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The final move

Title: The final move
Criminal Minds
Prompt for [info]10_snuggles: #2 Water gun

Rating: K
Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.
Summary: Part 10/10 of The cuddling series. Derek's finally reaching his goal.
warnings: none

AN: Well, my loyal readers, that’s it – so far. There might perhaps be a little sequel but at first I really have to post something for the other challenges I signed up for – not to mention the stories I started that want to be updated.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful reviews. This time, I was really bad with answering them, it took me forever. Now I hope you enjoy this part!

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Derek grimaced at the gift he’d received from his mother.

“It’s for my future grand child.” she grinned at him.

Snorting slightly he put the water gun back on the table: “Funny.”

“Oh, come on!” Sarah pouted. “Don’t tell us you aren’t seeing anyone!”

Derek frowned and thought about that for a moment. He wasn’t sure how to answer that. Sure, he and Penelope had already been on two official dates. But they’d never actually talked about what that meant – to them, for them and for the future.

“Oooh.” Des und Sarah giggled. “Spill it!”

“I don’t know what you mean.” he mumbled.

“Aw” they piped and Sarah concluded: “Our baby brother’s in love.”

He opened his mouth to object but then reconsidered it. Of course, he was in love – if thinking about his baby girl the whole day long and yearning for the moment he was finally allowed to kiss her meant being in love. It was somehow odd because he never fell in love, ever. He loved Penelope and he already had for quite some time. But he had never called what he felt for her being in love – at least not until a few weeks ago.

That night when he’d more or less accidentally called her after a really bad nightmare and she had immediately come over to be there he’d felt strange. It just felt right to have her so close by his side, to hold her – and that feeling had been strange because it was so unfamiliar to him. And he had sought her closeness afterwards, found excuses to be allowed to hold her again. Yeah, he was in love. The only problem was that he didn’t know what to do about it.

When he realized that both his sisters and his mother were staring at him their mouths hanging open he asked puzzled: “What?”

“You were thinking about her.” Fran stated.

“What?” he asked again. How in the world could they have known that he had just been thinking about his baby girl?!

“You had that dreamy smile all over your face.” Sarah giggled. “You know, the one that screams ‘I’m in love’.”

“Yeah, sure.” he grumbled. “So, are we going to eat this cake or what?”

Des opened her mouth to tease Derek about evading the question but the look on her mother’s face told her to let it go.

But Derek wasn’t able to let it go that easily. Even though he tried not to show it the whole rest of the evening he was thinking about his baby girl and how to act on his feelings.

And when he was lying in his bed that night he simply couldn’t sleep. He missed the feeling of her snuggled up against him, the warmth of her body, the scent of her hair. He simply missed her. He wanted to fall asleep with her in his arms just like he had a few nights ago.

So he grabbed his phone and called her.

“You’ve reached Penelope Garcia.” she greeted happily. “I’m in a good mood so I might grant you every wish.”

Derek smiled to himself and before he could even think about it he replied: “My only wish is for you to be in my arms right now.”

Penelope swallowed hard and her heart started beating like mad. He wasn’t serious, right? He couldn’t be. It was just their normal banter.

When she didn’t answer Derek swore silently. It had been way too early to say something like this and he’d sworn himself to take things slow and get it right this time. “Baby girl?” he asked carefully, his voice unusually insecure. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“No” she quickly interrupted him, her voice cracking, “don’t say you’re sorry if you meant it. Be… Because if you did, I would be there in less than ten minutes. But… but if you didn’t I understand and even though I would feel incredibly stupid and certainly avoid you for the next ten years I surely would get over it and…”

Derek came to the conclusion that if he didn’t interrupt her, this flood of words wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. “I meant it.” he simply said.

“Oh” Penelope whispered and then there was a long pause before she said: “I’ll come over.”

It took her exactly seven minutes and forty-two seconds. Yes, he even counted the seconds. And with every second that elapsed his heart-beat was speeding up. What was he supposed to say when Penelope arrived? Had she realized what his words were supposed to mean? Was it appropriate to pull her into his arms the minute she arrived?

He planned to let her in, sit down with her on the couch and hand her a glass of wine – or maybe coffee if she didn’t want wine – and then tell her everything he wanted to tell her. He even practiced what he was planning to say.

But Derek forgot about all his plans when she knocked on his door. His heart skipped a beat and he pretty much ripped the door open. And then there she was and she looked more beautiful than ever before, her eyes searching his and her mouth slightly open.

And there was only one thing Derek could think of doing at that moment. So he took a step forward, pulled Penelope close to him and captured her lips with his.

A sound of surprise escaped her throat before she melted into his embrace.

When she kissed him back Derek wrapped both his arms around her to pull her closer and deepen the kiss. When they finally needed to breathe Derek leaned his forehead against Penelope’s and whispered: “I love you, baby girl.”

“I know” she panted, “I just never thought you would mean it that way.”

“I know and I’m sorry.” he replied. “When I realized I was in love with you I told myself that it just wouldn’t work. Maybe I was afraid, I don’t know, but I thought since we worked together and all…

Anyways, then you started dating Lynch and I realized that I was about to lose you forever. And suddenly I knew that no matter what I wanted you, I wanted to be with you. I was jealous of Lynch. So when you told me that you had broken up I made a plan that was supposed to lead us here.”

“Wow.” Penelope took a moment to process what she’d just heard before she added: “Seems that it worked pretty well, right?”

“Yeah, well, I… to be honest I wanted us to end up here a lot faster but somehow… I didn’t want to rush things either.” he explained.

Penelope laughed and shook her head. Then she looked back at him and replied: “Honey, I’ve been all yours a long time ago.”

“Does that mean I can drag you into my bedroom right away?” he grinned at her.

Penelope bit her lower lip. Not that she hadn’t been dreaming about this since the day they’d met but she also knew Derek and his attitude towards sex. So no matter how sweet he could be and had been over the past weeks Penelope couldn’t help but wonder if this would be it, a one night stand – or if it really could be different with her of all people.

“Hey” Derek whispered and cupped her cheek to make her look at him again, “I didn’t mean to rush anything. I just want to hold you tonight.”

“Oh” Penelope replied and blushed immediately.

Grinning Derek pulled her with him, climbed onto his bed and waited for her to settle down next to him. “It’s not like we haven’t shared a bed before.” he whispered while he let his hand run up and down her back.

“No.” she giggled slightly. “But… well, now everything’s different and I’m not entirely sure…”

Derek frowned when she refused to finish her sentence. Then he assured: “I’m not gonna ravish you, baby, trust me!”

“I do” Penelope sighed contentedly and snuggled up closer against him, “but I don’t trust myself – especially if you keep caressing my back like that.”

“Well, I’m up for everything.” Derek chuckled and lifted her chin to kiss her again. His heart skipped a beat before it started pounding like mad. It was amazing what an effect his baby girl had on him. Sighing happily he pulled her closer. His plan had indeed worked out really well.
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