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Worries, hesitancy and too much thinking - part 20

Title: Worries, hesitancy and too much thinking – part 20

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: That’s what in my humble opinion should have happened after ‘True Night’.

warnings: Again I don’t know where that storyline came from. But can you tell, I don’t like Lynch very much.

AN: So sorry this took forever but this chapter was really giving me a hard time – most of all because my muse took this story into a completely different direction than I intended to take it. Still I hope you enjoy the chapter and the next one will hopefully be up sooner.


He couldn’t help but smile when he walked into the bathroom the next morning. For a long while he leaned in the doorway and watched her doing her hair and make-up. She was so beautiful and she was his, finally.

Slowly he walked over to her and wrapped his arms tightly around her. “Good morning, princess.” he murmured.

Smirking Penelope let her back sink against his chest and replied: “I’ll show you a good morning, hot stuff.”

“Hm, I like the thought of that.” Derek smiled as he leaned down to nibble on that special spot on her neck again well aware of what this was doing to her.

Penelope closed her eyes happily and let her head fall back against his shoulder. “You’re killing me with that, do you know that?!” She gasped when she felt his hand on her hip, a little too low not to make her body react to that.

“That wasn’t my intention.” he grinned against her skin and let his hand slide just a fraction deeper.

“Why can’t I believe that?” she panted.

“As I told you, this is just a little… foreplay.” Derek chuckled while his mouth made his way down to her shoulder.

“You’re gonna leave a mark there.” Penelope whispered.

“Do you mind?” he shrugged. “You’ll have to wear a scarf anyway. It’s cold outside.”

“Nonetheless, I don’t like having a hickey.” she tried to complain.

Derek grinned and bit down a bit harder: “Why not? You can show it around. To Kevin for example. Maybe then he’ll finally leave us alone.”

“I have a feeling he will.” she shrugged a little absentmindedly.

This however caught Derek’s attention and he stopped teasing her causing her to sigh a little frustrated. “What did you do?” he demanded to know.

“He just got a bit of the best part of me.” Penelope grinned and winked at him through the mirror.

“I hope not.” Derek frowned at her. “Because I absolutely expect you to save every bit of that best part of you for me.”

Penelope rolled her eyes. “I was talking about my computer skills, Derek.” she explained as she snuggled up closer against his chest in an attempt to make him continue what he’d just stopped doing.

“What does that mean?” he pressed her.

“I just sent him an email.” she sighed. “Now, could you… please…” she begged and waved her hand in the direction of his.

Derek couldn’t help but grin at that. “Could I please what?” he asked innocently.

“Derek!” she groaned.

He smiled. She was begging for his touch which meant she felt no longer uncomfortable with the idea of them getting… physical. The smile on his face turned into a wide grin. Then he pecked her cheek and let go of her.

“Sorry, baby cakes, but we don’t have the time for that now. We’ll be late for work.” he said.

Groaning again Penelope rolled her eyes and mumbled: “That was so not fair.”

Chuckling Derek stepped back behind her and wrapped his arms around her once again. “That was just to whet our appetite, cup cake – for tonight. I’m very fond of long foreplays, you know.”

Her heart beat immediately went sky high at the thought of what this day might still be holding ready for her.

But there was one person who was about to try his best not to let Derek put his plans for the night into action.

The evening before Kevin had checked his mail box and had felt a grin appear on his face. He hadn’t even cared about the subject line when he’d read that the email was from Penelope. He’d just opened it. It seemed that his plan had finally come to fruition and they’d split up. And Penelope certainly wouldn’t want to talk to her ex anymore and needed a friend. And he was definitely willing to be there anytime.

At least that had been what he’d thought until he’d read the first words. You should know better than to mess with me! Then his screen had gone blank and the next second a line had popped up on his screen over and over again.

I must not try and ruin other people’s relationship.

He had desperately tried to fix his computer the whole night through using every way to restore any data he could think of. He was interrupted in this rather fruitless attempts by the ringing of his cell phone around seven a.m..

“Lynch?” he pretty much barked.

“This is Section Chief Erin Strauss.” the woman on the other end replied.

He immediately froze and stumbled: “Ma’am… I… What can I do for you?”

“I want to see you in my office.” she commanded.

“Now?” he shrieked. “I mean, I have to…”

“Half an hour not more, Lynch.” she repeated.

“Of course, Ma’am.” he quickly nodded. “Half an hour, I understand, I’ll be there.”

He waited for her to hang up not sure if she’d be pissed when he hung up first. Then he decided that he’d had to go through the embarrassment of having to tell his team that someone hacked the computer and the data was gone so he reformatted the hard drive. Then he hurried out of his office and down the corridor as fast as he could.

