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Title: Atonement

Fandom: Primeval

Pairing: Becker/Jess

Rating: M (you'll know why)

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to ITV1. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time. The idea of the story as well as the story itself – including all possible pre- or sequels published afterwards – are mine.

Summary: Following "Scared". Becker tries his best to make up for hurting Jess’s feelings.

Warnings: once again not beta-read – not even by me. Sorry, it’s late.

AN: Okay, just because I couldn’t help it, here’s another chapter. The rating surely is appropriate for the last scene. I think it's fair to call it 'pretty sexy stuff'. ;)

As far as I can tell, there’ll be at least one other chapter. I just have this scene in mind where Abby says something like ‘someone had a really great evening,’ when Jess enters the room. Plus, I recently found out that I don’t only like hooking those two up, I also like writing them as a couple. So, I need to explore this a little further.

Hope you’ll like this. I know I had a lot of fun writing it, especially the last scene. So I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it. And come on, fangirls, let’s be honest. We’ve all been secretly dreaming about this… ;)

“Are you sure?” Becker asked, sounding nervous. “I mean, aren’t these too… few colors? I mean, she likes colors…”

Abby smirked as she watched the florist wrapping the bouquet in paper. “Becker, girls love roses, trust me, especially when you have to make up for anything.”

“Okay,” he said, nodding, hoping that Abby was right and Jess would like the roses.

“So,” Abby started as they left the flower shop, heading back for his truck. “Where are you going to take her tonight?”

“Um… Gordon Ramsay,” he mumbled.

Abby stopped abruptly as her jaw hit the ground. “You… That’s… certainly the most expensive restaurant in the whole city.”

“Well, it’s also the best,” Becker replied with a slight shrug.

“Yeah, sure, but… Can you even afford that?” she asked, her eyes wide. “And how the hell did you manage to get a table there?”

“Lester,” he said, “apparently, he knows the chef. And I honestly don’t care about the prices as long as Jess likes the food.”

“Wow, you really love her,” Abby remarked.

“Yes, I do,” Becker grumbled. “So, can we get back? I still need to pick up my suit.”

“Suit,” Abby repeated, giggling slightly. “You’re going to wear a suit.”

“Yeah, well, the restaurant has a dress code, you know,” he grumbled.

Abby giggled again. Jess was going to like this.

Becker merely grumbled when Abby insisted to accompany him to the laundry shop to pick up his suit – just to take a look if the suit was appropriate, as she assured him. But he knew that Abby just wanted to see him in a suit to have something she could tease him about for the next couple of years.

At least, Abby didn’t get the idea to come with him when he picked Jess up at her apartment. But somehow, Becker had the feeling that she was there watching him.

Nervously fidgeting with his cuff buttons, he waited for Jess to open the door.

Jess took a last nervous look in the mirror, nervously straightening her dress. Abby had called to tell her that the restaurant he was taking her to required a certain dress code, so she had opted for a short, not too low-cut but still sexy black cocktail gown. God, she had never felt so overdressed. She just hoped Becker liked it.

This was ridiculous. They’d already spent a night together. She shouldn’t be so nervous and excited about this date. Not when they already were an item. But she couldn’t help it. This was their first real date, after all.

Taking a deep breath, Jess opened her door, and was taken aback by the sight in front of her. Becker in a black suit holding a huge bouquet of roses in five different colors out to her.

“Hey,” he greeted, a little awkwardly. Was he allowed to kiss her? This was their first date, but on the other hand, they’d already spent a night together.

Becker decided it was the best idea to hand her the flowers first. “These are… for you,” he told her, holding the bouquet out to her.

“They’re beautiful,” she said, giving him a bright smile as she took the flowers from him, inhaling their sweet scent.

“No, they’re just nice,” he objected in a low voice. “You are beautiful.”

She blushed, as she walked inside to put the flowers into a vase. “Well, you’re not too hard on the eye, either,” she said over her shoulder.

“So… you don’t think I’m… overdressed or anything?” she asked, straightening her dress again, when she had put the flowers on her coffee table.

“No, you look great,” he assured her. “Um… shall we?”

“Sure,” she agreed, nodding a little too enthusiastically. Then she smiled to herself. “I’m sorry, I’m just… a little excited.”

“Yeah, me too,” he admitted, relieved that he wasn’t the only one feeling nervous about their first date.

“This is kind of… ridiculous, isn’t it?” she stated, laughing slightly. “I mean… sure, this is our first date, and I knew I would be thrilled about it if it ever happened, but… it’s not like we’re about to establish a relationship, is it? I mean, we… technically we already are an item, I mean, after everything that happened, aren’t we? so we really don’t need to be…”

Becker interrupted the flood of words coming from her mouth, by pressing a soft kiss on her lips. He felt her melt into his touch and his worries about this evening instantly disappeared.

