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For better or worse - part 5

Title: For better or worse – part 5

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Rating: T

Disclaimer: nothing’s mine, it all belongs to CBS and so on

Summary: Sequel-sequel to Twelve hours and Nightmares and other after effects. Derek is concerned about a pregnant Penelope – and that doesn’t seem to be the only thing he has to worry about.

warnings: none

AN: Gretchen, I just can’t thank you enough! :)

Penelope kept herself busy by running check-ups on her computers, scanning for viruses, attempts to hack her system – pretty much everything she could come up with. Of course, she could have gone to her place. But in fact the Bureau was half an hour closer to the airport than her apartment was – and that meant thirty minutes closer to seeing him again. The thrills kept running through her body at the prospect of having Derek around within the next few minutes. They’d finally been able to find this one connection – after another week and three other victims. It had been Rossi’s idea to run a check of the teachers at the schools the children had attended. Penelope had found out that one of the teachers from the Coleridge Taylor Elementary School was a substitute teacher in the schools the other victims had attended.

Gently stroking her abdomen Penelope wondered if there were many teachers like this sicko out there who killed children that attended their classes just to show off that they could do it. Or maybe it was because they simply hated their job. Anyway, she was relieved – as much as the rest of the team – that this case was over

“Hey, mama.” she heard the familiar voice from the doorway.

Penelope swung around in her chair, rushed over to him and pulled him into a close embrace. It was so good to feel him again, his strong arms wrapped around her, his hot breath on her neck causing her to tremble.

“I hope you haven’t missed any preventive examinations.” he smiled.

Knowing what his question really implied Penelope started to caress his neck with her fingernails, just slightly. “Nope” she assured. “And everything is just perfect.”

He pulled her closer and started to nuzzle her neck. “Your choice, baby girl, your office, the rest room or the elevator?”

She giggled and whispered: “I guess we’re not allowed to do that in any other place.”

“I’m not going to make it farther than the elevator.” Derek softly growled and he could practically feel the shiver running down her spine. “Besides, no one else is here.”

Penelope immediately gave into him. After five weeks of separation there was no need to talk her into anything and he knew that. Penelope was pretty sure she wouldn’t even be able to make it to the nearest rest room.

“You want me to show you how much I missed you?” he breathed into her ear and chuckled when he realized what this did to her.

“Yes.” she panted. God, she’d never wanted anyone so badly before. But suddenly Derek stopped. A sound of complaint escaped her mouth. “Derek, what the…”

“What’s that?” he interrupted her pointing at a huge bouquet standing in a vase in a corner of her office.

“What?” she shrieked and turned around to follow his look still angry that he considered those flowers more interesting than her. “I… Seems like I have a secret admirer or something. Could we please just go back to the part where you show me how much…”

“Secret admirer?” he cut her off once more and a sudden rush of anger flooded his body. “Who the hell is this guy?”

“Well, that is covered by the term SECRET!” she replied, stepped towards him and started to nibble on his neck. “And now forget about those flowers!”

“We have to find out who sent them.” Derek stated firmly.

She smirked a little. “Are you jealous?”

Derek finally gave his attention back to her. “Do I need to be?” he asked playfully. “I just think I should be the only one sending you flowers.”

She wrapped her arms around his waist and whispered: “You could deliver something else instead.”

“Was there a card or something?” Derek wanted to know.

Penelope growled in annoyance. “No, now forget about it!”

“I’m just saying.” he shrugged. “Whoever sent the flowers could be a dangerous stalker.”

“And you have to worry about that NOW?” she asked in total frustration. That was so not the way she’d pictured their reunion. The picture had included a completely different expression on his face – and a lot less clothing. And now he was worrying about those stupid flowers. She sighed and absentmindedly licked her lips desperately wanting them back on his.

When he heard the annoyed sigh Derek looked up just at the right moment to see her tongue run over her bright red lips – and that did some really interesting things to his body.

Penelope shrieked when he grabbed her and pressed her against the wall right next to the door. She didn’t like to get jumped like that but she didn’t want to complain about it either.

They were both so occupied that neither of them realized a person was standing across the bullpen watching them through the slightly opened door.


