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Title: Fear

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Prompt for 24_runes: #14 Perthro (hidden things and occult abilities, knowledge of one’s destiny)

Word count: 2948

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Part 16/18 of the ‘Loser Lynch’ series.
warnings: spoilers for season 3

AN:  I know, I was being mean lately with all the cliffhangers. *evil grin* And it’s not getting better. Still I hope this chapter can somehow make up for the mean cliffhangers you had to endure.

Thank you for all the wonderful reviews. I know, this time, I really didn’t manage to answer all of them, but I will, at least I hope so. I want everyone to know that all reviews are very much appreciated! Only, life keeps getting in the way, and it’s being crazier again.

Also, a big thank you to my beta-reader Jenny.

Now, enjoy reading! Oh, and yes, Lynch is still the bad guy in here. Don’t like, don’t read. ;)


“No!” she screamed as she startled up from her sleep. It took her a moment to realize where she was, and that she’d only been dreaming again.

“Penelope?” the man next to her asked sleepily. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah” she assured him, then took a deep breath and lay back down on the pillow. “I’m fine. Go back to sleep.”

Instead, he turned to give her a concerned look. “A nightmare again?”

She nodded in the dimness of their bedroom.

“The same as usual?” he asked with a frown. She’d told him about the nightmares, only briefly, no details. He’d suggested she talk to the psychologist about them, because he had a certain feeling she’d left some major part of the nightmares out. He just felt there was something she hadn’t told him.

Maybe he should try and make her talk about them. The nightmares were starting to affect their relationship, and he simply couldn’t let that happen. Not now that he’d finally found her, and everything was just perfect. He’d make sure things stayed that way.

“They’re always the same,” she sighed.

“Hey,” he reached out to cup her cheek with his hand. “You know they’re just dreams, right?”

“Of course I do.” She smiled at him as she covered his hand with hers. “Just promise me you won’t shoot my best friend.”

“I promise I won’t shoot anyone,” he said, looking into her eyes, “unless I have to.”

“And you’re not jealous of anyone in my life, right?” she asked.

“Do I need to be?” he smiled at her.

“No,” Penelope smiled back at him, and took another deep breath. “There’s only you. I just wish those nightmares would finally stop.”

“Yeah, me, too,” he said. When she gave him a quizzical look, he explained, “I’m worried about you, Penelope. The nightmares burden you.”

“You don’t need to be worried,” she assured him. “I’m fine.”

“Still I wish I’d be the only thing keeping you up at night,” he smiled. Then he became serious again, and added in a low voice, “Now that I finally found you, I don’t want to lose you again, especially not to those nightmares.”

“You won’t lose me,” she said with a slight smirk. “Don’t think you’re going to get rid of me anytime soon.”

He kept frowning at her in concern. “You know I’m not like the man who haunts you in your dreams, right? I am jealous. Of course, I am. If I wasn’t, it would mean I wouldn’t mind if other men flirted with you, or you flirted with them. I do mind, but I trust you, and I know you wouldn’t cheat on me.

“I won’t lock you up to keep you away from the rest of the world, and I would never do anything to hurt you in any way. I won’t poison you, or hit you, or do anything else to do you any harm. Never. I love you.”

“I know,” she nodded. “I know you’re nothing like him, and I love you, too.”

The expression on her face told him the nightmares affected her more than she wanted to admit. “Can I do anything?” he asked, really wanting to know.

She nodded and lay her head on his chest.

Smiling, he wrapped both his arms around her and pulled her close to him, running his hand up and down her back in a steady rhythm.

“You know I don’t want to keep anything from you,” Penelope whispered after a moment of silence. “But I don’t want to talk about the nightmares, either. I just want to forget them. You’re right, though, I should talk about them. I just… I don’t know…”

“I don’t want you to do this for me,” he said. “I think it might help, but… I don’t want you to feel pressured by me or anything. It was just a suggestion to talk about them.”

“I know,” Penelope assured him, “and I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for us. I don’t want the nightmares to affect our relationship. It’s much too good to let them spoil it.”

“That’s right.” He smiled as he gently caressed her cheek, and then let his hand run up and down her back again. “You know, I want to make sure you’re fine and that our relationship works, so I don’t want anything to get in our way.”

She felt tears of joy springing to her eyes, and whispered, “I think we already proved we can make it work.”

“Yeah, you definitely have a point there.” He leaned in to nibble on her neck, causing her to moan. “Tell me about the nightmares,” he whispered, softly kissing her cheek.

“They’re always the same,” Penelope sighed. “He… he comes back and shoots you.”

“Hey!” Derek gently placed a finger under her chin. So that was the part she’d left out. “That’s not gonna happen. He’s behind bars. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

“I know.” Penelope drew in a shaky breath. “It’s just… I don’t know. I keep dreaming that he shoots you almost every night. It’s always the same. I’m home, you’re at work, or taking Clooney for a walk. Then suddenly, he’s there, and… You step through the door, and he shoots you in the chest, and then…”

“He can’t hurt me, either,” he assured her. “After all, I’m a superhero, right?”