“So, shall we go?” he asked again, smiling at her.

“Absolutely,” Jess agreed, returning his smile. There was nothing to worry about. They would have a wonderful dinner and afterwards, if she was lucky, another wonderful night. There was no way this evening could go wrong – except for a dinosaur rampaging the restaurant maybe.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Jess stopped dead on the sidewalk, staring at the location in disbelief.

“What?” Becker asked, new worry growing inside him. “Don’t you like the food here?”

“I… I don’t know,” she stuttered. “Because I’ve never been here before. This is… much too expensive, and…”

He turned to give her a frown. Why did everyone seem to think he couldn’t afford this restaurant? He wasn’t that badly paid, after all.

Finding her speech again, Jess turned to him and quietly explained, “Becker, you really don’t have to do this. I forgave you and… I don’t need to be taken to the most expensive restaurant in the city to enjoy our first date.”

“I know,” he assured her. “I just… You know, I don’t really go out much. And when you told me to chose the location, I asked the others where they liked to eat. But when Connor and Matt both told me about their favorite fast food restaurants, I decided to ask Lester. He told me about this place saying that you can’t die without having tried the food. I just… I wanted to take you some place special.”

Jess gave him a watery smile and leaned up to peck his cheek. That was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to her. “That’s sweet,” she whispered. “But still you really don’t have to do this.”

“But I want to,” he told her with a grin. “Now, come on, they won’t hold our table forever.”

“How did you even manage to get a table here?” she asked quietly.

“Again Lester,” Becker replied. “He booked the table for us, saying we were close friends.”

“I guess he wouldn’t have gotten a table for us otherwise,” Jess remarked with a giggle.

Becker turned to smile at her. “I don’t know. He really seems to like you.”

She blushed slightly, but decided not to discuss this any further. Lester always pretended not to like anyone. But she knew he liked the team – the whole team, not just her.

“The table for James Lester,” Becker informed the receptionist.

“Follow me, please,” the man said with a nod.

Much to Jess’s surprise the man lead them through the large dining room, where every table was occupied, into a smaller separated room where there was only one table. Lester managed to get them a private room? She didn’t even know this place had a private room.

“So, um… Did Lester recommend anything?” Jess asked, skimming through the card in awe. She’d never even heard of the most meals they were offering here.

Becker looked at her, smirking. “The sea scallops as a starter, the turbot as main course and the Granny Smith parfait as dessert.”

Jess giggled. “That sounds like Lester, leaving nothing to chance.”

“They also have a bitter chocolate dessert,” Becker told her. “As far as I can judge, is nothing with orange in it. Maybe they also think it tastes strange. But if you want I can ask, just to be sure.”

She smiled at him, trying hard not to blush. “I can’t believe you remember that.”

“Well, um…” He cleared his throat, shifting a little in his seat. “You know, I think if you’re interested in someone you just… keep things like that in mind.”

Her smile widened, her eyes sparkling slightly, and she leaned over to reward him with a kiss.

The waiter carefully cleared his throat next to them, making them jump apart. “May I take your orders?”

“I’d love to have the sea scallops as a starter,” Jess said, trying hard not to blush.

Becker, feeling embarrassed himself, mumbled, “I’ll take the same.”

“Thank you, sir,” the waiter said with a slight bow. “Which wine may I serve?”

“Um… Do you prefer red or white?” Becker quietly asked Jess. “You never told me, did you?”

“No, I didn’t,” she replied with a shy smile. “I assume Lester recommended both a red and a white wine.”

Smirking slightly, he told her in a low voice, “He didn’t think I was an expert on that.”

“Are you?” she said, raising her eyebrow.

“Well, I’m expert enough to guess you’d choose red over white wine, medium dry,” he answered, looking at her expectantly.

Jess just nodded, her mouth slightly open in surprise.

Grinning, Becker turned to the waiter. “We’ll take a bottle of the Tapanappa Whalebone,” he ordered.

“Thank you, sir,” the waiter repeated, bowing again and leaving them alone.

“I can’t remember anyone other than my comrades ever calling me sir,” Becker said, chuckling slightly, when he was sure the waiter couldn’t hear him anymore.

“Was that the wine Lester recommended?” Jess wanted to know. She was sure she’d never heard of the wine before.

“No,” he replied, shrugging nonchalantly. “He recommended an Italian wine, but I prefer the Australians. I skimmed the wine card and this one sounded best.”