“What are you looking at?” Spencer wanted to know when he entered the bullpen and saw Emily and JJ each sitting next to Derek gazing at a picture he held in his hands.

“First baby photo.” JJ replied with a very satisfied smile on her beautiful face.

“Of whose baby?” Spencer raised both his eyebrows.

Emily rolled her eyes.

“Yours truly!” Derek said proudly.

Spencer frowned a little and gave his three co-workers a puzzled look. “How can you…” his voice died out when Derek turned the ultrasonic scan with a wide grin on his face. “Oh.” he nodded and smiled sheepishly.

Slowly sashaying towards the desk Spencer took a closer look at the photo and frowned a little more. “There’s actually not much to be seen.”

Now it was JJ who rolled her eyes. “Can’t you see the little head… here!” she pointed at something that to Spencer looked like a nub at the end of a weird shaped bean.

His eyes narrowed as he tried to examine the scan. But still he couldn’t see anything. That should be a baby? Well, since Garcia was only in the fifth month of the pregnancy that tiny little thing was probably just getting there.

“And do you know what sex the baby is?” JJ asked excitedly.

“No” Derek smiled. “We don’t want to know till it’s born.”

“Why not?” Spencer asked bewildered. “Wouldn’t it be better to know that? I mean, how do you prepare appropriately for the baby?”

“Spence, you are so unromantic.” JJ sighed.

“Wh…” his expression had turn from bewildered to helpless. “What did I say?”

“Don’t you listen to them.” Garcia smiled slowly going down the stairs. “It is really nice to have at least one of my friends not freaking out because of my pregnancy.”

Now he blushed deeply. “Well, you know, it’s not that I don’t think this is great… because it is… I just… I don’t really understand…”

“Me neither, honey.” Penelope gently cut him off and patted his shoulder. “Me neither.” She had to admit she enjoyed all the attention from her friends and exceptionally from Derek. And of course she was excited as hell. But from time to time she wished people would at least treat her like she was still her normal self.

Derek frowned when he saw an agent entering the bullpen with a small box wrapped in red paper. Last time it had been a necklace with a note attached saying In eternal love, your secret admirer. Penelope had rejected to accept that gift. While she still thought that was somehow cute and a little exciting at the same time these presents simply annoyed Derek. “Seems your ‘secret admirer’ is back.” he grumbled.

Penelope just grinned. Maybe she should be a little worried about who her secret admirer was. But it simply made her heart leap with joy to see Derek get jealous at those little gifts she received every day. Penelope wondered a little why he was that bothered – or bothered at all. He looked like a Greek god and every woman in the world was at his feet. And she was… well, not the woman many handsome men noticed. Anyway, she was thrilled by the fact that Derek obviously wanted her – and was even afraid to lose her.

“Secret admirer?” JJ asked and waggled her eyebrows.

“Yeah, seems like someone has a crush on me.” Penelope shrugged and grinned at Derek.

He frowned at her: “I still think you should be careful about this guy.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Emily grinned and bashed Derek’s upper arm. “Are you afraid of another man wooing your woman?”

The three girls grinned at Derek while Spencer simply grimaced. Why where women so excited about someone sending them presents and flowers without showing himself? To him that appeared rather strange and appalling. From the expression on Derek’s face he could tell that the older agent was pretty much thinking the same. Plus the obvious jealousy he didn’t even try to hide.

“Exactly.” Derek simply said.

Penelope just grinned at him: “Let’s see what it is this time. Maybe some ear rings matching the necklace.” Her heart leaped once more at the fact that he confessed his jealousy.

He growled something incomprehensible.

“Derek Morgan?” the agent asked.

“Yeah.” he replied and sighed with relief taking the box from the young man. Then he saw the card and frowned again. It looked exactly like the ones Penelope had received. When he looked at her he saw the confusion and just a slight hint of fear.

“I hope you checked this.” Derek mumbled while he flipped the card open.

The agent looked at him as if he was from a different planet. “Of course, it’s the rule!”

He simply snorted and read the message. Don’t touch what’s mine! Frowning even more Derek ripped the box open and took a look. With a disgusted growl he threw the box back on the table.

Penelope took a step closer and gasped when her eyes fell on the contents of the box. A dead rat. This secret admirer had quickly turned from exciting to frightening!