“Yeah, but even you aren’t bulletproof,” Penelope replied. “I’m sorry I kept this to myself. I just… felt stupid about still being so afraid of him.”

“It’s gonna get better after the trial, believe me,” Derek assured her. Penelope guessed Derek knew from his previous experience as a teenager and the man who'd abused him.

“Yeah, I hope you’re right about that.” She sighed with relief that he wasn’t mad at her about not talking to him. “Thank you, for everything.”

“You know, I can stay at home tomorrow,” he suggested. After Dr. Melrose had decided that Penelope didn’t need to be watched 24-7 any longer, they had agreed Derek should go back to work, although not fulltime. He worked three days a week for six hours, and hadn’t traveled with the team yet.

“I’m gonna be fine,” Penelope objected. “You don’t need to stay here and watch over me.”

He wanted to argue with her, but reconsidered it. He knew he shouldn’t overdo his protectiveness.

“Try to sleep now,” he softly said, and pulled her into a gentle kiss. “I have another surprise for you tomorrow.”

“Really?” Penelope’s face lit up instantly. “I love surprises.”

“I know,” Derek chuckled. “Now go back to sleep!”

Penelope had soon found out going with her to the psychologist twice a week wasn’t the only thing Derek had decided to do for her. She couldn’t help but smile when she thought of all the things he’d already surprised her with. Almost every day, he thought of something else; cooking for her, taking her to a fine restaurant, or a walk at the Potomac. He’d even taken her to a weekend in Las Vegas, where they’d had a whole lot of fun.

The next day, when Penelope returned home from therapy – wasn’t it strange how fast she’d come to consider his apartment her home?! – her jaw dropped with what she saw. There he was, standing lasciviously in the doorway, wearing not only chaps, but a real cowboy outfit, complete with hat and vest.

After the first moment of mere speechlessness, she squealed at the sight and clapped her hands, almost bouncing with joy. “Oh, I always knew this would suit you.”

Smiling contentedly at her reaction, Derek took a few quick steps to cover the distance between them, and caught her in his arms. “So, Baby Girl, does that match your fantasy?”

“No,” she giggled and kissed him deeply, “this is so much better. You totally have to wear that to the next Halloween party.”

“We’ll see,” he only chuckled and softly pecked her lips, before letting go of her. “But tonight I’m gonna wear it as long as you want me to.”

The next day, Derek wasn’t home when she came back. She was a bit disappointed, considering the news she’d wanted to break to him. Then she found a note on the table, asking her to meet him at a stage at the Potomac, and to dress up a little.

She wasn’t sure why she should do so for just another walk, but thought it couldn’t hurt. When she stepped into the bedroom, she found a new dress on the bed, something she’d certainly never dared to wear. A deep claret dress with a corsage, impressively underlining her personal advantages – meaning her cleavage. But Derek had bought it for her, so she would wear it for him.

Penelope took her time arranging her hair in an elaborate up-do. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t believe this incredibly sexy woman was really her.

When she arrived at said stage, she saw him standing at the very end of it in a tux, looking way too hot to go without an FAC, especially in the bright moonlight. She could hear soft music. When Penelope stepped closer, Derek held his hand out to her, and she just took it, without saying a word.

He pulled her close to him, and slowly started to sway her to the sound of Because I Love You. She knew he’d chosen this song on purpose, and smiled at him.

He leaned down to nibble her neck, before he whispered, “I knew this would suit you.”

“Yeah, I kinda like your taste,” she replied without looking up at him.

“Do you?” he chuckled. “I kinda like you wearing things I picked out for you.”

“You’re spoiling me, you know that,” she whispered, and pulled him down into a passionate kiss.

“That’s all I’m living for,” he chuckled, and leaned in closer again so their lips were mere inches apart. “Especially if it makes you kiss me like that.”

She giggled and pulled him down once more.

“So I guess this means you’re enjoying your surprise,” Derek smiled, and pulled her into a tight embrace again, swaying her to the soft music.

“Mhmm,” she purred. “If this is a dream, don’t dare to ever wake me up again!”

“It’s not a dream,” he whispered into her ear, sending pleasurable shivers down her spine. “I just thought we’d celebrate the fact that you’ll soon have your first day back at work.”

Penelope’s head shot up in surprise. “How did you…”

“I’m omniscient,” he grinned.

Penelope still couldn’t believe this was really happening. She’d gone out with Battle because she thought Derek would never even ask her, and because she wanted to prove that a good looking guy could be interested in her.

She’d started the relationship with Kevin because she’d been sure she could never have Derek, and because she finally wanted to move on, be happy, and get over him. Every time, it had turned out to be a bad idea. She’d thought she would never get a normal guy – let alone the man of her dreams.

