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Ice Cream - Part 1

Title: Ice Cream – Part 1

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Prompt for 30_forbidden: #16 Amuse

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Part 5/? of the ‘Love and prejudice’ series. The heat is getting worse. ;)

warnings: none


AN: I received an amazing number of reviews for the last chapter I posted, almost 20. WOW! You all rock so much, so thank you!

Here’s another chapter. I considered calling it ‘Heat – Part 3’, because our favorite couple is still dealing with the heat. But it seemed a bit uncreative. As easy as writing is for me (at least most of the time), I really suck at titles. LOL

Now, enjoy, and remember me the next time you’re eating some ice cream. :)

The heat was unbearable, and Derek was about to lose his fucking mind. The UNSUB had left tons of evidence on his computers; videos of his victims and of what he did to them during the two weeks he kept them, but nothing leading anywhere.

“Damn it!” he heard Penelope swear. She hardly ever swore, especially in front of other people. “This sicko is freaking good with computers. I can’t find a single hint to where these videos were taken. No background noises, no signs reflected in anything, no nothing.”

Sweat was running down Penelope’s neck, making it glisten in the sunshine falling through the window. If only he could be one of these beads... Mental slap, Derek. Stop that!

“This sucks!” Derek grumbled. It meant they were still stuck here at one of the hottest places in the whole fucking world, and there was no way he could release the tension he felt. He desperately wanted to kick something, or someone, out of mere frustration.

He’d never been fond of relationships, because they tended to make things too difficult, and his current condition was the best way to prove this point. It wasn’t only that he was hot for her, but that he wanted her. He wanted to hold her, inhale the sweet scent of her hair, feel her soft skin under his fingertips…

He wanted her to be the first thing he saw in the morning, he wanted her laughter to be preserved for him only. This is ridiculous! He wasn’t only in love with this woman, he was obsessed with her.

“Are you okay?” JJ asked, and pointed her head towards Derek’s clenched fists.

He hadn’t even realized he’d clenched them, but his hands were starting to hurt due to the cramping. Slowly, he released them. “No,” he grunted. “This case is driving me insane, and the heat isn’t making it any better.”

It must have been the heat. Normally, he had his feelings under control, but here, everything was different. If only he was allowed to hold her, just once. He knew he couldn’t have her, though; she was taken, and she was happy. Derek knew he shouldn’t feel this way about her, but he couldn’t help himself, not with this heat, anyway.

JJ cocked an eyebrow. “Are you sure? You seem a bit tense lately.”

“Don’t you have some press conferences to prepare?!” he snarled, his eyes never leaving Penelope, who was using a tissue to wipe some sweat from her forehead – for some reason, it was the most erotic movement he’d ever seen.

JJ formed a voiceless ‘okay’, and sashayed over to Emily. With a slight tilt of her head, she drew the other woman’s attention towards Derek. They both giggled.

Derek gave them a death glare and wanted to snarl something at them, but was interrupted by Hotch. At least he was able to amuse his co-workers.

“Is everything okay?” Hotch frowned at his agent.

“Why is everyone asking me that?” he grumbled.

“Maybe because you act like you’re about to snap,” Hotch shrugged.

Derek sighed. He couldn’t tell his boss the truth, for obvious reasons. “This heat is just driving me crazy, and I… can’t stand not being able to do anything.”

“Maybe we should let Reid help Garcia with her research tomorrow while we examine the abduction scenes once more,” Hotch suggested.

“Yeah, sounds like a good idea,” Derek mumbled. He wasn’t sure he entirely liked that thought. He’d be away from his Baby Girl for an entire day. Maybe it would do him good, help him concentrate on the case – or it could just make him want her more.

He remembered the feeling of her soft, curvy body pressed tightly against his, and a shiver ran down his spine. Sure, he’d been close to her before, but nothing like that. He’d been about to ravish her right there and then. Focus, Derek!

What the hell was wrong with him?! He’d never wanted someone – or something – in his life so badly. And why now? For almost three years, he’d been coming to grips with her relationship with Kevin, and now it was driving him crazy that she was so close to him, and yet so far away.