“Come in!” he heard Strauss snarl shortly after he had knocked on her door and carefully dared enter the room.

Strauss was sitting behind her desk frowning at him. She didn’t even offer him a seat before she spoke: “It is proven that Agent Morgan wasn’t even near Agent Garcia’s office the day you said you have heard them in her office.”

She leaned forward and continued before Kevin could answer: “It is further proven that you used Agent Morgan’s cell phone to send a text message. That means you hacked into the cell phone of a federal agent which is against the law as you certainly know.”

All he could do was nod slightly and swallow hard.

“You’re fired, Lynch.” Strauss finally said the hint of a smile crossing her face. “And I ask you not to set foot into a federal building again unless you’re asked to do so. I want your office to be cleared by the end of the week. You’re dismissed.” That being said Strauss turned back to her paper work.

Nodding Kevin left. This had not turned out very well. First Penelope had blown him off and ruined his computer and now he’d lost his job.

This was all Morgan’s fault! Kevin had asked Penelope out for the New Years party and the only reason she’d blown him off had been the fact that this womanizer had asked her beforehand. He, Kevin, should be with her now! Not that player! But he knew exactly what to do. In the end, Penelope would realize her mistake.

But to make her realize it he definitely needed to get rid of Agent Derek Morgan. She was so whipped by this sleaze that she just couldn’t see the truth. Him telling her about the woman Morgan had met for lunch or at least the text message should have done it – any other girl in the world would have dumped him without even thinking about it.

But Penelope was so blind with love that she just didn’t want to see that she didn’t belong to Derek Morgan! That’s why Kevin needed to get rid of him first.

Even Strauss had turned against him – although he knew way too well that she was always searching for a reason to break the BAU team up and transfer each and everyone of them. But alas she hadn’t transferred Morgan because of his ‘alibi’.

The heck with it! He wasn’t for nothing one of the best technicians in this building! Thank goodness that he always had the backup CDs in his bag just in case. The computer had crashed and the data was lost? So what?! After the hard disk had reformatted Kevin re-installed all his programs et voilà! One and a half hours later his computers were as good as new – and he could start to put his plan into action.

It shouldn’t be that easy but, well, never look a gift horse in the mouth! He had almost everything he needed with him anyway and the few chemicals were available in the nearby supermarket. Of course, he had to make sure that Penelope stayed away from Derek Morgan so that she wouldn’t get hurt. And once that guy was out of the picture he would finally get the girl. It really shouldn’t be that easy. He grinned to himself when he saw the couple entering the building.

Smiling Derek opened the door for his soon-to-be wife and wrapped his arm back around her waist as soon as they had entered. “You have eight hours to decide whether you want us to go to your place or mine after work.” he whispered into her ear causing her to giggle sheepishly. “I don’t want to waste more time than necessary once I finally get you out of here.”

“Behave, Derek.” she scolded him and playfully slapped his chest. “That is inappropriate behavior at our work place.”

Kevin snorted slightly at the sight of the couple teasing each other.

Grinning Derek pulled out his badge and showed it to the guy behind the desk who smiled rather at Penelope than at Derek: “Good morning.”

“Good morning, Richard.” Penelope greeted the young man. “How’s your wife?”

“Getting on my nerves.” he chuckled.

“She still isn’t allowed to stand up, huh?” she gave him an understanding smile.

“Not for the next month.” he sighed. “Until it’s safe for the baby to be born. I swear, I’m going to go crazy.”

“I’m sure you’ll have forgotten about all that once the baby is born.” Penelope smiled at him.

The expression on Richard’s face became a little dreamy and he sighed again: “Yeah, certainly. I can’t wait to see my little boy.”

Derek and Penelope smiled at each other.

“Hey, what about you.” Richard suddenly asked excitedly.

“What about us?” Derek frowned at him.

“Well, I heard rumors that you’re finally gonna get married.” Richard chuckled. “And as far as I can judge it they seem to be true.”

“Finally?” Penelope raised both her eyebrows at him. They hadn’t exactly been together for ages, after all, it hadn’t even been two months.

“Well, all of us made bets on when you two will finally realize that you are meant for each other.” Richard shrugged.

Penelope’s cheeks turned red but Derek just grinned at her: “Seems they all realized it sooner than we did.”

“Yeah, I mean, did you never ask yourself why no one in this building ever asked you out?” Richard smiled. “Because we all knew that you were taken, even though the two of you hadn’t known – and to be honest, none of us wanted to mess with Agent Morgan.”

