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Thanksgiving dinner

Title: Thanksgiving dinner

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Prompt for [info]10_snuggles: #1 Blankets 

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Part 5/10 of the cuddling series. Penelope planned some downtime for the team – and Derek planned to get some more cuddling.

warnings: none

“Damn it.” Emily mumbled into her bag.

“What’s wrong?” JJ wanted to know.

Once again counting the blankets she’d neatly packed into the big bag for their Thanksgiving party Emily replied: “Well, apparently we only have six blankets but there’s seven of us.”

“What does that mean not enough blankets?” Reid asked already shivering slightly.

“Calm down, alright?” Emily said impatiently while still tossing the bag. “We must have enough blankets. I know that there were seven this morning and I put all of them into the bag.”

“I told you it was too cold for that anyways.” Reid grumbled scooting closer to the fire.

“Come on, Spence” JJ slightly punched his right arm, “don’t be such a grouch! This is gonna be fun.”

“How can a campfire at the end of November be any fun?” he grabbed one of the blankets from Emily and added something not understandable as he wrapped himself up in it.

“Reid, it’s Thanksgiving so we’re gonna have a Thanksgiving meal.” Emily explained swearing silently again about not finding the seventh blanket.

“I understand that.” he grumbled. “What I don’t understand is that it has to be OUTSIDE!”

“Because anyone can have a Thanksgiving meal at home at a long table, sweet pea.” Penelope replied happily as she watched Hotch and Rossi grilling the turkey over the open fire with growing delight.

“Exactly” he growled, “ANYone. So why can’t we?”

“Because it’s not fun.” Derek grinned and put his arm around Penelope’s waist. “C’mon boy, don’t you have a nice girl who could give you some hot thoughts to warm you?” He waggled his eyebrows at JJ.

“Not funny.” Reid and JJ grumbled simultaneously.

“Reid, you’re supposed to have fun.” Hotch jumped in. “That’s an order!”

They all laughed except for Reid – for obvious reasons – and Emily who just swore silently.

“Is there a problem?” Hotch wanted to know when she let the big bag drop to the ground.

“There were seven blankets when I packed this bag.” she replied. “I swear it. One for each of us. But now there’re only six.”

“So?” Derek shrugged grinning at Penelope. “We’ll share a blanket, where’s the problem?”

Everyone looked at them strangely. But then they all remembered that this was Morgan and Garcia – them cuddling under a blanket was most definitely one of the more appropriate things they did.

They ate their Turkey sandwiches – one of Penelope’s delicious specialties – in relative silence sitting in a circle around the small campfire. And when the flames became softer they all snuggled into their blankets.

Well, Penelope snuggled into Derek which made him smile to himself.

“So, tell me, Spence.” JJ grinned at him. “This Thanksgiving dinner isn’t too bad, is it?”

“I can bear it.” he grumbled. To be honest, this was fun and it had really been a good idea – but there was no way in the world he would admit that to his co-workers.

“Oh, come on” Penelope gave him the sweetest smile she could manage, “no cases, no victims, no unsubs. Just some downtime as a team. Don’t tell me you don’t enjoy that!”

“No electricity, no heating, no running water…” Reid mumbled into the cup of hot tea in his hands.

Derek burst out laughing: “You’ve never been camping, have you?”

“I have” he mumbled, “for two days and I hated it.”

“But this is not the same.” Derek tried to argue. “I mean, we’re not going to stay here overnight and…”

“Morgan, he’s just pretending.” Hotch interrupted him unable to hide the grin that formed on his face.

For a moment Derek looked puzzled between Reid and Hotch back and forth who were both grinning at him. Then he smirked at the young agent: “You’re good.”

“I admit it was a good idea.” Reid smirked and winked at Penelope. “But I’m still freezing.”

“Poor sweet thing” Penelope giggled softly, “I feel very much warm.”

Reid pouted and everyone else laughed.

“I could never forgive myself if my favorite girl was feeling cold on my watch.” Derek grinned causing the others to roll their eyes before they burst out laughing again.

They were enjoying a very cheerful and light-hearted evening and Penelope decided that it had really been a good idea to make them have a special Thanksgiving dinner together and for once in their lives forget about work.

Well, considering the touches she was sharing with Derek hidden by the blanket from the eyes of the rest of the team it had been a VERY good idea.

“You know what I don’t understand.” Emily burst out when the fire had almost gone out. “I swear there were seven blankets this morning and I KNOW that I packed all of them into the bag.”

“Maybe you just forgot to pack one of them in.” Reid shrugged.

“Or maybe there were only six in the first place.” Hotch smiled unusually warmly at her. “Does it really matter? We had a great evening – thanks to Penelope.” He raised his glass to her and winked at Derek.

“That’s true.” Emily agreed. “We should drink a toast to her good ideas.”

“What was that?” Penelope whispered over her shoulder.

Smiling Derek wrapped his arms tighter around her pulling her back against his chest. “I took one of the blankets away.” he admitted.

She grinned and closed her eyes happily. “I know.”

This caused a sound of surprise in his throat.

Penelope giggled softly. “I had the same thing in mind but when I got to the bag there was already one blanket missing.”
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