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Nightmares and other after effects - part 4

Title: Nightmares and other after effects – part 4

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia romance

Rating: PG-13 – just to be sure

Disclaimer: All BAU characters belong to CBS, the rest came out of my own freaky mind

Summary: Sequel to Twelve hours: Hotch wants to talk to Derek and Penelope.

warnings: not this time

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Penelope was startled out of her peaceful sleep when the phone rang. Half asleep she felt around the bedside table for the phone and mumbled: “Garcia?”

After a few seconds an obviously puzzled voice said: “Garcia? This is… Hotchner. Where… um… I wanted to talk to Derek.”

Oh, my goodness! Did she really just pick up Derek’s phone obviously half asleep?! “I… I’ll go and see if I can find him.” She waited a few seconds before she handed the phone to the man next to her, her mouth forming a silent ‘Hotch’.

He cleared his throat and tried to speak as if Garcia answering his phone was the most normal thing to happen. “Hotch, what can I do for you?”

Penelope ran her hand over her face awfully embarrassed. She couldn’t believe this had happened. When she’d picked up the phone she hadn’t even thought about where she was.

“I thought you’d already be in the bureau.” Hotch stated.

“Well, Penelope helped me with the old case files yesterday and it got quite late so I convinced her to stay here.” he lied. “She’d stayed up the whole past three days so I figured I’d rather let her get some more sleep. She seemed a little worn out.” he grinned at her.

Penelope’s eyes widened and she poked him in the ribs.

“I understand.” Hotch frowned. “I just need your advice concerning the profile. It doesn’t seem to apply for any of our suspects.”

“Get cracking!” Derek answered.

Penelope prepared to get out of Derek’s bed, pulling the sheets she had wrapped around her to cover her otherwise naked body with her.

Derek reached out and grabbed her hand to keep her from leaving his bed.

She turned and faced him. From the expression on his face she could tell what he planned to do and blushed slightly. But she crawled back to him into the warm cottony bed.

Happily Derek wrapped her in his arms and pulled her close to him while he was listening to Hotch’s profile and the information they’d gotten about the twenty-four men on the list of suspects. Finally he said: “I think you should question Lewis, Caldwell and Clerk again. Their answers seem contrived.”

“Thanks, Morgan, anything we should pay special attention to?” he asked.

“They all have a criminal record as child abusers.” Derek frowned. “Ask them about the therapy. The unsub won’t admit that he’s still teased by children to avoid appearing suspicious.”

“Seems you’re back to your old self again.” Hotch stated.

“I am.” he nodded smiling at the woman in his arms. Thanks to some very fortunate circumstances. “I’ve never slept better than last night.”

Penelope’s blush deepened at his words and she giggled quietly.

“That’s good news.” the corners of Hotch’s mouth rose a tiny bit.

“So, does that mean I’m… officially back in the field?” he wasn’t sure whether he liked the idea of that or not. As much as he wanted to be out in the field with his team he didn’t want to leave Penelope, at least not that soon.

“For the next case.” Hotch replied. “We’re close in on him, I know that. We already considered the three suspects you named suspicious but I wanted a second opinion. I’ll call you again after we have questioned the three suspects.” With that he hung up.

Derek smirked and gave Penelope a long, passionate, mind-blowing kiss. “Well, goddess, what do you think should we do now?”

“Get up, take a shower, get dressed and go to work.” she answered.

Derek chuckled: “I’m eminently interested in the part with the shower.”

“No way” she slightly bashed his chest. “I’m not going to shower with you.”

His throat produced a sound of disappointment.

“As you said, you wore me out.” she grinned and rushed out of his bed and into his bathroom.

Derek sighed and followed her. Just because she rejected didn’t mean he couldn’t at least try to talk her into it. “Is there a chance that there’s still some energy left in that stunningly beautiful body of yours?”

“I will not shower with you.” she repeated and threw a towel at him. “Out!” She stepped into the shower and closed the door.

Without being asked he followed her.

“Derek…” she wanted to chastise him but when his mouth covered hers and his body pressed hers against the wall she’d entirely forgotten why she’d rejected this.


“They finally arrested that bastard.” Derek said when he entered her office. “They’re heading back home now.”

“That’s great.” she smiled.

Derek pulled her out of her chair and into a close embrace. “That means there’s nothing we can do anymore.” he leaned down to kiss her.

