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For better or worse - part 1

Title: For better or worse - part 1

Pairing: Morgan/Garcia

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Please, read the disclaimer for "Twelve hours"!

Summary: I was asked for a sequel-sequel to 'Twelve hours' and 'Nightmares and other after effects' and here it is. Penelope is ill and refuses to tell Derek what’s wrong with her.

warnings: none

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AN: Special thanks to Gretchen for the beta-reading!

“Derek.” her face looked exhausted even though she smiled. “What are you doing here?”

“I… um… I answered your phone.” he said staring at her, at the phone and back at her.

“Something work-related?” Penelope asked.

Slowly he shook his head and then replied: “It was a doctor Jerome. The nurse wanted to affirm your appointment for the procedure.”

“Oh” she gave him a smile as if this was the most normal thing that could happen. “I’ll call her back as soon as I can.”

“Penelope, what kind of procedure?” Derek asked.

“Forget about that!” she put him off. “It’s nothing.”

“Nothing.” he repeated and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Honey, you’ve been ill for at least two weeks now. You hardly eat anything, you’re pale and exhausted. And now your doctor calls telling me that you need a procedure. What is wrong? And don’t tell me, it’s nothing! I don’t believe that.”

“Okay” she sighed. “But then believe me that it’s nothing serious. I… You don’t need to worry, I’ll be fine.”

“I thought we weren’t hiding anything from each other.” he stated, disappointment filling his voice. “Why don’t you tell me what kind of procedure you need?!”

“Sweet cheeks, believe me, I’m going to be okay.” Penelope reassured him. “There’s nothing to be worried about. It’s a minor procedure and…”

“What kind of procedure?” Derek interrupted her, his voice now a little more angry.


“Tell me!” he interrupted her. “I think I have a right to know.”

“Okay” she sighed and sank into her chair. “Okay. But please, believe me, I have no idea how this could have happened. I mean, I got the shots and…”

“Shots?” Derek’s confusion was just getting worse. Shots, that meant it was an illness she’d been vaccinated against. “That means you’re ill? What is it?”

“I’m not ill.” Penelope assured him. “Not really. I… I didn’t want to tell you because I… I know how you’d react. I’m sorry, maybe I should have told you but I thought that…”

“Don’t beat about the bush!” he struggled not to shout at her. “Tell me what’s wrong!”

“Nothing” Penelope sighed again. “Honestly, it’s not… I… I know that you don’t want it so I figured I could have the procedure and didn’t need to tell you that I… kind of… blew it.”

“Blew what?” he was about to loose his mind. What the hell was she talking about?

“The shots should have been enough. I don’t know why… I mean, maybe I should have been more careful, but… I was sure this couldn’t happen…”

“Penelope.” now he was about to loose his temper, too. “What are you talking about? Spit it out now! What kind of procedure are we talking about?”

She breathed deeply and avoided his eyes. “An abortion.” she whispered.

He felt like someone had just slapped his face. “Wh… What did you say?” he stumbled.

Penelope raised her head and looked into his eyes. “I’m pregnant.”

Derek stared at her for another few seconds. Then he ran a hand over his head and started to pace her office desperately trying to collect his thoughts. “Wow, so you’re going to have a baby.” he murmured.

“No” she objected. “I know you don’t want children so I told the doctor to make an appointment for the abortion. I’m not going to have a baby.”

Right, the abortion. The overpowering of Penelope’s statement had let him forget about that phone call. She already had the appointment. Why? Why hadn’t she told him? “Baby girl, why do you want to have an abortion?”

She sighed sadly and looked down. “I know you don’t want children. You said that and…”

“Yeah, right.” he interrupted her. “But that was quite a long time ago and it was before I knew that we’re actually gonna have a baby.”

Penelope raised her eyes again and asked quietly: “What do you mean?”

“What if…” he took a deep breath to calm down. “What if I want the baby?”

Tears sprung to her eyes and she couldn’t keep the hope off her face. “Do you mean that? I mean, do you really want it?”

“Yes” he stepped towards her and pulled her up into his arms. “Yes, honey, I want that baby.”

She sobbed with relief and pulled him even closer. For a while they just stood in her office both taking in what was just said. Then Derek smiled and whispered. “Wow, we’re… gonna have a baby.”

