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Nights to remember - part 3: Game night

Title: Nights to remember – part 3: Game night

Pairing: Ronon/Keller

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to FOX. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Following from ‘Quarantine’. Jennifer had told Ronon that she’d missed out on a lot, especially parties – and he wants to make up for that.

warnings: none

“Oh… um… Sam.” Rodney stuttered as he arrived. “I didn’t know you’re joining us.”

“I thought it was a nice idea.” she smiled as he a little nervously took the seat next to her.

“We’re gonna play ‘Clue’. It’s a game for up to six people.” Sheppard announced with a grin and held out the cardboard for them. “It’s a dog eat dog game about a murder.”

“Sounds like a rather brutal game.” Teyla stated which caused everyone except Ronon to grin.

“No” Sheppard chuckled, “it’s just… theoretical, you know.”

“You mean we imagine the dogs?” she asked.

Jennifer giggled softly and John just raised both his eyebrows puzzled. “There are no dogs.” the young doctor explained. “That was just an idiom saying that there are no teams in this game and everyone’s trying to win. So it’s everyone against everyone so to speak.”

“I see.” Teyla nodded. “But what about the murder?”

“Okay” Sheppard proudly continued, he loved to be in the position to explain something at times, “everyone gets a bunch of cards, don’t show them to anyone! There are cards with suspects on them, cards with rooms and cards with weapons. Everyone gets a token and a dice. We’ll throw the dice rotationally, Miss Scarlet starts – which is our good doctor ‘cause the name on the board nearest to her is Miss Scarlet. You can move your token in any direction except diagonally, you can’t enter a square twice in one turn or a square that’s already occupied by another suspect. Instead of throwing the dice you can also use a secret passage to enter another room, if you wish.

Now, what we are trying to find out is who killed Mr. Buddy where and with what weapon. Therefore I’m drawing three cards I put in the secret Case File Envelope beforehand, a suspect, a room and a weapon. Now whenever it’s someone’s turn he or she tries to enter a room. You can make a suggestion whenever you enter a room. To do so you move a suspect and a weapon into the room you entered. Then you have to say for example ‘I suggest the crime was committed by Miss Scarlet in the library with the pistol’.

And then you try to prove it wrong or right by asking your fellow players, at first the one to your left. They will check their cards and see if they have any of the cards you suggested. If one player doesn’t have any of the cards, you’ll ask the next player until one player has one of the cards. This way you try to rule out suspects, rooms and weapons until in the end you know which cards I drew.

However, if none of your fellow players has any of the cards you suggested, you proved your suggestion right and you can make an accusation. Then you say ‘I accuse Miss Scarlet of committing the crime in the library with the pistol’ for example. You can make such an accusation whenever you think you figured out whodunit. Then you check the three cards in the Case File Envelope. If you were right, you won the game. If you were wrong, you lost and aren’t allowed to continue the game.

Any questions?”

“Not so far.” Ronon mumbled.

Grinning Sheppard took three cards – one from the pack of suspects, one from the pack of weapons and one from the pack of rooms – and with a rather theatrically gesture he put the cards into the envelope. Then he shuffled the rest of the cards and dealt. Everyone got three cards.

Ronon checked his cards. The library, Mrs. White and Professor Plum. He crossed these cards out on the ‘notebook’ Sheppard had handed him.

Sheppard placed every token where it belonged on the board. Then he placed each of the weapons in a different room, three rooms left empty.

“Well then, let’s get started.” he announced, rubbed his hands and sat down.

“I have a question.” Teyla shifted a little in the seat to get more comfortable. “Why exactly do people from Earth think that murder is fun?”

“We don’t think that.” Sheppard grimaced. “We just like… challenges. In fact, this wasn’t a real murder, it was just made up for the game. And it’s thrilling to try and find out who did it. It’s a… mind game.”

“That’s true.” Rodney nodded. “It takes a lot of logical thinking to figure out who committed the crime where and with what weapon. Keeps your brain cells working, right doc?”

“And this game is fun.” Jennifer assured, checked her cards and threw the dice.

Ronon smiled. It certainly was going to be fun sitting a whole evening next to her close enough to smell the scent of her hair and her perfume. Perfume? Did she ever use perfume before? Ronon’s heart leaped with joy at the mere possibility that she’d just put it on for him.

“But murders like this happen on Earth, don’t they?” Teyla insisted. “People from Earth tend to kill each other.”

“Yeah, we’re big bad animals.” Sheppard grimaced again. “Don’t tell me you don’t have murders in this galaxy!”

“Of course, we do” she replied, “at times. But we don’t make games out of it.”

“Still this game is fun.” he sighed. “Just consider it… a challenge for your logical thinking.”

“I suggest the crime was committed by Mr. Green in the hall with the rope.” Jennifer said and gave Ronon a questioning look. When he shook his head Jennifer turned to Sam.

Smiling she handed her one of her cards – the hall – so that only Jennifer could see it.

Ronon stopped in the lounge and thought for a moment. Then he took Professor Plum and the rope and said: “I suggest the crime was committed by Professor Plum in the lounge with the rope.” Then he looked at Sam.

She shook her head. So did Rodney. Teyla showed him the card with the lounge.