Jess looked at him wide-eyed. She hadn’t pictured him drinking wine.

“What?” Becker asked with a frown. “Don’t you like Australian wines?”

“I… um… honestly don’t know,” she stuttered in return. “I don’t think I ever tried one. But… How do you know so much about wine?”

“I don’t know that much,” he objected. “But my parents were really fond of wine testing. When I was nine, they started taking me with them.”

Jess smiled at him, thankfully. “That’s the first time you ever told me something personal about yourself.”

“Yeah, well, I… I don’t talk much about my parents since they died,” he mumbled.

Her smile turned into a sympathetic frown, and she reached over the table for his hand, squeezing it slightly. “I’m sorry, Becker,” she whispered.

“Don’t be,” he said, taking her hand in both of his. “It’s been a long time and… Well, for the first time since then I found a place where I feel at home.”

“The ARC,” she guessed.

Becker blinked at her in confusion, and then smiled warmly. “Also… But only since you started working there.”

Her head shot up, staring at him almost in shock, her eyes searching his for an answer.

He cleared his throat, adding, “I was talking about you, Jess. I feel at home with you.”

She blinked back the tears that wanted to spring to her eyes. “And I never felt so safe and secure and loved before as I feel with you,” she whispered.

Their moment was interrupted when the waiter served the wine. He smiled at them. A knowing smile telling them that this was the reason they had such a separate room.

Jess tried her best not to blush, and smiled sheepishly at Becker, who returned a wide grin.

The waiter filled both their glasses, and only a second later another waiter served their starters.

The sea scallops smelled amazing, and Jess leaned in a little closer, closing her eyes to enjoy the scent. She took one of the scallops, poured some of the sauce over it, and put it in her mouth.

Her eyes fluttered shut and she made a sound she – in Becker’s opinion – definitely shouldn’t make in public.

He swallowed hard as he watched her. “You know, if you keep making such sounds, we’ll never make it to the main course,” he teased a little huskily.

“Sorry, this just… is the best taste that ever filled my mouth,” she told him, eating another scallop, this time swallowing the sound that wanted to escape her throat.

“Really?” he asked, grinning as he tasted his scallops as well. “Yeah, they’re really good. But since last night, I can think of at least one thing that tastes much better.”

She looked at him for a second, not sure what he was talking about, and then – seeing the dirty smirk on his face – blushed a deep shade of red. “Becker,” she scolded, trying her best to get her pulse back to normal.

They decided to go with Lester’s recommendations concerning the meal, wondering how affronted he would be that they didn’t try the wine he’d recommended. And they had to admit that the main course and the dessert were just as perfect as the starter had been. Lester hadn’t exaggerated one bit when he’d said that this was the best restaurant he’d ever eaten at.

“So,” Becker asked, after having paid the bill – carefully paying attention that Jess didn’t see it. “What are we going to do now?”

“Um… I…” she stuttered, not sure she could ask this of him. He wasn’t all that romantic, after all. “You know, actually, I’d like to take a walk at the Battersea Park, if you don’t mind.”

“Absolutely not,” he assured her, taking her hand and leaning her out of the restaurant.

They walked the mile to the park, crossing the Thames via the Albert Bridge. Jess stopped in the middle of the bridge, taking a moment to look at the few boats crossing the river in the dark. Then she raised her head to take a look at the city.

“The sight is beautiful, don’t you think?” she whispered when Becker stepped next to her.

“Yes, it is,” he agreed, looking at her instead of the view she was referring to.

Smiling sheepishly, Jess leaned in to steal a kiss from him, mumbling, “Flatterer.”

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders as they walked towards the park, and smiled when Jess reached up to take his hand in hers, their fingers entwining.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been here before,” Becker mumbled as they walked around the small lake.

“Really?” Jess asked, surprised. “How long exactly have you been living in London?”

“Well, I… never took the time, I guess,” he replied with a shrug. “But I like it.”

“Do you?” she pressed him, turning to raise her eyebrow at him.

“Yeah,” he assured her, kissing her temple. “It’s peaceful here. Despite the fact that I like guns, I also like places where I feel I don’t need them.”

When she shivered due to the dropping temperature, Becker suggested going someplace else. “Anything you have in mind?” he asked, gently nibbling at her neck.

“Would you take me to your place?” she asked a little hesitantly.

His head snapped up and he stared at her, frowning slightly. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I mean, not that I don’t want you to see my place, but… I thought we wanted to take things slow and…”

“Wait a second,” she interrupted him. “Becker, I know you want to show me that this is not all about sex, but seriously. After such a perfect night there’s no way I’m going down the celibate road. You made me feel like I was in heaven and I… I want to feel that way again.”