“Yeah” she smiled against his chest, her voice equally low. “We’re going to have a baby.” She couldn’t quite believe he really wanted that child – their child. She was overwhelmed by so many feelings she wasn’t even able to distinguish them.

“Um… honey?” Derek finally came back to reality. “I… I think you should call doctor Jerome and cancel that appointment.”

A little unwillingly Penelope let go of him and smiled. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”


“So how are you feeling?” he asked when he entered the bedroom balancing the tray and walked towards the bed.

“Derek, as much as I appreciate that you’re taking such good care of me” she sighed looking at the breakfast he’d prepared. “I’m not ill, I’m just pregnant.”

“Nonetheless, you should rest.” he insisted. “If you don’t absolutely have to get up you’ll stay in bed. You shouldn’t overstrain yourself.”

She chuckled: “Okay, getting up and going into the kitchen will not be enough to overstrain me and besides I can’t stay in bed for the next eight months, Derek.”

“I’m not asking you to do that.” he assured. “But you know that you tend to work too much and sleep too little. I just want to make sure you get enough rest.”

“I promise I’ll go to bed whenever I feel exhausted or tired or just… overstrained, okay?” she really hoped that was enough to get his permission to leave the bed for the rest of the day.

“Okay, deal.” Derek sighed. “But I reserve the right to get you into bed whenever I consider it necessary. And I’m not going to discuss that.”

Now Penelope sighed and took one of the muffins from the tray. “Okay, deal.” she repeated his words. Then she glanced around and asked: “Where’s my coffee?”

“You shouldn’t drink coffee right now.” he told her. “I brought some tea.”

“Oh, boy, this is going to be much worse than I thought.” she murmured. But she knew him well enough not to argue about this. At least she was allowed to leave the bed. Although it probably would get annoying to have him around watching her all the time just like a watchdog. For the first time since she’d been working for the BAU Penelope Garcia was not at all pleased to have the weekend off – and she really hoped for another case that would send the team a few miles away.

They finished the breakfast in silence and although it annoyed her that Derek was so overprotective she had to admit she could get used to this.

“I hope you won’t try to convince Hotch to suspend me for the next eight months.” Penelope gave Derek a look that told him he’d better abandon that idea.

“Of course not!” he assured. “I know that he wouldn’t suspend you cause you’re not working in the field. But I’ll stick around when we have the next case!”

“No!” she shouted at him. “No way, Derek Morgan! You won’t…”

“You might need me!” he interrupted her.

Penelope groaned: “Derek, I’m completely fine. You don’t have to worry about that – and I assure you I’ll make Hotch take you with the team for the next case by any means necessary!”

“Okay” Derek sighed, “but I’ll call mom then so she can keep an eye on you.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Don’t argue with me!” Derek gave her his ‘I brook no dissent’-look. “You should have someone to care for you, just in case.”

Hell, she was so not going to handle this for the rest of her pregnancy! Derek was way too overprotective. But his mother had given birth to three children so she probably wouldn’t treat her like she was as fragile as porcelain. So she gave him the most honest smile she could bring up: “That’s probably a good idea.”

Smiling Derek put the tray on the bedside table and brushed a strand behind her ear.

Penelope smirked, grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer for a long, passionate kiss. She moaned with pleasure and let her hand slid under his shirt.

Suddenly Derek broke the kiss and pushed her hand away. “I don’t think we should do this.”

“What?” she shouted at him. “No, no way. Don’t tell me you’ll force me to go without this for the next eight months!”

“Um… I’m just saying…” he shrugged.

“Derek Morgan, get your cute little ass into this bed!” she commanded. “Now!”

“I really don’t think…”

She rolled her eyes and let her head drop on the pillow. “Derek, there’s no problem about it, believe me. It won’t do any harm to the baby.”

He didn’t answer nor did he move.

Penelope leant up again and frowned. “Do you want me to call doctor Jerome and ask her?” when he shook his head no, she sat up and started to caress his ear with her tongue. “Then don’t keep me waiting any longer!” she whispered and smiled contentedly. She knew what this did to him and she knew how to get him. So she settled herself on his lap and ran her fingernails up and down his neck. She smiled, it was obvious that he couldn’t stop the reactions of his body to her touch.

Kissing him passionately she slowly started to move her hips. “Do you still want me to stop, peaches?” she asked playfully.

All he could do was shake his head.

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