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Nightmares and other after effects - part 5

Title: Nightmares and other after effects – part 5

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia romance

Rating: PG-13 – just to be sure

Disclaimer: All BAU characters belong to CBS, the rest came out of my own freaky mind

Summary: Sequel to Twelve hours: Penelope and Derek don’t quite succeed in keeping their relationship a secret.

warnings: well, again a little more detailed but nothing to really worry about :)

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“So do you have any plans for the next days?” Penelope asked when they arrived at his apartment.

“Yup” Derek smiled. “my mother celebrates her birthday on Friday. And I thought these days off were a good chance to visit her again.”

“That sounds great.” Penelope smiled and tried to keep the sadness out of her voice. She’d wished to spend these days with him. But she could understand that he favored spending this time with his family. “When are you leaving?”

We are leaving the day after tomorrow at nine p.m.” he explained. “Unfortunately I couldn’t get an earlier flight.”

Penelope gave him a perplexed look: “We?”

“Of course, hot stuff.” he smiled and stole a wet kiss from her. “I want to spend these days off with you but I can’t ignore the family matters. So I considered to connect the good things to the necessary ones.”

“I… I can’t come to your mother’s birthday party.” she rejected. “I mean, as you said this is a family matter and I don’t want to…”

“I already told my mom you’re coming.” he interrupted her. “You can’t cancel on her now, she’s expecting both of us to be there.”

Penelope bashed his arm. “You could at least have asked me beforehand.”

“I knew you would reject.” he shrugged. “That’s why I decided to buy the tickets and tell my mom that we’re coming and then ask you about it.”

“That is not at all fair.” she complained.

“I know” he shrugged. “but I wanted to have you with me at all costs. You’ve been a member of my family before and you are now more than ever.”

“I… um…” she looked down and sighed. “It’s not that I don’t want to come with you or be at your mom’s birthday party but… You know, this whole family thing is quite new to me. I… I’m not really used to this.”

“May I ask you why?” he softly asked.

Penelope shrugged: “I… I lost both my parents when I was pretty young and… well, my brothers and I, we’re not really close, so… I haven’t really had family celebrations for quite a while.”

Derek suddenly became very angry with himself. Why had he never recognized this? Why hadn’t he paid any attention? She’d been lonely for so long and he’d never noticed.

He stepped closer and asked: “Not even Christmas or something?”

She simply shook her head. “I’ve watched movies and sometimes I’ve even gone out. And… well, sometimes I’ve just worked a little, fixed my babies and stuff.”

“Why did you never tell me?” he wanted to know. “You could have…”

“It’s okay, Derek” she interrupted him. “really. I got used to being alone. The problem is that… now I don’t know if I can get used to… not being alone.”

Derek caught her in his arms and slightly swayed her back and forth. “Can I do something to help you with that?”

“You are already helping me.” she whispered and closed her eyes.


“I’m so sorry.” Fran said while she was pacing the room collecting her things. “I was sure I had bought everything I need for this evening. I can’t believe I forgot the wine.”

“Relax, mom. It’s not that bad.” Derek smiled. He was sitting next to Penelope on the couch, their cups of coffee in front of them.

“I wanted to have breakfast with you.” she sighed. “And now I have to go shopping – again.”

“We could do that.” Penelope offered.

Fran stopped and smiled at her: “Thanks, Penelope, that’s really nice. But you should have breakfast now and besides I forgot the wine not you.” She shook her head and hurried to the door. “I prepared eggs, toast and pancakes for you.” she told them and closed the door.

Derek got up and left the room. After only a few seconds he returned with two plates and handed one to the woman on the couch. His woman. His heart leapt at that thought. He knew Penelope loved pancakes with chocolate sauce so he had asked his mother to buy some when he had told her they’d come to her birthday party.

They ate their pancakes in silence both dwelling on their own thoughts. They’d arrived at half past nine yesterday thanks to the time difference and had at least been able to spend the last few hours of Fran’s birthday. But Derek had refused to give her the present already saying it was a present from the whole family – Penelope included. His sister Sarah had had the idea of paying their mother a nice holiday in Egypt, one of Fran’s favorite countries she’d not yet managed to visit, and they’d all agreed this was the perfect gift. Thanks to Penelope’s marvelous skills and connections they’d picked the best motel and ordered several round trips.

“Well” Derek placed his plate on the coffee table and cleaned his hands with a napkin. “although it’s a pity mom can’t have breakfast with us, I appreciate the fact that we’ve some time on our own.” Smiling mischievously Derek leaned over to her and captured her mouth with his. He could feel her smile and then hear the soft moan when her lips finally parted allowing him to deepen the kiss. He pulled her closer and soon they were caught in a deep passionate kiss.

Penelope let her fingernails scratch up and down Derek’s neck. She knew what this did to him and giggled when he growled. She just loved it when he was making that sound.

