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Walking in a winter wonderland

Title: Walking in a winterwonderland
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Morgan/Garcia
Prompt for [info]10_snuggles: #3 Snowfall
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.
Summary: Part 7/10 of The cuddling series. Sorry that I stole the title from this wonderful song but it just summed the story up perfectly.
warnings: none


“Oh, look!” Penelope called out excitedly clapping her hands. “It’s snowing.”

“Yeah, which means it will be damn cold outside.” Derek grumbled.

“Let’s go for a walk!” she suggested exuberantly. “We have a full moon tonight and everything will look much more beautiful.”

“No way.” Derek growled.

Penelope turned around to grimace at him: “Come on, don’t be such a grouch! Snow is fun.”

“Of course, you must say that.” Derek wrinkled his nose. “You’re from California, one of the warmest and sunniest states. But I grew up in Chicago. Trust me, snow isn’t fun. Not at all.”

“You can build a snowman or make snow angels” she argued, “not to mention snowball fights.”

“Sorry, that still doesn’t sound like fun to me.” he mumbled. “All you get from that is frozen to your bones. Remember the last time it was snowing?”

“So?” Penelope shrugged and turned back to watch the falling snow with growing delight. “You can have hot chocolate afterwards to get warm – or I could warm you again.”

Now this statement caught his attention. “So, you really wanna go out there and take a walk in the middle of the night?” he asked.

“Of course.” she affirmed. “You have no idea how much fun this can be.”

“Well then, show me!” he grinned and tossed her jacket over to her.

For a few minutes they walked through the empty street and Derek had to admit that this indeed was fun. Everything was immersed into a somewhat mysterious light and because the moonlight was reflected by the snow it was almost as bright as day. And indeed everything looked much more beautiful in this pale light – especially the blonde woman who had insisted on taking that walk.

This moment was just perfect, Derek thought, perfect for their first kiss. He’d planned on waiting with that. He didn’t want to screw up or scare her off by going too fast. This time, he wanted to get things right. But still this moment was much too perfect…

His mind was too busy imagining their first kiss to see her grab some snow and form a snowball. It hit him right in the face before he knew what was happening.

Penelope’s eyes widened for a moment when Derek gave her a puzzled look, his face covered with snow. She’d expected him to duck. But then she started to giggle. The expression on his face was just too cute.

“So, you think that’s funny, huh?” he grumbled slightly as he wiped his face.

“Yeah” Penelope giggled harder, “actually I do.” And the next second she shrieked when Derek ran towards her.

“Just you wait!” he threatened. “You deserve punishment.” While being hit by the snowball straight in the face hadn’t been that much fun Derek had to admit that chasing Penelope around and hearing her shriek definitely was. It certainly was strange but the sounds she was making really turned him on.

About half an hour later they had reached his backyard. Derek grabbed Penelope in an attempt to get revenge for the snowball that had hit him and they both stumbled and landed next to each other in the snow laughing hard and out of breath.

Penelope immediately started to move her arms and legs.

“A snow angel?” Derek asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Why not?” she shrugged. “I told you it’s fun.”

“I was just wondering.” he grinned at her. “Why would you have to make a snow angel when you already are one?”

“Very funny.” she snorted slightly and threw some more snow at him.

“Stop throwing snow at me!” he told her with a menacing tone.

“Or what, huh?” she teased as she threw another handful of the cold white mass at him.

Derek quickly grabbed her wrists pressing her arms into the snow underneath her and at the same time pinning her body down with his own.

Penelope gasped and her heart beat sped up immediately.

Smiling mischievously Derek leaned down so that their lips were almost touching his eyes never leaving hers. He could see confusion, apprehension and a hint of lust in her deep brown eyes that made his heart leap with joy. She wanted this kiss. She wanted him.

Finally he leaned further down and whispered into her ear: “Don’t mess with me, baby girl!”

Then he suddenly stood up leaving her whole body trembling with the sensations his closeness had sent through her and freed his clothes from the snow. “Come on, let’s go back inside, I’m freezing.”

Growling slightly Penelope got up as well and followed him inside the house where she went straight to the bathroom. When she came back he was sitting on the couch, a wide grin on his gorgeous face.

“What?” she asked a little insecurely.

“You said something about hot chocolate and warming each other earlier.” he reminded her with a nonchalant shrug.

Penelope let her eyes wander over his body and then around the room. “So?” she asked innocently biting her lip so that she didn’t smirk. “I don’t see any hot chocolate here.”

“Outch!” Derek grabbed his heart and grimaced in mocked pain. “That hurt.”

Rolling her eyes she sighed: “You’re way too sure of yourself, handsome.”

“So, are you going to cuddle with me now, or what?” he pouted.

Penelope giggled once more and settled down on the couch close to him. She tucked her feet under her so that she could lean some more into his embrace. “Did you really think I would wanna miss that?” she mumbled happily.

Grinning widely Derek pulled her as close against him as humanly possible. Yeah, he definitely could get used to playing in the snow – at least if his baby girl was always warming him afterwards.


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