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Nights to remember - part 2: Party night

Title: Nights to remember – part 2: Party night

Pairing: Ronon/Keller

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to FOX. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Following from ‘Quarantine’. Jennifer had told Ronon that she’d missed out on a lot, especially parties – and he wants to make up for that.

warnings: none

AN: I know, Ronon’s behavior or feelings at the end seem to be a little out of character again, but I just liked the thought that he is not always the tough cool guy. :)

This time he’d made sure he had a reason to be in the infirmary. He didn’t want it to look like he was just showing up to ask her out. He would mention the party casually and the fact that he didn’t have anyone to go with.

Not that he hadn’t been asked. In fact, he’d turned down half of the female population of Atlantis – and two men. He wanted to ask Jennifer to go with him. Partly because he was sure she wouldn’t go if he didn’t ask her. And he’d sworn to himself to make sure she wouldn’t miss out on anything again.

And another part of him, certainly the bigger one, didn’t want to go with anyone but her. It had been a lot of fun to watch the movie with her about a week ago. Well, the best part apparently hadn’t been the movie but the cuddling with her – and the fact that the first thing he’d smelled when Sheppard had woken him up had been the sweet scent of her hair and how she had looked up at him after she’d woken up, sleepy and a little puzzled but more beautiful than ever. That moment Ronon had decided that it was about time to act on his feelings.

“You really should be more careful.” she scolded him with a warm smile.

“I’ll try.” he smirked and watched her skillful little hands fix the bandage. “So, do you already have a date tonight?”

“For what?” she asked and smiled at him.

“McKay’s birthday party.” he explained a little puzzled. Rodney had been talking about it for weeks now inviting everyone at least five times. He couldn’t have forgotten to ask her – and he liked her in his way so he certainly wanted her to show up as well. And Jennifer couldn’t have forgotten about the party either, right?

“Oh, that.” she smiled sadly and looked down. “You know, I… won’t go.” No need to mention that no one had asked her – as usual.

“Why not?” he immediately exclaimed. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to go if she didn’t join him.

“Well, you know… I… have a lot of work to do.” she mumbled.

Ronon eyed her up and added: “And you watched the movie before?”

Smiling sheepishly she nodded: “Yeah, something like that.”

“I told you I won’t accept that as an excuse.” he reminded her. “Come with me!”

Her head shot up and her eyes widened. For a few seconds she just stared at him before she said: “You’ve certainly already been asked by every woman in Atlantis.”

“No, not every woman.” he replied honestly.

“But quite a few.” she added sadly. There were so many women on Atlantis and at least ninety per cent of them wanted to hook up with Ronon. She was… just one of about thousand other women.

Ronon shrugged: “I didn’t want to go with one of them. But I’d like to go with you.”

Okay, she was definitely dreaming. That had to be a dream! Why for God’s sake should Ronon Dex – THE Ronon Dex – want to go to a party with her? There was absolutely nothing special about her. Because if there was anything special about her she wouldn’t have been the only one no one asked out her whole life long.

“Doc?” he asked a little insecurely when she didn’t answer. Had he gone too fast telling her that she was the only one he wanted to go with? Or maybe she just wasn’t getting his point.

“Why?” was all she managed to say.

Ronon frowned with confusion. “Excuse me?”

She could have kicked herself – once again. She could have said anything in return, ANYTHING! And she had to ask him why. She was really great at making a fool of herself.

Embarrassed she looked down and mumbled: “Why… do you want to go with me?”

Smiling Ronon replied honestly: “Because I enjoy the company of a beautiful and very intelligent woman.”

“Oh.” was all she managed to say as she blushed deeply.

“I really like to spend time with you.” he added in a soft tone he only used towards very few people. “Because I really like you.”

Carefully Jennifer raised her head to look at this breathtaking smile once again and her knees turned into jelly right away. She felt her lower lip tremble and tears spring to her eyes. This couldn’t be true. It simply couldn’t be happening. No one had ever said something so… so… beautiful to her before.

“So” Ronon smiled, “will you honor me with your presence at the party tonight?”

“Yes, yes, of course.” she quickly nodded. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” he smiled. “I’ll pick you up at six.”

“Okay.” she couldn’t help but grin like mad – and that didn’t change for the rest of the day.

