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Longing - Part 1

Title: Longing – Part 1

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Prompt for 30_forbidden: #29 Need

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Part 7/? of the ‘Love and prejudice’-series.

warnings: none

AN: I know, it’s been a while again. My life isn’t getting any less hectic, but it’s still getting better. Easier somehow, but that’s a different story.

It’s unbelievable how many reviews I received and how many people put this story on their favorite or alert lists. I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to all reviews yet, but I will eventually, I promise. :)

I’m still trying to tell the whole story changing between the POVs of Pen and Derek. It’s not always easy and since they won’t always be together, it won’t always be the same situation from both points of view. I hope you’ll like the rest of the story nonetheless.

Now, enjoy this chapter. I’ll try to update sooner next time, but as usual, I won’t promise what I can’t keep. ;)

Derek sat on his bed and desperately tried to concentrate on the paper work. He needed to update the profile with the information Penelope had found on the UNSUB’s computers. The only problem was that concentrating seemed to be impossible.

It wasn’t only the heat that made concentrating so hard, it was his freaking mind, which he was about to lose already.

His mind kept wondering back to earlier in the afternoon. Images of Penelope popped up in his head; her sweet mouth chewing on her pen while she was waiting for her computers to finish whatever she wanted them to do.

Through his open window, he heard her muffled voice. Of course, he couldn’t understand what she was saying, but she knew who she was talking to.

He knew they were just talking on the phone, but he felt jealousy rising in his chest again.

Derek wondered if they called each other every night. He wondered what they would talk about – and he didn’t like the answer his fantasy came up with.

He imagined her calling him nicknames – nicknames she used to save just for him – and he had a sudden urge to punch something. Did she call him ‘hot stuff’ or ‘cupcake’? Did he call her ‘baby girl’? Oh, if he dared…

Derek could almost see her in front of him, how the corner of her mouth moved upwards in the unique smirk he’d seen so often. Her tongue flipping out of her mouth while she flirted over the phone. Her perfect white teeth behind her oh so kissable ruby lips… How many times had he imagined that sight while she had been talking to and flirting with him?!

Now, the times they unrestrainedly flirted with each other were more than rare.

Derek knew he shouldn’t think about her that way. Not while she was seeing someone else. Especially not when it seemed to be lasting.

Desperately, he tried to make his mind focus on anything. Well, anything else than a particular blonde Technical Analyst.

He couldn’t. His mind kept taking him back to the events of this afternoon. Locked up with her in a room, the heat almost unbearable, and the only thing he had been able to do was watch the sweat pearls run down her neck and disappear in her neckline.

Derek swallowed as he remembered that sight. Then there was the image again, her mouth chewing on the pen…

It must have been the heat. He didn’t feel that way about her, he never had. He had never thought of her as more than his best friend. He had never had any romantic feelings for her before. It had never aroused him just to think about her perfect tongue.

Yeah, as if!

In another attempt to clear his mind from any thoughts Penelope-related, Derek shook his head and turned back to his report. They hadn’t found anything special on his computers, and so far, it hadn’t been possible to track down his new hide-out. They had finally decided to drive back to the police station and leave the rest to the CSI.

Penelope hadn’t found anything on the computers. They had stopped for lunch. The girls had insisted on having ice cream for dessert.

The image of Penelope eating the ice cream popped up in his head. He heard the sounds of pure pleasure she’d been making while eating her dessert. He saw the small drop of ice cream hitting her thigh, lingering on her perfect pale skin, and this time, he couldn’t stop the fierce reactions of his body.

Damn, he really shouldn’t think about her that way!

Concentrating was impossible now, so he gave up trying. Instead, he plodded into the bathroom and got into the shower. His whole body winced as the cold water hit him, and Derek drew in a sharp breath. Unfortunately, it didn’t change his current condition one bit.

He tried to think about someone else, any other woman in the goddamn world – and there were a lot of women coming to his mind. He tried to think about actresses he used to drool about when he was younger. He tried to think about women he had dated, the woman from the third floor who had flirted with him this morning. Hell, he even tried to think about JJ or Emily.

It didn’t help. All he could think about was his Baby Girl.

This was crazy. He shouldn’t think about her this way. He shouldn’t think about her at all – not while he was…

Screw it!

There was nothing in the world that could arouse him more than thinking about his Baby Girl, even though he knew it was wrong. She was taken; and he was crazy about her.

Why the hell did he feel this way? Why for her? Why now? What had caused it? What on earth had gotten into him? He’d never had it that bad for anyone before. Maybe the heat really was why he couldn’t get Penelope out of his head anymore.

This afternoon, he’d come dangerously close to losing his mind and just ravishing her. She had teased him, or at least, it felt like she had.

First, the pen she had constantly chewed on. God, the image was suitable for a porn magazine.

Then, her skirt. The way she had pushed it up, baring her perfectly pale skin.

The way the sweat had been running down her neck…

Last, but not least, the ice cream. That had nearly killed him – especially considering he’d nearly hit a truck. God, how he would have liked to help her clean off her thigh from all the ice cream.

His favorite memory was how he had pinned her body against the wall in the office with his own, though. The way she had felt pressed closely against him, so soft, so warm, so perfect…

“God, Baby Girl…” he whispered through gritted teeth.

At that moment, he could have just taken her – he knew she wouldn’t have put up any resistance. Of course, he would never do that to her, no matter how much his body was longing for her touch, or how much the rest of him was longing for her love. He would never make her cheat on her boyfriend.

A man could dream, though.


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