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A rude surprise

Title: A rude surprise

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Prompt for 10 dates: #7 Disappointment

Rating: Maybe T? Just to be sure.

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Part 3/? of the ‘Long way’ series.

warnings: none

AN: Um… hi?! *waves* I’m Caro aka little_profiler and you might have heard of me before…


No, seriously. Life got in the way just doesn’t entirely express it this time. It’s a long, long story and I really should write a book about it. LOL


But back on track! We left our heroes after Derek realized that he’s in love with Penelope and asked her to the movies for a first attempt of a ‘date’. And now he asked her out for some drinks and you are now invited to read how it goes.


Thanks for hanging in there with me. I’m not inactive even though LJ said something different lately. ;) And a special thanks to jennysf for beta-reading this one.




“So… this is where you usually pick up girls, huh?!” Penelope commented as she looked around the bar they’d just entered. At least half of the women there were already drooling over Derek. The other half certainly just hadn’t noticed him yet.

“No,” Derek chuckled as he lead her to one of the tables. “Actually, I come here because the beer’s really great and the meals they serve are even better.”

“Uh huh, sure,” she rolled her eyes. “And the waitresses in the dresses that are way too small for their… advantages have nothing to do with it.”

“Waitresses?” Derek asked innocently, and then grinned when Penelope rolled her eyes again. “Okay, so I guess I shouldn’t ask one of them over here and order drinks…”

“Why don’t you order me a drink so that you can go and do your thing on the dance floor?” Penelope shot back. “I’m sure there’re at least twenty women in here who’ll gladly take your mind off of things.”

“What about the other ten women?” he pouted as he looked around to estimate the number of women in the bar.

“They’re either blind, gay or just stupid,” she shrugged. Then she grinned mischievously and added, “Or they’re dating Will Smith.”

“All of them?” Derek raised his eyebrows at her.

“Why not? Are you jealous because Will Smith could have ten women at once if he wanted to? So what? You still have the other twenty.” Penelope grinned at him.

“Maybe I only want one of them,” Derek mumbled before he frowned at Penelope. He wondered if he should just ask her out directly already. She didn’t consider going with him to the movies a date, and she probably wouldn’t consider having dinner with him a date either if he didn’t ask her directly.

Derek wasn’t sure if it was safe to ask her out yet. She’d blown him off the last time. Okay, that had been about a year ago, but back then, her reasons had been that she thought he only asked her to apologize and prove that she was wrong about him. She probably still thought that he wouldn’t cross a crowded room to hit on her.

The waitress interrupted Derek’s thoughts. The flirting tone in her voice and the fact that she was only staring at him, completely ignoring Penelope, escaped his notice. “Hi, what can I get you?”

Penelope rolled her eyes. It was almost pathetic how obvious she was.

“I’ll take a beer,” Derek said, his eyes focused on Penelope. “Baby girl?”

“Same for me,” she replied, and did her best to give the girl a smile.

The waitress frowned, obviously annoyed that Penelope was getting the attention she was longing for. “I’ll be right back,” she mumbled before stomping away.

“And Derek Morgan breaks another heart,” Penelope commented.

Derek was startled at the sound of his name. “Huh?”

Raising both her eyebrows at him, Penelope pointed into the direction the waitress had just taken. “The girl was practically already in your bed and you didn’t even… What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I… um… was distracted,” he retorted with a frown.

“Uh huh,” she commented, shaking her head in amusement. This was strange, even for Derek. Or especially for Derek, she wasn’t sure which.

Derek decided that it was probably best to go for it. He took a deep breath to collect some courage, then opened his mouth to finally ask Penelope out – officially.

He was interrupted when, first, Penelope’s chin dropped, then her brows met in an angry frown and finally she mumbled, “Things are just getting better.”

Derek turned around to follow Penelope’s eyes and saw the tall man who had just entered the bar with a blond, scantily dressed woman by his side. “Damn it,” Derek whispered.

The furrows on Penelope’s forehead became deeper and she turned her attention back to Derek. “What was that?”

Derek bit his lip.

“You know him?!” It took Penelope all her self discipline not to yell at him.

“Well, yeah…” Derek reluctantly admitted.

Penelope crossed her arms in front of her ample chest: “And you know that I had a date with him tonight.”

Derek swallowed. Firstly because he felt caught and secondly because Penelope’s movement paired with the fact that she was wearing a pretty low-cut top made him want to let his eyes drop just a little. “Well, I… um… do you know that he works in the bureau?”

“Yes.” she replied raising her eyebrow eyeing Derek expectantly.

He sighed and admitted defeat. “I heard him talk to his co-workers about you and the things he said…” Derek clenched his fist.

Derek could see the disappointment and the anger written all over her face. “And that’s why you asked me to come with you to the premiere tonight.”

“No.” he defended himself. “That’s not true. I’ve planned on taking you to this movie since I heard about it being released. Then I heard about your plans for this night from JJ and at first I thought I shouldn’t ask you if you already had a date but then I heard them talk and…”

Penelope snorted: “This is the most stupid explanation I’ve ever heard.”

“It’s true.” Derek insisted.

Taking a deep breath to calm down a little Penelope leaned forward. “Look. It’s nice that you feel so… responsible for me, but you aren’t. I don’t need a pity date especially not with you. I don’t need you to take me out because you think the date I have isn’t good enough for me. Hell, I don’t need you to take me out at all.”

Angrily she grabbed her purse and wanted to leave. But then she turned back to Derek. “And least of all I need you to spoil my date because the guy just wants to lay me.” When she saw the surprised look on his face she snorted again: “How do I know? Well, maybe that was exactly what I wanted.” That being said she stormed out of the bar.

“Baby girl!” Derek called after her and swore silently as he placed a ten dollar bill on the table and ran out as well. “Penelope, please!”

“Leave me alone.” she mumbled not slowing down or even turning to him.

“Baby girl.” he tried again.

“And don’t baby girl me!” Penelope shouted.

“Wait!” it didn’t take Derek too much effort to catch up with her considering the fact that he ran several miles a day. “Let me at least take you home!”

“I don’t need you to be my watchdog.” she grumbled and turned to him. “Now leave me ALONE!”

Derek was taken aback by her harsh reaction. He’d only seen her act like that once towards him when they’d also been fighting about one of her dates. And what had happened afterwards had told him enough to head for his car and follow her.

Penelope still grumbled to herself about Derek’s over-protectiveness when she turned into the small alley that was a short cut to her apartment. She didn’t even see the movement next to her until somebody blocked her way.

She jumped and looked up into the grinning face. What was that supposed to be? Mugging? Penelope took a deep breath and smiled slightly: “Would you excuse me?”

“No.” he said determined and threatening but still grinning as he took a step to the right when Penelope tried to get past him.

Her heart started racing. She so should have gone with Derek! Why the hell didn’t she learn from past mistakes?! “Well, okay.” she shrugged trying to sound unimpressed. “We can also wait for my fiancée together.”

“Nice try, little lady.” the man said and the expression on his face changed as he grabbed her and pushed her with her face first against the wall. Only a second later she could feel his hands all over her body. “No.” she whispered at the moment not able to speak any louder and tried to break free from the man. But he was much stronger than she was.

He laughed at her desperate attempt to fight him as he tore her panties apart and pushed up her skirt. He leaned forward and whispered into her ear: “You know, I like it when they fight back.”

Penelope screamed.
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