This time Jennifer decided that it couldn’t hurt to dress up a little. She could at least pretend she’d just done that to please McKay. So she opted for a plain but beautiful black dress. Plus as far as she remembered McKay had said that a formal dress was required.

Ronon chimed at her door two minutes before six and she opened with the same huge grin on her face she’d carried around since he’d left the infirmary. And the next second she gasped when she saw him in tight black jeans, a white shirt and a dark blue jacket.

“Wow, you look… gorgeous.” she said breathlessly. And this definitely was the understatement of the century!

“Well, you’re in no way inferior to me, if I may say so.” he smiled and held out his arm for her.

Grinning she linked arms with him and let him lead her down the hallway. “Do you think we’re dressed appropriately?” she asked to start a conversation.

Ronon shrugged: “If we aren’t, we can still have a party of our own.”

“I don’t think Rodney would like that.” she giggled.

“Who cares?” he grinned. “I want to spend this evening with you and I don’t really care about the location.”

Okay, now that was really strange. Was he actually flirting with her? Or was it just a joke?

As much as she’d been happy about his words in the infirmary she was now confused. She’d been sure he’d meant everything he’d said as a friend. Words to encourage her, cheer her up. But now she wasn’t sure she’d gotten it right.

Hadn’t he said that he’d blown off every girl who’d asked him because he’d wanted to go with her?

She was so busy trying to figure out what all this meant that it actually kept her from enjoying the party. Most of the time she wasn’t even there, mentally that is.

“Enjoying the party?” a soft female voice interrupted her thoughts.

A little startled she turned her head to look into Teyla’s smiling face. “Sure.” she quickly assured.

“How about your date?” the elder woman grinned.

“Oh, well” Jennifer felt the blood rush into her cheeks as she looked over to Ronon who had volunteered to get them some drinks, “I… Ronon was so kind to ask me to join him.”

“I don’t think he was being kind.” Teyla smiled.

Her head snapped around to stare at the Athosian: “What do you mean?”

The other woman just chuckled and pointed her head towards the tall Satedan: “He hasn’t taken his eyes off of you all evening.”

Jennifer swallowed. “So?” she croaked.

Teyla put a comforting hand on her friend’s shoulder: “He’s not like the men from Earth. He isn’t afraid of your intellect nor does he feel inferior because you’re smarter than he is.”

All Jennifer could do was nod before Teyla gave her an encouraging smile and left her alone. A second later she noticed that the Athosian had left because someone else was slowly walking up in her direction, the gorgeous smile on his face and two glasses in his hands.

Could it be true? Had all the men who’d never been truly interested in her just been AFRAID because she was rather intelligent? No, she wasn’t intelligent enough for anyone to be afraid of. She wasn’t a Rodney McKay after all.

They emptied their glasses without talking a lot because Rodney had decided to welcome them to his party. Jennifer didn’t really listen to him as she tried to figure out how she could find out what Ronon’s intentions were without embarrassing herself.

“May I have the next dance?” the deep masculine voice next to her suddenly asked and she felt a pleasurable shiver running down her spine.

“Sure.” she managed to say her throat as dry as if she’d spent days in a desert.

Smiling Ronon grabbed her hand and pulled her close to his smoking hot, muscular body.

“You know, I should warn you.” she gasped. “I’m not… really a good dancer.”

“Me neither.” he shrugged. “As a matter of fact, I’ve never done this before.”

“Really?” she looked at him almost in shock. She’d never imagined there could be anyone in the universe having even less experience in dancing than herself.

“Well, we were so busy fighting the Wraith all the time that we didn’t have any social events or parties.” he shrugged. “We didn’t celebrate our birthdays and when I was about twelve we even stopped having weddings and funerals.”

“Right” she bit her lip, “sorry, I didn’t think about that.”

“It’s okay.” he assured. “I tend to forget that certainly none of the people from Earth have grown up under such… circumstances.”

“I wish you hadn’t either.” she mumbled.

“Well, in fact it brought me here.” he shrugged. “So I figure it wasn’t all that bad.”

“And I’m glad about that.” Jennifer replied before she had a chance to think about her words.

His face lit up and he leaned down to kiss her cheek. “Me too.” he breathed into her ear.