Penelope cringed and gave him a deprecating stare: “I have to fix one of my babies. Someone in the bureau thought I needed a new uber-password-cracking software and without my permission a technician installed it – and he really screwed things up.”

“Can’t you put that off at least an hour or so?” he asked and gently nibbled at her neck.

“No way, lady-killer.” she giggled. “Not here in my office!”

“We could go anywhere else.” he shrugged continuing to caress her neck.

Penelope screwed her eyes and turned to her computers: “Grant me a little rest, will you?”

“Only involuntarily.” he grinned at her and grabbed her from behind whispering in her ear. “I just can’t take my hands off you.”

“So that’s all you want” she teased him. “my body.”

“Oh, baby girl, I want so much more.” he replied in the most seductive voice. “But I love the sound of you calling out my name.”

“Derek!” she shrieked and pushed him away.

He chuckled: “Well, that was not exactly the sound I had in mind.”

Her phone rang and she quickly answered it: “Penelope Garcia, little requests will be fulfilled immediately, miracles last a little longer.”

“Garcia, this is Hotchner.” the familiar voice said. “We’ve just landed and are now heading for the bureau. I want to see you and Morgan in my office in half an hour!”

Penelope looked at the man behind her in shock. Then she stumbled: “Yes… Sir… we’ll be there.” she heard the clicking sound when he hung up.

After a few seconds of staring at the phone she finally turned to Derek and whispered: “Do you… think he knows?”

“I don’t know.” he shrugged.

Penelope cleared her throat and looked down. “What if… he does? I mean, do you want the rest of the team to know?”

“I… um… I don’t know.” he repeated and looked down.

“What do you mean, you don’t know?” she became angry but tried to stay calm. She didn’t want to fight with him.

“Well, if you… don’t want to tell them, then I agree. And if you want to…”

“No” she interrupted him. “don’t make me responsible for this!”

“I’m just saying.” he gave her an innocent smile.

“What… will they think about it? Us, I mean.” Penelope asked in a whisper.

Derek went over to her and caught her in his arms. “I don’t care what they think about this.” he assured in a low voice. “I love you.”

Penelope smiled and leaned her head against his chest. “You know, it’s not that I don’t want them to know but… I… I somehow wonder how long it takes them to figure it out.” she giggled against his chest and closed her eyes. His embrace was so soothing.

“I must admit, I like the idea of a secret office romance.” he chuckled.

“Maybe we should condition the answer to that question on whether Hotch already knows or not.” Penelope suggested.

Thirty minutes later Penelope and Derek were sitting in front of their frowning boss. Penelope shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Derek sat next to her, his legs restless.

“You know that I usually stay out of the lives of my agents.” Hotch finally said. “But I don’t like it when they lie to me.”

The two agents bandied concerned looks none of them sure what to reply.

Hotch sighed and slightly leaned over his desk: “Derek, are you really sure that these nightmares won’t return?”

Derek raised his eyebrows and stammered: “What… do you mean?”

“You can’t do your work appropriately if you’re unable to sleep during the next case.” Hotch looked at him as if he tried to read his mind. “So I have to make sure that you are really back to your old self.”

Both Penelope and Derek sighed with relief and relaxed. Derek smiled: “I really am.”

“Garcia” he turned to the analyst. “you probably know Derek better than I do. What do you think, is he fully serviceable again?”

“In my opinion, he is.” she nodded.

Hotch frowned even more and looked back at Derek: “Nonetheless I want you to see our psychologist.”

“I already did.” Derek quickly answered. “Go, ask her! I’ve seen her this morning, told her about the nightmares and that they are gone. She can certify that I’m not affected by any nightmares or other sleep disorders anymore.” Well, except Penelope he thought and couldn’t help leering at her which almost made her eyes pop out of her head.

Fortunately Hotch didn’t notice for he was calling the psychologist. He didn’t want to mistrust Derek but he had to make sure he told him the truth and he was really alright. After a few minutes Hotch hung up and smiled at the two agents. “The reason why I wanted both of you to be here is…”

Penelope’s heart beat faster. He knew it, she was sure he knew it. Her answering Derek’s phone this morning… What would he think about it?

“… I know that you worked really hard during the last weeks – at least as hard as we did. I ordered the rest of the team to take a few days off and I want you to do the same.”

“Th… Thank you, Sir.” Penelope replied relieved as well as slightly confused.

“You don’t need to show up until next Monday – unless we have a very urgent case.”

“Thanks, Hotch.” Derek smiled. He so knew how to spend these six days off.
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