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Title: Uniforms
Criminal Minds
Prompt for [info]10_snuggles: #5 Festival

Rating: K
Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.
Summary: Part 9/10 of The cuddling series. Derek's making good on his present.
warnings: none

AN: First of all a big thanks to everyone who reviewed the story and with that kept me writing. I really hope I didn’t forget to answer any review, if I did, I apologize!

Secondly, a big thank you to my beta-reader who was again faster with beta-reading than I was with writing. But it’s almost done, just one more part to go. Which means, Derek’s only two steps away from finally reaching his goal.

“You’re still sure about this?” Penelope grinned widely as she watched Derek pluck at the uniform she’d gotten him.

“Of course, I am.” he nodded. “I promised that we’d do whatever you wanted to do and I always keep my word. No matter what you come up with, I’m not going to run away.”

“Okay.” she smiled and eyed him up once more. “You know, I’ve always known that you’d look just great in that. Watch out, James T. Kirk!”

“I’m so not a James T. Kirk.” Derek grumbled slightly.

“No, you look so much better.” Penelope giggled with delight. When Derek had told her that for one day he was going to be entirely hers and they’d do whatever she wanted to do, she’d been sure he wouldn’t keep his word. But he did.

She still couldn’t believe that he’d really agreed on going to a StarTrek convention with her. Normally she went there with Reid or on her own. How often had she dreamed of Derek Morgan wearing one of those tight uniforms and being her date for the night?! This was going to be the best StarTrek convention EVER!

When Penelope had told him that she was planning on taking him to one of those science fiction conventions and he had to wear one of those stupid outfits he’d thought that he must have been crazy to let her decide what to do on their second date. But now he had to admit that he didn’t entirely hate it. In fact, the evening was going really well.

The uniform – as stupid as it might look – really suited him. And it was so form-fitting that it drew the attention of almost every woman at the convention to him. But that wasn’t the best part. The best part most definitely was Penelope dressed as a Klingon. Meaning that she was wearing a very tight, very low cut armor-like dress and it cost all of his self-control not to stare at her the whole evening long.

He caught himself hoping that she wouldn’t be able to get out of this dress by herself several times. And when she was leaning in to whisper something into his ear Derek had to close his eyes because otherwise the view she granted him would have killed him – or worse his body would have reacted in a way that would have been really embarrassing in front of so many people. And somehow Derek felt that Penelope knew exactly what she was doing.

“Derek?” she asked innocently when he didn’t answer and secretly felt proud that she had so much power over him that he obviously stopped thinking just because she offered him a good amount of what most definitely was one of her best advantages.

She heard him exhale before he replied: “Sorry, baby girl, what did you say?”

“You weren’t listening.” she pouted.

“I know, I…” Derek stammered. “I’m sorry, I was a little distracted. This is quite new for me.” he quickly added when she raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh” was all she said and for a moment she left Derek wondering if she was pissed at him for not listening or not. Then she explained: “I was just saying that we can go if you like. I really appreciate that you were my company for the convention but now we can do something you feel more comfortable with.”

“What do you think about dinner?” he smiled at her. “You can pick the location.”

“That sounds just great.” she beamed. “But… we maybe should change beforehand.”

Derek just shrugged as he put his arm around her shoulders. “I’d say you’re very appropriately dressed for a nice restaurant. And I’m sure they’ve something near this place where we won’t catch so many eyes.”

“Oh, I know the perfect place.” Penelope clapped her hands excitedly. “They even have Gagh!”

“What?” he burst out laughing.

“Well, it’s fake, of course, but still…” Penelope winked at him.

Derek suddenly wasn’t entirely sure anymore that this had really been a good idea. Maybe he should at least have picked the restaurant. But on the other hand, that was part of his present for her. And he had never seen Penelope in a better mood than today. That alone was definitely worth it.

Describing the restaurant as crowded would have been an understatement. Penelope sighed with obvious disappointment.

“You know what?” Derek smiled at her. “I’m gonna take you home and cook you a nice dinner. How does that sound?”

“Really?” her face lit up considerably and Derek could see the hope in her eyes. “You’re gonna be my personal cook?”

Laughing he kissed the tip of her nose and replied: “Baby, I’m gonna be your cook, your waiter and whatever else you want me to be.”

“Oh, you should be careful with statements like that.” she purred and waggled her eyebrows at him. “You’re gonna keep that uniform on, right?”

“Uhm… really, I’m so not the uniform kinda guy.” he mumbled as he led Penelope back to his car.

“Well, it’s either this or just your boxers.” she grinned.

There was only one word to describe the dinner: perfect. The meal – three courses – Derek as her waiter with a towel hanging over his arm and her favorite red wine. Penelope was in heaven. She could die the next second and she’d die a very happy woman.

What she didn’t know was that the best part was still ahead of her. Derek suggested watching a movie together. So far that wasn’t special, just the two of them watching a movie and – hopefully – cuddling a lot while doing so. In expectance of that Penelope changed into something more comfortable and softer than the Klingon armor.

And then he did what she’d never ever expected him to do. He’d kept the uniform on during dinner but now that he came back from the bathroom he was only wearing his boxers.

Penelope’s jaw dropped and then a little squeal of delight escaped her mouth before she could bite it back.

“I told you I wasn’t the uniform kinda guy.” Derek grinned and sat down next to her on the couch. “Plus, you’ve seen me in nothing but my boxers before.”

“True” she nodded, “but aren’t you feeling cold?”

The expression on his face became dark and a little mischievous. “I bet you know a way to keep me warm, goddess.”

“Oh, not just one way.” Penelope giggled as she snuggled up close against him, her head resting on his muscular, delicate and oh so naked chest, her fingers drawing lazy patterns on his chocolate-colored skin while his were running up and down her back sending thrills through her body. She was asleep in less than ten minutes.

Derek smiled as he felt the woman in his arms relax against his body. Carefully he took the blanket that covered a nearby armchair and tucked them both in. Then he switched off the TV and closed his eyes knowing that today he’d gotten a huge step closer to his final goal.
Tags: 10_snuggles_challenge, morgan/garcia, the_cuddling_series
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