She was going to faint. Most definitely, right here and now. But fortunately the fact that she still leaned against his body while they were slowly swaying to the music gave her enough support to keep standing.

A few minutes past ten McKay held a one and a half hour speech praising himself and what he’d done for Atlantis and each and everyone of them. Due to the fact that Sheppard had very well provided him with wine beforehand, this speech was rather funny instead of just boring.

Around midnight Ronon walked Jennifer back to her room, slowly in order to make this evening last just a few minutes longer. And the whole time he kept wondering if he dared to kiss her. She seemed to be a little nervous and he couldn’t stop wondering if it might be because she didn’t want this… him. Or maybe he was just going too fast.

Her knees became weaker the closer they got to her room. What was he going to do? What if he was going to try to kiss her? And what if he wasn’t? She wasn’t sure what would be worse.

“Well, this is it.” Ronon smiled when they reached the door to her room.

“Yeah.” she replied huskily, turned towards him and looked down nervously shuffling her foot.

“Thank you” he smiled and took a step forward, “for a wonderful evening.”

“Thank you” she replied her voice barely above a whisper, “I… can’t remember the last time I had so much fun.”

Okay, it was certainly now or never – unless he wanted to let Sheppard hurt him again so he could show up in the infirmary tomorrow. “You know, what I said in the infirmary today, I meant it.” he started. “I really like spending time with you.”

“Thank you” she blushed and her heart skipped a beat, “I… like spending time with you too.”

“Well, great” he smiled and sighed with relief, “because I wanted to ask you something. You know, tomorrow is a game night.”

“Game night?” she asked.

“Yeah, another of Sheppard’s ideas of a social event.” he chuckled. “Like the movie night, just that we play games.”

“Like?” she pressed him a little insecurely. She’d never been a very sportive person and she definitely didn’t like sparring.

“Well, last time we played a game called UNO.” he explained. “I don’t think I entirely understood what it was about.”

“That’s okay, I… I know the game.” she smiled.

“Yeah that’s what it’s about. Parlor games from Earth, a lot of fun.” he mumbled. “And I was wondering if you might wanna join me… us.”

She gulped at the thought of another evening she would spend with Ronon asking herself if there was a tiny chance that he might like her as more than just a friend but forced herself to smile. “Sure, I’d love to.” she nodded.

“Great!” he exclaimed relieved that she had accepted the invitation. “Great, I’ll pick you up at eight. Well, a few minutes earlier that is ‘cause the game night starts at eight.” Why the hell was he suddenly so nervous that he couldn’t even articulate a very meaningful sentence anymore?

“Great.” she smiled. The English language has more than four hundred thousand words and you can only repeat what both of you have already said numerous times?!

“Yeah” he nodded, “so… see you tomorrow.” Ronon’s heart sped up. What was the appropriate thing to do now? Should he kiss her or was that going too fast? Would she reject if he tried? And if he didn’t try to kiss her would she think he didn’t want to? Damn, why did this whole dating ritual have to be so complicated?!

Ronon decided to opt for a middle course. So he took a deep breath and leaned forward.

Her heart stopped beating and she held her breath when he suddenly moved closer. He was going to kiss her… now… here… Suddenly Jennifer started to feel uncomfortable. Wasn’t all that going… too fast? Was she really sure she wanted this?

Of course, she did! She’d wanted it from the first moment she’d seen him. She’d wanted it when they’d been locked up in the infirmary – okay, she’d also thought they were going to die in there, but still… Who wouldn’t want to kiss someone like him? The only problem was that Jennifer was far from experienced considering relationships. As she’d told him she’d missed out on a lot.

Oh, sure, she had had a few flings. Well, one that had been a little more serious. But that was it, her whole experience. And Ronon… a man like him was certainly much more experienced than a pathetic little affair several years ago.

His lips gently brushed over her cheek just millimeters next to her mouth and Jennifer sighed – partly with relief and partly because this simple touch felt like an explosion sending a pleasurable prickle through every single cell of her body.

Smiling he pulled away, wished her a good night and left.

She stumbled back into her room and sank on the bed unable to stand any longer. Ronon obviously liked her – in a more than just friendly way. And tomorrow he would pick her up for the game night and certainly, hopefully take her home afterwards again. And maybe she would even get the kiss she was now craving.
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