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Maybe a date

Title: Maybe a date

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Prompt for [info]10_snuggles: #6 Beaches 

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Part 4/10 of the cuddling series. Penelope and Derek have their first official date - or have they?

warnings: none


“No” she exclaimed.

Derek was taken aback by the force in her voice. “Why not?” he wanted to know.

“Because…” she gesticulated wildly around her features and then sighed. “Just… because.”

“I honestly don’t understand.” he frowned at her. What the hell did her behavior mean?

“Yeah, I’m sure you don’t.” Penelope snorted.

“What’s the problem, sweetness?” he pressed her. “Don’t tell me you can’t swim.”

“I can” she mumbled, “it’s just… I don’t have anything to wear.”

Grinning mischievously Derek leaned over to her and waggled his eyebrows: “I don’t see a problem there.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Penelope hissed.

Chuckling slightly Derek put an arm around her waist to pull her closer. “Come on, baby cakes, it’s just gonna be you and me on the beach swimming and having some fun.”

“Yeah, in your dreams.” she snorted.

Sighing in frustration Derek let go of her. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Everything is wrong with me.” she mumbled. “You know what? You can have as much fun as you like! I’m just gonna read a book. How does that sound?”

“Why?” he pouted.

Penelope sighed. “Because that’s what girls like me do on the beach.”

Derek frowned and thought about her words. He honestly didn’t know what the problem was. He had pictured their first date much different. After all, he’d waited almost three months until he’d officially asked her out. And he wanted the date to be special – not to mention that he wanted to end it with some more cuddling.

He’d pictured just the two of them on the beach swimming together, Penelope in a bikini he’d pick out for her… with very little fabric. He absentmindedly licked his lips at the image that was forming in his head.

“What?” Penelope’s unnerved and slightly insecure voice startled him out of his thoughts. He looked as if he’d just had a very male fantasy.

“Nothing.” Derek grinned. “I was just picturing you in a very nice, very small bikini.”

“Not funny.” she snorted. But she wasn’t sure he really wasn’t saying the truth. On the other hand there was no possible way that Derek Morgan – the one man who was on top of the list of the hottest FBI agents ever for at least two hundred years – could like the image of her in a bikini.

“Okay” Derek defensively raised his hands, “no beaches, I got it. But I think I have an idea that we’re both gonna like.”

She frowned suspiciously: “Meaning?”

“That’s a surprise, sweetness.” he smiled and placed a light kiss on her cheek before he turned to leave her office: “I’ll pick you up at seven.”

Penelope immediately had a feeling that this hadn’t been a good idea. Not the date with Derek in general. Or maybe it was the date in general. They had been best friends for an eternity and Penelope had dreamed about them becoming more one day ever since. But maybe some things should stay dreams because they just weren’t supposed to be true.

Why had he asked her out at all? Of course, he’d told her that he loved her and she’d believed him. The only thing she’d never thought was that he might mean these words in a romantic way. After all, he didn’t seem to care a lot when she’d been dating Kevin. They’d continued flirting over the phone – though less often.

And now that Kevin was out of the picture Derek suddenly seemed to have discovered that Penelope indeed was a woman. “Why now?” she mumbled to herself while she was searching her wardrobe. Why at all? Why not just stay friends?! Why on earth make things so much more complicated?

Or maybe she’d just attached too much importance to the fact that Derek had called it a date. Maybe this was just another evening they spent together as friends, nothing special, nothing unusual. Just the cuddling she’d become so used to over the past months.

But what bothered her more at the moment was the fact that she had let him decide what they were going to do and that she didn’t have a single clue about it. Damn, she wasn’t even sure what she was supposed to wear.

And she was all the more surprised when she saw Derek in some shorts and a casual shirt.

“What?” he grinned at her. “I told you we were going to the beach.”

“And I told you…”

“Hush, woman!” he scolded, grabbed her arm and led her to his car. “You’re gonna like this, I promise.”

And Penelope had to admit that she at least didn’t completely hate his idea. Even though spending the evening in a tropically decorated bar wasn’t exactly her idea of a successful date. But maybe this wasn’t a date, she reminded herself.

“So, baby girl” Derek grinned as he placed his arm around her shoulders, “do you really hate the beach that much?”

Sighing contentedly Penelope snuggled up close to him and smiled to herself. “This is not exactly the beach.” she objected. “And I’m not wearing a bikini either.”

“The night is still young, gorgeous.” Derek shrugged and gently nuzzled her hair.

“Not a chance my beautiful behavioral analyst.” she giggled.

Derek sighed: “You really are a toughie, cup cake.”

She giggled again as she closed her eyes happily. Who cared if this was a date or not when she got some cuddling with her favorite chocolate Adonis?! She could fall asleep like this every day. “Maybe some day.” she mumbled into his chest.

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