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Heat - Part 1

Title: Heat – Part 1

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Prompt for 30_forbidden: #28 Want

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Part 3/? of the ‘Love and prejudice’ series. A rough case on a hot day force Penelope and Derek into a rather uncomfortable situation. Mostly Derek’s point of view.
warnings: none

AN: I’m getting better, aren’t I? Two updates in 3 days. Go me! :)

Thanks a lot for all the wonderful reviews and encouraging words! They certainly caressed her ego – and mine, lol.

Now enjoy! And yes, there totally will be a Part 2 from Penelope’s POV.


It had almost been two weeks, and Derek was slowly going insane. It wasn’t the case, at least not entirely. But the image right in front of him now was too much to take – even for him.

They’d been stuck with the case for over a week now, and the unsub kept kidnapping and killing people. He seemed to have no particular type of victim, probably chose them randomly. That wasn’t helpful at all in tracking him down.

But talking to family and friends of the victims – ten so far in the last six weeks – had revealed that the killer certainly met his victims via internet. And that was exactly where Derek’s second, bigger problem started. Because there was only one goddess of all knowledge in the world who could work magic when it came to computers.

So Hotch had sent for Penelope to come to Marana, Arizona, and track the unsub down via the profile he used in internet chat rooms. To make things worse, Derek was forced to stay with her while she was digging through files and pages.

Not that he didn’t enjoy spending time with his favorite girl. She was fun to hang around with, even if they were dealing with the worst of mankind. She could brighten anyone’s day; she could even make Hotch smile. And she definitely knew how to make him smile or laugh. In fact, he enjoyed her company a little too much sometimes.

The problem was that the temperature had soared, and the police station didn’t have any air conditioning system to speak of. So to combat the heat, Penelope was wearing a very light, very low-cut top – and Derek had a really hard time not staring at her.

Her skin looked so incredibly soft and pale, which was a marvelous contrast to the black top. Small sweat pearls ran down her neck, and some of them found their way over her neckline, disappearing where his eyes so shouldn’t be at the moment.

When he was finally able to force himself to look up again, Derek almost dropped dead. Penelope was obviously deep in thought. Whenever she was deep in thought, she tended to chew on something; this time it was her pen. Her deliciously red lips were wrapped around the top of her pen, and the image could have made a priest want to give up his celibacy.

This definitely was too much! Think about something else, Derek! He tried to force himself, but it was hard to get the reaction of his body under control. The case! Think about the case!

Nope, didn’t work one bit. If Derek hadn’t known better, he’d have said his baby girl was doing this on purpose. Derek tried to think about her and Lynch. Maybe she was thinking of him right now. For a short moment, his arousal gave way to strong feelings of jealousy and sadness over his missed chance.

Unfortunately, this state only lasted a few seconds, until a tiny voice in his head told him that it didn’t matter that she was with someone else, that she was doing this little show just to tease him and that he had every right to accept the offer.

Stop it! he scolded himself. Penelope would never cheat on her boyfriend. She would never cheat on anyone, and he wouldn’t try and force her, because he knew the guilt would eat her up. She was just too goodhearted for that.

But if she actually was doing this on purpose… Maybe he could just play along, walk over to her and flirt a little to see where this would lead them…

The ringing of his cell phone saved him from trying something that could have ruined their friendship forever. “Yeah!” he answered a little too enthusiastically.

“Um… Morgan, are you alright?” Reid asked, a little confused.

Reid! Thank goodness! “Yeah, fine,” he mumbled. “Why’d you call?”

“We’re at the suspect’s house.”

Derek looked strangely at his phone. “Suspect?”

This made Penelope look up from her babies. “I sent them the address about ten minutes ago.” Then she frowned and added, “I told you that.”

Right, she had spoken to him, he remembered now. But Derek’s mind had been otherwise engaged. Derek shook his head to clear his mind and grunted, “Yeah, what’s the problem?”

“We couldn’t get a hold of him,” Reid replied. “But we have his computers. We need Garcia here to check whether there is a connection between the suspect and the victims.”

“We’re on our way.” Derek sighed and hung up. “Come on, computer genius, they need you to save the day.”

“Please tell me the SUV has air conditioning,” Penelope groaned as she stood up – and revealed a very short skirt.

This time, Derek couldn’t repress the sound that had been stuck in his throat since he’d witnessed her chewing on her pen.

Penelope’s jaw dropped for a second, then she grinned and pulled her skirt back down so that it reached down to her knee. “What, do I turn you on?”

“Stop teasing me,” Derek threatened as he walked past her.

“Why, does it work?” she giggled.

In the blink of an eye, Derek turned around, grabbed her wrists and pinned her body against the next wall with his own.

Penelope shrieked, and then panted as she looked into Derek’s furious eyes. She could feel the heat of his body pressed against her, and it made her feel things no taken woman should feel for another man.

Derek’s gaze wandered from her eyes to her mouth, and he leaned a tiny bit closer, making Penelope’s heart skip a few beats. “You think I’m oblivious of your attractions. But you should be more careful how you use them. One day I might stop fighting against them.”

With these words, he let go of her and left her leaning against the wall. She was shaking so vigorously that it took her a moment to regain the control over her body. God, this man knew how to make any woman melt – or burst with desire.
Tags: 30_forbidden_fruits_challenge, morgan/garcia, story_love_and_prejudice
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