He had to admit that this game – as strange as it was to him – was really fun. Probably because it was a challenge. Or maybe it was just the fact that he was sitting so close to a certain doctor again, and this time she seemed to feel very comfortable about it.

They had enjoyed some wine and beer during the game and the mood was getting better and better. Jennifer had a whole lot of fun – especially when Rodney was complaining again that this game wasn’t solvable with mere logic. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d laughed so much or the last time she’d felt that she really belonged right where she was.

Smiling she turned to Ronon who was carefully watching Sam, whose turn it was now. She had to remember to thank him for pretty much forcing her to join first the movie night, then McKay’s party and now the game night. She could definitely get used to hanging around with these people – especially one of them for sure.

“Okay, I suggest Mr. Green in the library with the knife.” Rodney sighed and rolled his eyes when Teyla showed him the card with the knife.

The game lasted for hours, basically because they were chatting, laughing and teasing each other – mostly Rodney as a matter of fact – the whole time.

Finally Sam said: “I accuse Colonel Mustard of committing the crime in the ballroom with the wrench.” Grinning she took the secret case file, took a brief look and laid them out on the board.

“Great job, Colonel!” John grinned. “But I’m sure that means Rodney is challenging you to a revenge game next time. Usually he wins.”

“It was just because she had the Dining Room.” Rodney put John off.

“Come on, Rodney.” Jennifer smiled at him. “Allow someone else to win this game. We won’t think any less of you.”

“No, in contrary we would be proud of you ‘cause you’re a good loser.” John grinned.

“Well, congratulations, Sam.” he mumbled and forced himself to smile.

“It’s just a game, Rodney.” Jennifer gave him one of her warm and beautiful smiles and Ronon felt a sudden urge to just grab her and kiss her right there. “If Atlantis was on the verge of destruction we wouldn’t know what to do but you would save the day without blinking.”

“Oh, well, maybe that’s a little exaggerated.” he smiled. “Okay, actually it’s not, you’re right.” When he noticed everyone’s taunting expression he quickly added: “But… um… you can save everyone who’s hurt and… and Ronon saved many lives already. I could only save the city… and not without help.”

But Jennifer just laughed: “Relax, Rodney! If it wasn’t for your outstanding brain you wouldn’t be here and we all know what you’re capable of.”

“Did you hear that?” Rodney grinned proudly at Sam. “Outstanding brain.”

“Yeah, and we all agree with her.” John rolled his eyes. “Except for… Rodney definitely doesn’t need more self-confidence.”

“Really funny.” he grumbled.

Jennifer was glad that she’d been able to spend a whole evening next to Ronon – although apart from a few words and a few hidden touches from him there hadn’t been much interaction. But it was still great to just be with him. And he’d left no doubt that he thought the same. In fact, he’d clearly shown his interest in her.

She still couldn’t believe it. Her whole life long she’d been the outsider, the last to be picked for the sports team, the only girl without a date on Valentine’s Day – or any other day as a matter of fact. And here he was, the hottest man on Atlantis, the man almost every other woman wanted, the man whose presence everyone sought at a party. And he was interested in her of all women.

When he suggested walking her to her quarters she found herself grinning like mad again. Maybe he would kiss her today – and this time she was definitely sure she wanted it to happen. She’d had a whole day to prepare herself for that, mentally of course. She turned around to him and smiled when they reached the door to her room.

Ronon smiled back at her and rested his hand against the wall right next to her beautiful face. Yesterday, she’d been obviously nervous so he hadn’t dared kiss her. He’d opted for a kiss on her cheek instead just close enough to her lips to make clear that one day he wanted a real kiss from her. And today she didn’t seem reluctant.

Her heart started pounding like mad and her knees were trembling when she saw the smile on his face. She sank back against her door. This was it. The moment he would lean down and kiss her. She was certainly going to faint and make a complete fool of herself.

His other hand came up to her cheek and he let his finger gently caress the soft skin. He studied her beautiful face until his eyes came to rest on her lips. His smile grew wider when she licked them, obviously awaiting his lips on them. Slowly he leaned down.

Jennifer took a deep breath and when his lips met hers she let it out in a sigh. God, he smelled so good and his lips where a lot softer than she’d expected them to be just like his beard that gently tickled her skin. Jennifer wrapped her arms around his neck and felt his arms come around her waist to pull her closer against him.

She willingly opened her mouth to deepen the kiss and detected that he tasted even better than he smelled. And he was such a great kisser. Not that she had very much comparison. But this simply felt stunningly great.

When Ronon pulled back Jennifer sank against his chest and panted: “Wow!”

“Yeah.” he chuckled. “We should do that again.”

Grinning like mad she raised her head to look at him: “What about right now?”

His face lit up and he nodded: “Sounds good.”

This time she leaned up and met him halfway for another kiss.


The end


AN: I hope you liked this chapter (at least a bit *grins*). I’m certainly not going to post any more Ronon/Keller stories unless I have a really great idea – which is rather unlikely. As you certainly noticed I’m far from being at home in this fandom. At least, I feel more comfortable writing for another fandom and have far more ideas for stories that would never work with Ronon/Keller or in the Stargate universe at all. Anyway, this was an attempt and as I said I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading and for all the reviews I received so far. They were very much appreciated.
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