Now she was dancing with this super-hot FBI Special Agent in the moonlight, dressed up as if they were at the opera or a fancy ball. The way he treated her exceeded everything she could ever have dreamed of. He was sweet and caring, and he showed her that he loved her every single day through a simple gesture or a kiss, or one of his unbelievable surprises. To cut it short, he was simply perfect, and it went a long way to making her feel happy again.

Everything happened for a reason. Maybe she’d had to go through all that to finally become happy with the only man she’d ever truly loved.

She was in heaven – and neither of them had the slightest idea that everything was about to go wrong again. They were both too lost in their own little world to notice the man standing only a few feet away from them, clenching his fists as he watched his girl kiss another man.

They had no idea said man was considering shooting Derek then. But alas, he wasn’t such a good shot – and he knew Derek Morgan. Always the FBI Agent, he was probably carrying his gun. Besides, from this distance, he could hurt Penelope as well. He knew his time would come, and he would make sure he took Agent Derek Morgan by surprise then.

They danced until they noticed the sun rise at the horizon.

“Good thing I don’t have to go in until noon today,” Derek chuckled as he lead Penelope back to his apartment, where he helped her out of her dress – which was by far the most exciting thing he’d ever done – and then they snuggled into their bed.

When Derek went to work the next day, they both had a feeling this was finally the day they’d spend their first night together. Okay, they’d shared the bed for almost five months now, but Derek had wanted to give her time to heal and be ready, so they’d waited to become intimate.

Today, everything seemed different. They just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other during breakfast, they kissed more than they ate anything, and when he’d kissed her goodbye, it felt much more passionate than ever before.

Penelope was smiling for the rest of the day, humming as she took Clooney for a walk. She simply felt like she was brimming over with mirth. She couldn’t keep herself from counting the hours until he would return.

Derek called her around four in the afternoon.

“Hello, super hero,” she greeted happily, in a very flirtatious mood. “Tell me, how many bad guys have you caught today?”

“None, actually,” he chuckled. “Luckily, we didn’t have any cases today, and if things stay that way, I’ll be home with you in less than an hour.”

“He sounds as if they’re already married,” Emily murmured to JJ, and they both giggled.

Derek threw his empty paper cup at them, but their comment couldn’t keep him from flirting with his favorite girl. “So, shall I bring something for dinner, or am I enough to feed you?”

This, however, almost caused JJ to fall off the edge of Emily’s desk. Two jaws hit the floor, while Reid – sitting at his desk as well, right next to Emily – blushed a shade of red Derek had never seen on anyone’s face.

Derek grinned at them and put Penelope on speaker.

“It depends,” she said, her tone innocent and yet naughty, a mixture only she could manage. “Are you gonna be my plate?”

“I’m gonna be anything you want me to, Sweetness,” Derek replied.

“Hmmm,” she purred into the phone, and Derek could practically see her close her eyes and run her hand over parts of her body where it shouldn’t be at the moment – at least not so vividly in his fantasy, when he was anything but alone. He swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat, and shook those thoughts off as best he could.

“I fear Reid’s ears are gonna fall off if you do that again.” He croaked a little as he said it, and had to clear his throat.

She giggled. “Remind me to buy him earplugs for Christmas this year.”

“Maybe we should buy him a nice movie so he at least understands what we’re talking about,” Derek chuckled, causing Reid to throw the paper cup back at him.

“Be nice, my beautiful behavioral analyst,” she said in a motherly tone that was unusual for her, and all the more cute, “or I’ll have to spank you when you come home.”

“Thank you, Garcia,” Reid called out to her.

“Who says that would be a punishment?” Derek grinned once more at him, and burst out laughing when Reid once more turned red all over his face – including even his ears.

“Who says it was meant to be, my chocolate Adonis?” Penelope replied.

“Is it just me, or are they worse than ever today?” Emily asked, rolling her eyes at JJ.

“I don’t know,” the other woman shrugged, “I think it’s kinda funny.” She gave Reid a side glance, clearly telling him his reactions were the funniest part of the whole conversation.

“I miss you, Goddess,” Derek finally whispered into his phone.

“I can’t wait to be back at work, either,” she giggled.

“That was not what I was talking about.”

“I know,” she smiled. “I miss you, too. So hurry and get your sweet little ass over here!”

“You’re right, they ARE worse than ever,” JJ giggled.

At that moment Hotch came into the bullpen, and the expression on his face told them it was bad.

Derek immediately straightened himself in his seat. “Baby Girl, I fear we’re going to have to change our plans for today.”

“You’ve got Garcia on the phone?” It was more a statement than a question.

Derek nodded uncomfortably. Something was definitely wrong.

Hotch leaned over the phone, bracing both his hands on Derek’s desk in the movement. “Garcia, I want you to stay where you are. Don’t open the door for anyone! Do you understand?”

“What’s wrong?” came Garcia’s voice over the speaker. The flirtatious tone had given way to a mixture of confusion and panic.

There was a long pause. Everyone in the room, and Penelope at the other end of the line, was holding their breath, and it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

Hotch frowned at Derek, before replying. “I just got a call from the local P.D. Lynch escaped.”


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