“Oh.” Penelope whispered. “And I thought that I just wasn’t the kinda girl… you know.”

“Are you kidding me?” Richard burst out. “Now that I’m married I certainly shouldn’t say that but when I started working here I was hopelessly in love with you. None of us missed what a great woman you are.”

“Come on, baby girl, we gotta get to work.” Derek said as he pushed her forward. “And we’ll have to talk later, Richard!”

Richard and Penelope both chuckled at that.

They made their way to the break room to get their coffee for the morning in comfortable silence. Penelope was smiling to herself about what Richard had told her and that didn’t escape Derek’s notice.

“You know, I’m glad they didn’t dare making a move on you.” Derek told her and wrapped his arm around her waist when they were alone in the break room. “Because if one of them had dared you could be with him now instead of me – and I don’t like the thought of that.”

“I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.” she whispered and gave him a quick yet intense kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you more.” Derek grinned as he stole another kiss from her.

“I don’t think that’s possible.” Penelope giggled.

“So that means you can’t do without me anymore, huh?” Derek winked at her as he opened the door.

She grinned back at him: “Actually, I don’t think I ever…”

Their banter was interrupted when Kevin Lynch ran into them spilling Derek’s coffee mostly over the floor and unfortunately a bit over Derek’s trousers as well.

“Oh, my God, I’m so sorry, Agent Morgan.” Kevin apologized bowing slightly. “When I couldn’t find you in the bullpen nor in your office, Penelope, I thought you might be in the break room. So I came here. I didn’t mean to…”

“What do you want?” Derek snarled instinctively stepping in front of Penelope.

“I just… wanted to apologize.” he said and let his head sink. “Strauss just fired me and I… I really think it’s better this way. I mean, I deserved it, certainly. I had no right to try and tear you apart so I… I’m sorry. I really am. And I’m sorry I spilled your coffee. I’ll get you a new one!” That being said he disappeared into the break room.

“Do you believe him?” Derek whispered. “I mean, that change of heart seems a little sudden to me.”

“Well, after all I ruined his computer.” she shrugged. “That can be healthful.”

“I think he’s up to something.” Derek mumbled and faked a smile as he took the fresh coffee from Lynch.

“I will without question pay for the cleaning.” Kevin explained pointing at the stains on Derek’s trousers.

“Relax, it’s just coffee.” Derek put him off and pretended to sip on the cup Lynch had handed him. “Thanks for the new one.”

The other man grinned, nodded and bowed out.

“I’ll get changed.” Derek grumbled. “See you at the briefing, baby girl.”

Nodding Penelope headed for her office to get the file JJ had asked her to put together for the briefing this morning. But unfortunately, she didn’t even get near the file. When she stepped into her inner sanctum and turned to close the door, she froze. Kevin was standing in her doorway smiling at her.

“Kevin” she gasped, “what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to ask you out.” he smiled.

Penelope sighed. “Kevin, we already talked about this.”

The smile on his face widened into a mischievous grin as he held out the gun he’d brought with him. “Yeah, but this time I have better arguments.”

Penelope swallowed as her eyes fell upon the piece of metal in his hand. Immediately, the memory of the shooting returned and she shivered. “You won’t kill me.” she whispered.

“Not if you come with me.” he affirmed.

“Why, Kevin?” even though it wasn’t easy, she managed to raise her eyes to his face again. “Why are you doing all this?”

“Because you belong with me!” he almost yelled at her. “You shouldn’t be with Agent Morgan! He’s a player, he’ll dump you once he gets tired of you! How can you honestly believe that he really loves you?”

“I know he does.” she frowned. “And just because you think that I’m not worth it doesn’t mean that Derek feels the same.”

This however startled him and he took a step forward – causing Penelope to step back. “No… No, this was not what I meant.” he quickly assured. “You’re so beautiful, so… perfect. But he’s not the kind of man who appreciates that. He doesn’t even know what you can do with a computer, how skilled you really are. You are unique! And you can do better than him.”

“And you think you’re better?” she asked bitterly pointing at the gun in his hands.

“You don’t understand that.” he said. “I have to do that! Because otherwise you’ll never see the truth. Agent Morgan isn’t good for you, but I am! I can make you happy and I will – if you just… give me a chance. If you’d gone to that party with me we would be together now!”

“Yeah, maybe.” she said quietly. “But Derek had asked me first. He’d made every effort to woo me – and kidnapping me at gun-point wasn’t part of it.”

“Just because you gave him the chance I should have gotten!” he hissed. “And now… If you would follow me, please!” he stepped next to her and pressed the gun in her rips so that she didn’t try and fight him as he lead her out of her office.
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