Derek made her lie back on the couch so that he was on top of her, their lips never breaking apart. His hand gently ran up and down her thigh pushing the black skirt she was wearing higher and higher.

“Derek” she panted. “we… we shouldn’t do this right now. I… I mean… not here.”

“Relax” he chuckled. “the shopping will take mom quite a while. She won’t be back very soon.” his hand started undoing the buttons of that beautiful tartan jacket she was wearing.

“Nonetheless, I think we shouldn’t… oh, my God!” she drew in a sharp breath when his hand found a very sensitive spot of her body. This was definitely not fair. He knew too well how to convince her not to resist whatever he intended to do. During the past few days Derek had made her feel things she never knew she was able to feel – and it was getting better and better.

He grinned triumphing. He knew he had her, she wouldn’t refuse any longer since his touch had banished all thoughts from her mind. He brushed the jacket off of her and immediately started to undo her blouse. All those buttons were so annoying but he couldn’t just rip the blouse off of her for she would surely kick his ass. On the other hand he loved the pleasurable sounds she was making while he slowly – even more slowly than necessary – undid those buttons letting his lips cover every tiny bit of skin he revealed with soft kisses. His heart leapt every time she granted him to touch her. He still couldn’t quite believe this was real.

Penelope closed her eyes and laid back against the pillow biting her lower lip with a delightful smile. As much as she was concerned about the fact that they were about to do it on Derek’s mother’s couch she couldn’t tell him to stop. This just felt much too good. Her blouse was almost completely unbuttoned now and Derek started to tease her belly button with his tongue. It had only taken him a few nights to find out what she liked – really liked.

A pleasurable moan escaped her mouth and he smiled. He knew too well what made her moan or sigh or even scream. That was a sound he exceptionally liked to hear. After he’d finally unbuttoned the blouse Derek’s hand was on her thigh again, moving higher and higher while his mouth was still on its way to the opposite direction. He’d almost reached his goal and was so busy pleasing Penelope that he didn’t even hear the door being opened.

“Go figure” Fran laughed when she entered the house. “I was already at the mall when I realized I didn’t have my wallet with me. Luckily I noticed it before I had bought something. That would have been embarrassing. Somehow it seems that is not exactly my day.”

Derek jumped up staring at the half-naked woman lying in front of him. Then he turned to look at his mother over the backrest of the sofa.

Fran grabbed her wallet from the sideboard in the corridor and put it in her purse. Laughingly shaking her head she turned to the living room. “I wonder what will go wrong next. If this day goes on like that I’ll never… What’s wrong?” her smile disappeared when she saw the strange expression on her son’s face. He was sitting on the couch staring at her as if she’d caught him with his hand in the cookie box. Fran glanced around and then asked: “Where’s Penelope?”

Derek swallowed hard, looked down at the couch and then back at his mother. It seemed he didn’t know what to respond. Finally he opened his mouth but was unable to formulate a meaningful sentence. “I… um… she… we…” he stumbled.

“Did you have a fight or something?” Fran wanted to know. “Or is she feeling unwell? Where on earth is she?”

Derek shook his head at his mother’s first two questions but wasn’t able to answer the third one. What should he tell her? That Penelope was lying in front of him on the couch desperately trying to fasten up the blouse he’d just unbuttoned?

“Derek, what’s going on?” Fran asked now in great concern and stepped closer. “You’re scaring me! What happened? Where is Penelope?”

Slowly the young woman rose from the couch and turned to Fran. Her right hand digging into her blouse to keep it closed she tried to smile and sheepishly waved at the puzzled woman in the corridor.

“Oh, my…” Fran whispered, blushed and turned away terribly ashamed. “I’m so sorry, I… I didn’t mean to… I’m off!” she rushed out of the door.

Penelope bit her lower lip and looked at Derek at a loss.

He stared at her still in shock for a moment. Then he suddenly burst out in laughter.

She frowned and gave him a puzzled look: “What’s so funny.”

“Well” he was still laughing heartily. “I think I’ve never been caught red-handed with a girl by my mother before.”

Penelope gave him another puzzled look before his words penetrated her brain. Then she snorted with laughter herself.

After a while they calmed down and looked at each other. Penelope had let go of her blouse which now allowed him to see her pale skin and the beautiful black bra with the front-clasp. He couldn’t stop the obvious reactions of his body to this sight. Derek smirked and asked in a seductive voice: “Well, baby girl, where did we break off?”

“Derek!” she playfully chastised him.

He chuckled and leaned over to her. Soon they were lost in another passionate longing kiss, their tongues dueling with each other. Derek undid the few buttons of her blouse she’d managed to fasten and quickly removed the cloth.

“Not… here…” Penelope managed to whisper between pants.

Derek smiled, picked her up and grabbed the chocolate sauce from the coffee table.

“What are you going to do with that?” she whispered.

“Oh, I have a lot of things in mind.” he chuckled and quickly carried her upstairs to his room. He kicked the door closed and practically threw her onto his bed.
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