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Title: Attitudes

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Characters/Pairing: Morgan/Garcia centric

Prompt for [info]24_runes: #20  Mannaz (your attitude toward others and their attitudes towards you)

Word Count: 1993

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me, they belong to CBS. Nonetheless, I love to borrow them from time to time.

Summary: Part 2/? of the ‘Loser Lynch’ series. Derek gets an insight into Pen’s and Kevin’s relationship – and he doesn’t like it.

warnings: spoilers for season 3 

“Hey, baby cakes, I need you to work me some magic again.” he greeted when he entered her office. But when she turned around to look at him the smile on his face turned into a concerned frown. She was pale, her eyes were dark and she looked incredibly ill.

“Are you feeling… unwell again?” he carefully asked.

Penelope nodded. “The doctors still don’t know what’s wrong with me. Every once in a while I feel sick, can’t eat properly and have a terrible headache. I’m nervous and can’t really concentrate at times. And I keep feeling weak and dizzy. It’s not that bad anymore and I can do my job but… I don’t know. I’d just… like to know what’s wrong with me.”

Derek just nodded.

“So, my chocolate God, what can I do for you?” she gave him a weak smile.

“You could go home and get some rest.” he frowned at her.

“I’m fine, Derek.” Penelope immediately knew that he wanted to object so she quickly added: “Okay, I’m not. But… To be honest I can’t stand staying at home doing nothing any longer. I need to work, I love this job and… I don’t want to have Kevin around all the time. He’s starting to get on my nerves.”

“He’s bothering you?” he asked alarmed.

“No, not really.” she sighed and turned back to her computers. “I mean, he’s taking really good care of me, does everything to make me feel better. But he constantly nags me about quitting my job here and start working at home like he already did.”

“But… you’re not thinking about doing that, right?” he asked obviously worried.

“No.” Penelope smiled at him over her shoulder. “I love this job and I love the team. I don’t want to quit.”

He waited for her to say something in addition. When she didn’t Derek took a step closer and eyed her a little suspiciously. “But you would do it for him?”

Taking a deep breath Penelope turned back to him and whispered: “I don’t know.”

Derek frowned a little. She looked as if she wanted to talk to him so he turned and closed the door. He was about to turn back to her when the soft ringing of bells caught his attention. Looking up at the new accessory he asked: “What’s that?”

Penelope looked at the bells she’d attached above her door and replied: “Oh, Kevin developed a constant habit to sneak up on me and scare the hell outta me. That’s why I attached them. This way I hear him entering my office.” No need to mention that she was carrying a flashlight in her purse in case he turned off the lights of the apartment again.

Pulling the chair closer to sit down next to her Derek mumbled: “He doesn’t seem to be the most sensitive person around.”

“He’s nice.” Penelope objected. “He just doesn’t understand that I’m a little jumpy.”

“If he really was nice he would understand – or at least care.” he said. Maybe he should have a serious talk with Lynch.

“I shouldn’t have mentioned it.” she sighed and looked down again.

“Hey” he said soothingly and put his hand under her chin to make her look at him again, “you can tell me anything, you know that.”

“That was not what I meant.” she answered. “You don’t like Kevin anyway and this is just… kinda giving you another reason not to like him.”

“I never said I didn’t like him.” he mumbled. I hate him and for some reason I just feel a sudden urge to punch him whenever I see him.

“Maybe it’s not about him.” Penelope replied in a low voice. “Maybe you just don’t like the fact that I’m happy with him.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he frowned.

“I love him and he loves me, he’s taking good care of me and he’s… one of the nicest persons I know.” she explained. “But you need to belittle him or our relationship whenever we talk about him. You didn’t even need to get to know him to form your view on him.”

“Since when are you so whipped?” Derek raised both his eyebrows at her. “I’ve never seen you behave like that before.”

“Behave like what?” she snorted.

Derek gently took her hands in his and softly said: “Baby, you deserve to be happy, no one I know deserves it more than you do. And I hope you are as happy as you can be because I love you and I care about you. And that’s exactly why I’m worried that maybe Lynch isn’t good for you. You know me, I can’t stop worrying about you. All I want is to make sure that he treats you right.”

“He does.” Penelope assured him and took a deep breath to calm down again. “He treats me very good and I’m happy with him. And I know that you just worry about me. I’m sorry I overreacted again.”

“I wonder why.” he mumbled studying her eyes. They’d had almost the same fight after she’d told him about Battle. Why did she obviously believe that he didn’t think she deserved to be happy? Or maybe this was about something else. Maybe this went deeper than he thought but he couldn’t figure out what it was about that pissed her off every time he started to worry about her.

“So what can I do for you?” she wanted to know and turned back to her computers.

“Don’t avoid my questions, mama, what’s wrong with you?” he asked instead of answering her question.

“It’s not important, really.” she looked down and absentmindedly stroke her abdomen.

“Is something wrong with the baby?” Derek asked in concern.

