory somewhere near the port – close to the place she’d once found Matt.

Quickly hacking into the security system, Jess’ eyes widened when she realised what Becker’s mission obviously was and why they had called him. Apparently, it was a factory for animal testing – and they had numerous creatures locked up in special tanks in the basement.

She found Becker in one of the corridors. He was moving slowly and quietly, a weapon in his hand ready to shoot whoever or whatever crossed his way.

“Damn, where are the creatures?” Becker mumbled into his earpiece.

Jess bit her lip. She could easily answer the question and guide him to the basement – but that also meant she was busted.

“We assume it’s in the basement,” a male voice said over the comm.

Jess shook her head. He wasn’t going to get out of there anytime soon with those amateurs guiding him through the facility.

Suddenly, a door behind Becker opened. He didn’t seem to notice, though. At least, he didn’t turn around.

A man levelled a gun at Becker.

“Becker, watch out!” Jess called out over the comm. before she was even able to stop herself.

Becker quickly turned around and shot the other man, before the latter even had a chance to aim. “Jess?” he asked into his earpiece.

“They’re coming for you,” she told him, her voice in full working mode. There was no time for explanations now. “The creatures are in the basement. Take the second door to your left.”

Nodding, he did as she told him, calling for backup and telling whoever was on the other end of the comm. line that he had been detected.

Jess watched more militaries storm the building. She guided Becker to the basement, warning him about attackers or creatures on the loose whenever it was necessary.

When the building was cleared and they had taken care of the workers in the factory, they gathered in the basement to take a look at the creatures.

A tall man in a suit walked up to Becker. He certainly was the head of the mission. “I thought I was clear on not telling anyone about this mission,” he snarled at Becker. “Who the hell is your girlfriend on the other end of the line who almost blew the whole show?”

“Hey,” Becker replied with an angry frown. “In case you haven’t noticed, I would be dead now if she hadn’t warned me – not to mention you owe it to her that the mission hasn’t failed. If one of your men had been as capable of handling a computer as she is, I wouldn’t have had to search the whole building to find the creatures and maybe I hadn’t been detected.”

Jess blushed, biting her lip. He was defending her. So he wasn’t mad at her for stalking him like that, was he?

The other man frowned at Becker. “Miss? Can you tell us how we can get the creatures out here without the press taking notice?”

Hitting a few keys, Jess turned to the CCTV cameras outside the building. “They’re waiting at the main entrance,” she said. “There’s a back door leading to a narrow street behind the building. I could call an ambulance and you could pretend a few of your men are hurt. That should distract the vultures for a while.”

“I need four ambulances,” he told her. “Which room would be a good place for an explosion without hurting the creatures or damaging the building too much?”

“There’s a small laboratory on the third floor,” Jess replied. “The windows are directly above the main entrance – but it’s far enough from the basement not to make the creatures panic. If you let about a hundred gram C4 explode right under the window, the blast will surely make the glass break, but it shouldn’t do too much damage to the building.”

The man nodded, signalling two of his men to do as they had been told. “Are the ambulances on the way?” he asked.

Jess smiled to herself. “They should be there in about two minutes.”

“She’s good,” the man commented with a hint of approval.

Becker smirked at him. “You have no idea.”

“Miss… uh…” the man started again. “What’s your name?”

Jess bit her lip. If they hadn’t been able to find her yet, they surely wouldn’t anytime soon. If she told him her name, she might be fired by the end of the day.

The man looked at Becker.

The latter shook his head. “I’m not going to turn her in.”

“Well, too bad,” the man said with a sigh. “You know, we’re in need of someone like her for our missions.”

“Sorry, but I’m rather happy with my current job,” Jess told him.

“If she ever changes her mind, you know where you can find me,” the man told Becker, approvingly slapping his back.

Becker chuckled at that. When he was sure the other man was out of earshot, he tapped his earpiece. “Jess?” he quietly asked.

She bit her lip. This was the moment he would give her a piece of his mind for stalking him. “Yeah?” she mumbled in return.

“Thanks for saving my life,” he said, leaning against the wall and watching the other men take care of the animals. “You know, I always feel much better when I know I got you to keep an eye on me.”

She couldn’t stop a big grin from spreading all over her face. “Just come home safe,” she told him.

He smiled, and walked back to help the men with the creatures. He would stop by at the groceries to buy her a bar of chocolate – the big one.

Tags: becker/jess, bj_oneshots, just-kiss-her-prompts
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