Maybe he’d thought Kevin was a passing whim. He’d been sure Kevin wasn’t the right guy for his Baby Girl, and she would eventually notice; but what if he was?! Penelope obviously was happy with him.

Derek wondered if Kevin loved her as much as he did, if he treated her like the goddess she was. Did he know how to hold her, how to touch her, how to love her?!

“Morgan!” he suddenly heard Hotch’s voice next to him.

“Huh?” he frowned at the other agent. He hadn’t even realized someone was talking to him.

“Is something wrong with Garcia?” Hotch wanted to know.

Derek gave him a puzzled look.

“You were staring at her.” Derek could have sworn there was a hint of amusement in his boss’ face.

Snorting slightly, Derek replied, “I just thought the UNSUB must be really skilled if even Garcia can’t find anything. She’s swearing a lot lately, don’t you think?!”

“You know you’ll make her feel uncomfortable if you keep staring at her like that, right?” Hotch cocked an eyebrow at him.

“I was just… thinking,” he grumbled.

“Uh huh,” Hotch made a sound that remarkably reminded Derek of a chuckle. “Okay, let’s head back to the motel. This is a dead end anyway.”

They took the time to have lunch on their way back to the motel, which turned out to be a bad idea. Not only didn’t his Baby Girl take the place next to him, she pretty much ignored him throughout lunch. He’d stretched the point, and he knew it. He’d screwed up this time.

He looked over at her about three gazillion times, hoping to gain her attention just once, but she didn’t seem to notice. Or maybe she just didn’t care. Damn, he’d really screwed up. Hotch was right, he should stop staring at her, but he simply couldn’t. She was too beautiful, too sexy, too tempting not to look at her.

Why did he have to feel this way about her at all? Why did she have to be with Kevin? Why did his whole freaking life have to be so screwed???

The girls decided to have soft ice cream for dessert, and to save time, they ate it in the car. Now, Penelope Garcia was sitting right next to Derek, making sounds that shouldn’t go without a warning.

Then it happened. Derek saw it in slow motion. A drop of the creamy dessert fell on her thigh, and he couldn’t stop his gaze from following its path. He stared at her thigh, at the drop, at her finger slowly, much too slowly, wiping it away, and the sight nearly killed him. He swallowed as he desperately tried to stop parts of his body from reacting to what his eyes had just witnessed.

“Watch out!” Penelope nearly screamed.

Jolted from his daydream, Derek’s eyes jumped back at the road in front of them, just in time to swerve around the large truck coming their way. He hadn’t even noticed he’d left the road.

“You should pay attention to the road,” Penelope panted. “You near enough killed us.”

“Sorry,” he mumbled contritely. “I was… distracted.”

Luckily, the near accident had drawn him back to reality and cooled his mind – and the rest of him – off remarkably. God, why did she always have to do something so devastatingly sexy in his presence?! This woman was his doom.

“I think the heat has gone to your head,” she quipped.

“I just have problems focusing with you and your ice cream so close to me,” he replied before he even thought about it. Great, Derek, just great! Why don’t you tell her about your daydreams, too?!

“And the sounds you’re making over there aren’t helpful, either,” he added. He’d started this banter, so he could as well just go with it. Maybe she’d stop. Yeah, like hell she will. It was more likely going to get worse.

She giggled. “Am I driving you insane?”

You have no idea. “You have fun doing that, don’t you?” he growled slightly.

“You betcha!” she let out a somewhat devious laugh. “You know, I really think you need to…” The ringing of her phone interrupted her mid-sentence.

Quickly fishing it out of her purse, she didn’t seem to be too happy when she looked at the caller ID. “Yeah,” she answered. There was a short pause. “I know. Can I… Can I call you back? It’s a little… inconvenient right now.”

He could tell it was Kevin. She surely wanted to talk to him in private. Derek felt a sudden rush of jealousy, and his hands clung tightly around the steering wheel. That little geek seemed to be interrupting every moment they were having lately.
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