Her head shot up and she gave him a quizzical look. Realizing her movement she stopped it and answered: “No, everything is fine.”

“But… you’re not sure about having it anymore?” he guessed. He could tell that something was bothering her and it certainly had to do with her being pregnant.

“I’m still thrilled about having a baby.” she replied in a low voice.

Okay, so it was Kevin who wasn’t all that thrilled about it or Penelope feared she couldn’t be a good mother to the baby. Derek’s bet was on the first possibility but since he didn’t want to cause another fight he decided to leave it alone and change the topic.

“Do you already have an ultrasound picture?” he asked excitedly.

Giving him a radiating smile she answered: “Yeah, I had an appointment a few days ago.” She took the picture from her purse and handed it to him. “You’re the first one to see it.”

Derek frowned a little. That certainly meant Lynch hadn’t seen it yet and didn’t go with her to the appointment either. He didn’t seem to be the least bit interested in his baby.

“You can even see the fingers and toes.” Penelope smiled, leaned forward and pointed at the tiny hands and then at the feet. “And the eyes and ears are forming already.”

“It looks more like a little bean.” Derek grinned. “But I’m sure it’s gonna be a very pretty baby. Do you already know the sex?” he wanted to know as he handed the picture back to Penelope.

“No, the doctor couldn’t see it.” she smiled. “But I’ll have another appointment next week.”

Derek frowned at her. From the expression on her face he could tell that Lynch wouldn’t be with her next time. But that didn’t mean she had to go alone!

“Will you tell me now what kind of magic you want me to work for you?” she asked pointing her head at the file in his hands.

“That’s not so important.” Derek put her off. Then he stood up, gently slapped her shoulder with the file and commanded: “Come on, up! We’re going out to have lunch, now!”

“But I…”

“Don’t argue with me!” he pulled her out of the chair and to her feet. “We’re having lunch together now just like we did before you met Lynch. How does that sound?”

“I don’t feel like eating.” she mumbled.

Frowning once more Derek turned around to eye her. “Fine.” he shrugged. “Then we’ll just talk and have a little fun anyway.”

Penelope sighed and looked at him. It was true, they hadn’t had lunch together in ages and before she’d met Kevin they’d eaten together almost every day – and it had always been a whole lot of fun. And if she was honest, she missed that.

“Come on” Derek smiled at her, “please?”

She couldn’t help but smirk a little at the puppy dog look he gave her. “You know that no sane woman in the world could ever resist anything you suggest when you look at her like that, right?”

“At least I was hoping for that.” he grinned and put an arm around her shoulders. “So, buttercup, was that a yes?”

“I think so.” she mumbled.

“I’m sorry” he grinned and leaned a little closer, “I didn’t hear you. What did you say? Will you go out for lunch with me?”

“Yes, I will.” she giggled and put her arm around his waist.

“I knew you wouldn’t let me down.” he chuckled and gently kissed her temple.

That was the exact moment the door opened and the smile on Kevin’s face turned into a suspicious frown. He immediately felt the jealousy rising in his chest. “Penelope?”

“Oh, hi, Kevin.” she smiled and quickly let go of Derek. Not that she felt guilty but she knew Kevin would make a scene. “We were just… What can I do for you?”

“I wanted to take you out for lunch.” he replied.

There it was again, the urge to punch this guy’s face. What did he do here anyway?! He should be at home working. But Kevin seemed to have some kind of radar for moments he shared alone with his baby girl because he always – always – stepped in to interrupt them.

They couldn’t have lunch together or even just talk anymore because Lynch was following her like her shadow. He certainly even was in her office whenever they were on the phone together because their usual banter had been reduced to a nickname here and there.

Penelope shifted uncomfortably and looked between Derek and Kevin back and forth.

“Well, then, maybe next time, baby girl.” Derek smiled at her. At least she didn’t just dump him for Kevin. As much as he wanted her to be happy he missed the time they’d used to spend together. And even more he missed their flirting. It was gone. Completely. The first casualty of love, popped into his mind.

Kevin gave Agent Morgan a forced smile as he wrapped his arm around Penelope’s waist and led her out of her office.

Derek watched them leaving Penelope’s inner sanctum and a sudden anger rose in his chest. He wanted her back! He wanted to be able to take her out for lunch whenever they both felt like spending some time together. He wanted to hit the town with her again or watch a movie with her. Watching action or horror movies with one of his girlish hook-ups simply wasn’t the same. Face the truth, she’s gonna have another man’s baby!

“Have fun!” he forced himself to call after them.

Penelope turned to smile at him. “See you later, gorgeous!”

“I’ll be right here, beautiful.” he smiled. At least another nickname from her lips.

Again these nicknames. ‘Beautiful’… If anyone was allowed to call HIS girlfriend beautiful it was HIM – and him alone. Kevin was breathing fire like every single time he had an encounter with Derek Morgan. This guy was starting to really get on his nerves. But he would take care of that eventually. For now there were too many other things he needed to take care of. One thing at a time.
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