“Are you sure,” he asked, concern filling his voice.

“Absolutely,” Jess told him, proving her words with a passionate kiss. “Just promise me one thing,” she quietly added.

“Anything,” he replied, locking eyes with her so that she could see he was serious.

“That you’ll be there when I wake up tomorrow,” she whispered.

“I promise,” he said in all seriousness. Then he smirked, adding, “It will be hard to sneak out on you in my own apartment, won’t it?”

“Oh, you…” she scolded, playfully slapping his chest as he put his arm back around her.

He had to admit, he was a bit nervous when he opened the door to his apartment. It wasn’t because he had never taken a girl home, it was because for the first time he really minded what the girl might think about his home.

“Wow,” Jess gasped when she saw the huge living room of his loft. “And I thought my place was big.”

She slowly walked through the room, letting her fingers run over the soft fabric of the sofa. “You know, somehow I always pictured you to have a leather couch,” she remarked, as she examined the small glass coffee table and the huge TV.

“Well, it’s black,” he answered with a shrug. “That’s close enough, I guess.”

She turned to smile at him. “I like it,” she said. “Your apartment, I mean. It’s a lot cozier than I had pictured it to be. Not like the typical bachelor apartment.”

“The furnishing is pretty close to the one my parent’s had,” he admitted. “Maybe that’s why.”

The room filled with silence for a moment. Jess didn’t want to tell him again that she was sorry. It just sounded lame. But she couldn’t come up with anything else to say.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asked after a while.

Jess shook her head no. “I already had too much wine.” Yeah, wine that was still making her head spin. Or maybe it was the fact that everything around her purely smelled of Becker. He’d been teasing her the whole evening and she was just… incredibly hot for him. And she desperately wanted him to make one of her wildest fantasies come true. She knew she would never actually ask him to do it, though. This was too… embarrassing. Thinking of him like this…

“Is there… anything else you want?” he pressed her. He was sure he could read an unasked question on her face. Maybe he should just go over and start kissing her. But he’d promised her to do whatever she wanted – so she should be the one making the first move tonight.

“I don’t know,” Jess whispered, biting her lip. She really shouldn’t ask him to do this.

“Come on, Jess, just tell me,” Becker dared her. “I told you tonight I’d do whatever you want me to do.”

“Really anything?” she enquired hesitantly.

Her reluctance told him that it was something sexual she had in mind. Smiling, he affirmed, “Really anything.”

“Would you… strip for me?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

Becker stared at her in disbelief for a moment. Then a lecherous smirk spread across his face.

He walked over to his hi-fi equipment, searching for a slow song. Grinning, he turned up the volume and started the song.

Jess giggled slightly when the first chords of ‘Fever’ by Beyoncé were playing. But the next second, she bit her lip, when Becker started to move to the music. Who would have thought he could dance – let alone dance like this.

Grinning over his shoulder, he slowly let his jacket slide to the ground. Moving towards Jess, he undid his belt and pulled it off.

Jess licked her lips and a pleasurable shiver ran through her body as Becker wrapped his belt around her waist and pulled her close against him for a deep kiss.

She couldn’t believe he really did this for her. And she couldn’t believe how hot this actually was. She’d never been too fond of stripping. But this was… arousing – to say the least.

He moved slowly, taking off his shirt bit by bit – and from the flush on Jess’s face he could tell that this was exactly what she’d had in mind when she’d asked him to do it.

She stumbled backwards, grabbing the couch for support. Her knees were weak and she was shaking. God, why couldn’t he just rip the rest of his clothes off – and hers alike?!

He took his time getting rid of his trousers, and sashayed over to her, still moving to the last chords of the music, in nothing but his boxers. Turning around in front of her, he slid his hands beyond the rim of his underwear, wiggling his hips, causing her to giggle.

Grinning to himself, he pushed his boxers down, and – in a good stripper manner – turned around, holding his hands in front of him, before, with the last beat of the music, revealing that he was just as hot for her as she was for him.

Jess drew in a shaky breath and took the advantage to fully look at him. “My God, you’re gorgeous,” she whispered, suddenly feeling overdressed and… boy, was it hot in here.

Smiling, he took her hand, pulling her close against his naked body. He kissed her hungrily, letting his hands slide up her thigh – and then gasping.

“Well, this was… really turning me on,” she whispered, blushing slightly.

“In this case,” he said, grinning as he lifted her up, “let me show you my bedroom.”

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